Mistakes You Make When Applying Face Cream

Applying face cream is a daily thing that we do every day, but do we do it the right way? Find out what are the most common mistakes when applying face cream?

Face cream is one of the basic skincare products that almost all of us have been using since we were teenagers, but do we really know how to use it properly?

Although at first, we think that we simply apply face cream and it gives us all its benefits.

Mistakes when you applying face cream

However, there are a few key things to use to get the most out of a cream, so it’s time to focus on them.

1. Do not use face cream because you have oily skin

The most common mistake people make with oily skin is to avoid using a moisturizer because they believe that such skin can not be dehydrated.

However, dehydration involves a lack of water, which has nothing to do with whether the skin is oily.

That is why hydration is an important part of the beauty routine for every skin type.

Moisturizers will deliver enough water to the skin cells and thus reduce the increased production of sebum and enable the restoration of the protective barrier.

The best choice for oily skin is creams that do not contain oil because they will hydrate the skin, and their application will eliminate the unwanted feeling of heaviness.

2. Skip facial and skin peels

The sun, sea salt and chlorine from the pool do some damage to our skin during the summer months, so it is very important to do the peeling.

With regular and proper exfoliation, you will remove dead and damaged cells from the surface of the facial skin.

Peeling will make the skin of the face look smooth, clean and will allow it to deeply absorb the moisturizing cream and preserve the natural moisture during the day.

In other words, the skin of the face will get a healthier look after the exfoliation and will shine again. It is only necessary to do peeling once or twice a week.

3. Apply the cream in the wrong way

What we often do not pay attention to, and what dermatologists and cosmetologists often point out as a very important element when applying the face cream is the way you apply it.

Most women simply smear it quickly, instead of dipping it lightly into the skin with their fingers.

By gently tapping the cream, it will be absorbed deeper, so that the person will have better blood circulation and faster collagen production.

And most importantly – by spraying you will apply the cream evenly on the skin. In addition to the way you apply it, pay attention to the amount you put.

Namely, it is recommended to use a small amount of face cream because thick layers can clog the pores, like any other product if you use it in excessive amounts.

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4. You do not use a cream designed for your skin type

Incorrect assessment of skin type often results in poor selection of skincare products, including creams.

Dry skin requires a formula that will compensate for the lack of water and restore its radiance.

On the other hand, mixed and oily types require an oil-based hydrating product.

5. Do not allow the cream to be absorbed

Applying makeup on the face immediately after washing and applying the cream is another in a series of mistakes we make.

Namely, for the person to have enough time to absorb the moisturizing ingredients of the cream, it is necessary to wait a while before starting make-up.

It is best to wait at least ten minutes first and then apply the cream.

6. Forget about the neck and décolleté

Most women pay close attention to facial skincare, and the neck is completely neglected. However, it is a very bad habit.

Namely, the neck is an indicator of the first signs of aging and requires the same care as the face.

The skin on the neck is thinner than on other parts of the body and contains fewer sebaceous glands, so it dries more easily and is prone to wrinkles.

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The most common mistakes we make when using sunscreen

Dermatologists have listed some of the most common mistakes people make when using sunscreen, which should be avoided.

Apply the cream only when you know you are going out

“Sunscreens should be part of our daily routine 365 days a year. “The first mistake people make is to apply the cream only when they know they will spend some time outdoors or on the beach,” said Cheryl Gustafsson, a chief dermatologist at Emory University and a spokeswoman for the Skin Cancer Society.

The sun’s rays come into contact with our skin in other situations, for example when driving a car or sitting by a window, and even then you need to apply a cream to protect yourself.

To make sunscreen a part of your daily routine, Gustafson advises you to start using face and body lotions that contain a certain protection factor.

You do not apply enough cream

Gustafson points out that a sufficient amount of sunscreen is about the same as a golf ball. This amount is enough for the whole body.

However, research shows that most people use only 25 to 50 percent of that amount.mistakes when applying face cream

Use an expired lotion

Before applying lotion or sunscreen, check the expiration date. Expired creams will not protect you enough because the chemicals they contain are deactivated after a while.

Sunscreen is effective for about three years if stored properly.

Use sunscreen

Although it may seem more practical, the spray may not be the best option.

Consumer safety report experts are concerned about the possible side effects of inhaling spray particles, especially in children.

They advise you to spray the spray on your hand first and then rub it on your body.

You skip certain places

It is not enough to apply the cream only on the arms, legs, chest, and back.

Dr. Gustafson states that the cream should be applied to the ears, scalp, lips, and feet to reduce the risk of developing skin cancer, according to The Healthy.

You can also use a lip balm with a protective factor, and you should apply it every 90 minutes to two hours.

Apply the cream after entering the pool/sea

It is better to apply the cream while you are still at home because that way the skin has enough time to absorb the cream.

This is crucial for the cream to protect you from UV radiation.

Apply the cream only in the morning

Dermatologists advise you to apply the cream every two hours when you are exposed to the sun, not just in the morning.

How to determine the type of facial skin, to choose an adequate cream?

Dry skin

In this skin, it is dry and tight, the signs of aging begin to be noticed much earlier than in others (before the age of 30) and can be easily irritated.

Needs care (cream) daily throughout the year, tolerates creams that are greasy, but which also hydrate.

Daily and adequate care for this skin is of great importance.

Normal skin

In these people, the skin is not dry and tight, the signs of aging if properly cared for appear after the age of 30, it needs care (cream) daily throughout the year but does not tolerate creams that are oily or too moisturizing.

She needs a cream that will provide basic hydration but at the same time easy lubrication.

Comedones (black/white) rarely occur on this skin type.

Combination skin (with T-zone)

It is the most complicated care – tolerates occasional mistakes in choice, but not for long.

If the cream is moisturizing after a few days the skin has a feeling of tightness, dryness, can be dandruff.

If we treat it with a greasy cream, after a few days it starts to shine due to the excess fat on the surface, and after a while, comedones (whites/blacks) will appear.

We feel that some parts are too dry and some too greasy and we can not please her with any cream unless we use different creams for different parts.

It does not irritate very easily, during the cold period of the year it needs cream every day, and during the summer it does not give signs that something is missing even if we miss a day to apply the cream.

Oily skin

This skin is supple and soft, there is no need to apply cream, and it accepts only moisturizing creams.

Adolescents often suffer from acne, but the signs of aging appear at the latest compared to other types.

This does not mean that it should not be cared for, but that this skin, because it secretes enough fat, only needs hydration.