Mistakes You Probably Make When Shaping Eyebrows

Eyebrows enhance the intensity of our emotions conveyed through facial expressions. They have the power to completely transform the face and are a real crown to the eyes.

The purpose of eyebrow shaping is to achieve a good balance between the features and the shape of the face and to emphasize the beauty of the eyes.

The bad news is that ideally shaped eyebrows are a problematic mission to fulfill.

Just a few short strokes with tweezers are enough to destroy the shape you have been working on for a long time.

So where do you most often make mistakes when shaping your eyebrows?

Find out the most common eyebrow shaping mistakes, and tips on how to shape them properly.

You do your best to achieve symmetry of the eyebrows

Remember “eyebrows are sisters, not twins”.

The two eyebrows almost never have the same shape because neither side of our face is identical.

Attempts to create identical eyebrows often end with their excessive thinning, but never with symmetry.

Tip: Concentrate on following eyebrow shaping rules.

You need to shape the eyebrows to be similar in shape and color, not symmetrical eyebrows, as this is almost impossible.

Use an eyebrow pencil or eye shadow to maximize the alignment of both eyebrows.

You allow the dominant hand to take control

Do you often end the process of plucking your eyebrows with the conclusion that your right eyebrow is thinner than your left?

If you are shaping your eyebrows yourself, you should take into account the fact that it is possible to remove more hairs on the side where your dominant hand is.

For example, right-handers may have a slightly thinner right eyebrow, and left-handers may have the opposite.

Tip: Compare your eyebrows to every 2-3 pinched hairs to know when it’s time to stop because if you continue you can overdo the thinning.

You are constantly “glued” to the mirror as you bend

The use of mirrors that accentuate each pore and standing “glued” to the mirror during plucking really allow you to notice even the smallest hairs.

However, they do not give you a clear idea of ​​the full appearance of the eyebrows.

The result is usually too thin eyebrows or a loss of the desired shape.

Tip: Use a regular mirror while curling up and do it in daylight.

Every 2-3 pinched hairs, move away from the mirror so that you can compare your eyebrows.

Remember that people will not look at you with a magnifying glass, but with the naked eye.

You pluck more than one hair at a time

You may think that you are saving time by quickly plucking your eyebrows in an attempt to get out the door as quickly as possible.

But the fact is that plucking several hairs at the same time can easily create “holes” in the eyebrows that are difficult to correct.

Tip: Trim your eyebrows when you feel you have enough free time for it.

Kill in rows, not in “groups”.

You pull the hairs in the opposite direction from the one in which they grow

Loss of hair contrary to their natural growth can lead to damage to the follicles.

In such a situation it can cause the hairs to start growing chaotically, in the “wrong” direction.

It also increases the likelihood of skin irritation, subcutaneous hair, and the appearance of small pimples.

Tip: Bring the tweezers as close to the skin as possible and with gentle gentle movements pull in the direction of hair growth.

Shape your eyebrows during menstruation or before showering

Have you noticed how sensitive your skin is during menstruation?

At this time of the month, the pain of waxing and plucking is much greater, and the skin is more easily irritated.

It is therefore recommended to avoid such beautification treatments then.

Tip: The best time to pluck your eyebrows is two weeks before or one week after your period.

It is good to follow the advice for plucking eyebrows after showering.

Heat and moisture contribute to easier and painless hair removal.

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Shaping the eyebrows with the “pencil” method

You create too much empty space above the nose. Many women, in an attempt to avoid fused eyebrows, create too much distance between them.

It makes the nose look bigger and the eyes too far apart.

Tip: The golden rule when shaping your eyebrows is that they should start in front of the inner corner of the eye.

Usually, the beginning of the eyebrow should be in line with your nostril.

You can use a pencil as a guide.mistakes shaping Your eyebrows

You take too much or too little hair at the ends

Short eyebrows are not as elegant as long, well-shaped eyebrows.

But you should also avoid eyebrows with too long “tails”, which make the eyes look tired, because they visually lower them.

Tip: Use a pencil to determine the point at which your eyebrow should end.

Place a pencil next to your right nostril.

While the lower part of the pencil touches the nostril, the upper part of the pencil should pass directly next to the outer corner of the right eye.

The place where the pencil will merge with your eyebrow is where it should end.

If your eyebrows are shorter than that, it is a good idea to lengthen them with a pencil or a suitable eye shadow.

You move the natural nail polish

It is true that a well-defined eyebrow arch can elevate the eyes, but rainbow-shaped eyebrows do not leave a very good impression because you can constantly look surprised or amazed.

As a rule, do not move the eyebrow arch too close to the center of the eye.

Tip: To find your natural nail polish, you need to determine where the highest part of your eyebrow should be.

Take a pencil and place it next to your nose so that the upper part passes through the iris, next to the pupil.

The point where the pencil joins your eyebrow should be the highest.

You are using old tweezers

Haven’t you invested in new tweezers in a long time?

If you have been using the same tweezers for years, you will probably notice that it loses its precision.

You also notice that it does not “catch” the hairs you want to pluck as at the time you bought it.

Tip: If the hairs are slipping through the tweezers and you are struggling to connect the two ends, you need to set aside money for a new one.

Good quality tools are key when you are striving to beautify your appearance in a professional way.

Did you know that dropping tweezers can damage its tip and reduce its accuracy?

It is also very important not to throw the tweezers carelessly through the drawers so as not to damage them.

Draw the eyebrows with a very dark pencil

You are really lucky if you do not need additional corrections of the eyebrows with make-up.

Most women look many times better when they complete their eyebrows with a pencil.

But it is often a mistake to use makeup that is too dark.

Tip: Never, ever use a black eyebrow pencil, because you will not achieve a natural look with it.

Blondes should use a pencil that is one shade darker than their hair color (light brown pencils are preferred).

For brunettes, pencils are recommended that are one shade lighter than their hair (pencils in dark and deep brown shades).

Redheads look best during the day when they define their eyebrows with a pencil in honey-brown shades, and in the evening with a pencil in dark brown shades.

Never clean the tweezers

Remember the last time you cleaned the tweezers?

The tweezers are usually thrown in drawers or in various cosmetic kits where they collect a lot of dirt that is not friendly to the skin.

The result can be unwanted redness or small pimples.

Tip: Tweezers should be cleaned with alcohol or antibacterial soap before each use.