Heidi Klum and Megan Fox diet, Choose One for You

In today’s special edition of our site, we will be able to present you the diets of the world famous ladies Heidi Klum and Megan Fox. Which diet is better it is difficult to say, the most important thing is to have a result, no matter which one is better.

It remains to us choose which one we will use Heidi Klum or Megan Fox diet.

1. Heidi Klum.

It is an incredible person who has found a balance between personal life and career, be mother, wife, supermodel, actress, designer and television host.

When we talk about dieting and weakening then it is in the first place, immediately after pregnancy in a short time hastily returned her figure.

Heidi Klum and her strict diet to have excellent results in a short time. Her diet is also called a New York diet.

With this diet, many people excited when it appeared on the catwalk. New York diet is a minimal intake of calories. The point of this diet is the ingestion of little carbohydrates and lots of proteins.

The first phase lasts for two weeks in which you stop eating carbohydrates.

You should not eat bread, potatoes, pasta, dairy products, sweet foods. It is important to avoid alcohol. Food that needs and eat is fish, vegetables, lettuce and protein shake.

You need to eat 5 times a day every 3 hours. The diet starts at 7 in the morning, and the meal ends at 7 pm. Here’s what looks like a day out of her diet.

07:00 protein shake.

10: 00 omelet of 4 egg whites with vegetables.

13: 00 broccoli with one tablespoon of olive oil with chicken and salad.

16: 00 Almonds untreated 10 pcs.

19: 00 Protein meal or chili beans.

2 Phase.

It does the same for two weeks as it includes dairy products, fruits, cereals, and low fat. In this second phase, it needs to be stabilized weight.

This stage is an ideal case lasting for a lifetime and serves to maintain the weight. A minimum amount of calories is consumed, and the main diet is from carbohydrates and fats.

New York diet is a very strict diet, which everyone cannot use. Otherwise, Heidi Klum is one of the fastest, when she is working on returning in the form of pregnancy.

Although she does not like fitness, she says herself to exercise if she wants to hold her figure in a top form.

Her fitness consists of cardio training for 45 minutes of different types of exercises.position of running the path, ride the bike and ride a stationary elliptical bike. After pregnancy trained with higher intensity than 90 minutes five days a week. except these exercises practiced exercises by lifting lighter weights.

Heidi says that in his fitness program includes boxing, hiking, and yoga.

Megan Fox’s diet.

The star of the mega-popular movie Transformers has been named one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Although she admits she’s pretty lazy when it comes to exercise, she still maintains her body well.

She is very careful when it comes to her nutrition. It is a favorite thing to eat the eggs. Her breakfast is the biggest meal of the day.

She makes her breakfast very healthy and plentiful so that she can withstand daily obligations because she eats much less during the rest of the day.

The almonds are casual Megan’s meal because they are rich in protein and vitamin E.

In its diet, there are meat, lots of vegetables and of course fruits. It is eating sweet products, but it balances it with apple cider vinegar.

Apple vinegar purifies the whole body. Pouring water and apple cider vinegar is her recipe for maintaining body weight.

In addition to nutrition in maintaining the figure, it also helps and exercise.

When in the exercise room 30 minutes cardio exercises, most of them for a flat stomach. Continuing with various types of exercises. end of fitness and finished with 30 minutes pilates or ride a bicycle.

Council. In today’s text we can read about the diets and fitness of two world famous celebrities from the show business who exercise and proper healthy nutrition keep their body in excellent shape.

It does not matter who it is, the most important thing is to be persistent and patient in exercise and of course the diet, the result will come by itself, but only with persistence and desire.