9 Tips to Reduce lower Back pain Causes

In today’s article, we will share some tips for lower back pain causes. Many of us spend the day in a sitting position because this is our job and we often have lower back pain.

Before you start using today’s tips you first need to know the symptoms of back pain. These symptoms will indicate whether you should go to the doctor or apply today’s advice.

When you cannot move, you have leg pain or muscles need to go to the doctor. If you have pain in the lower back due to a long-time sitting, then follow these tips.

Move as much as you can when you have lower back pain.

Doctors often recommend as much movement and physical activity as preventing a much healthier body, physical activity is very important when you have lower backache.

In order to keep your body healthy, you need to do exercises specifically for the spine pillar, such as stretching.

If your back hurts better move than lying and resting. When you find that your pain is reduced, you can also start swimming, cycling, pilates, and the like. do not overdo it with exercise.

9 Tips for lower back pain causes

Stronger muscles healthier back

backache will go away after some time, the next thing to do is to do muscle exercises. Specifically, exercises should be done exclusively for the lower back.

The most important muscles for the spine and lower back are the muscles of the hip, pelvis. By strengthening these muscles you will be able to reduce the chances of pain in your lower back.

Magnesium is used to relieve pain

Studies show that magnesium helps relieve lower pain. It works very well if you have discopathy, disc herniation, or chronic lower pain.

Because of this type of pain is usually chronic pain that occurs. soft tissues, bones, vertebrae. Magnesium helps with muscle relaxation and thus relieves pain.

Stretching the body

If your work is mostly seated, you need to get up and stretch your body every 20 minutes.

You should stretch your arms, legs, and back, of course. Classic stretching exercises can be used, and can also be used yoga exercises.

The chair you sit on should be ergonomic

One of the most important things is the chair you are sitting on.

It should be anatomical and quality, which is a very important factor in keeping the body and back in the correct position,

which will significantly reduce the chance of pain in the lower back.

The following advice is funny, but the truth is that the proper placement of the monitor, keyboard, and mouse can help prevent backache.

Cold compresses are an important factor when you have back pain

Cold compresses or a bag of ice in the first 24 to 48 hours helps reduce inflammation, more specifically backache.

Many claims that warm compresses help, yet doctors recommend that cold compresses be a proper way to reduce pain and inflammation.

Warm compresses will increase inflammation. They can be used only after 48 hours.

Lose weight factor for possible backache

Weight plays an important role in possible backache.

Any bodyweight is higher than normal causes a greater load on your back.

So be sure to maintain the optimum weight for your body. It can be controlled with a healthy and moderate diet and of course with physical activity.

Quit smoking cigarettes

Smoking increases the likelihood of a number of diseases, cancers, but also osteoporosis, which can cause backache problems.

Studies in this field show that those who smoke cigarettes have more problems with a backache. in terms of non-smokers.

Wear comfortable footwear

All of you who spend most of the day in a standing position should have comfortable footwear.

High and uncomfortable shoes can cause problems with the back. The pads should preferably be anatomical.

Body posture and its impact

When sitting, your body should be in the correct position. Sitting sloping with your shoulders lowered and loosened is not good for the back,

as it is more difficult for the back and therefore lower backache. When lifting you should shift with legs, not with the waist.


In today’s text, we discussed the pain in the lower back.
Symptoms and ways we can use to relieve pain.

Naturally, with a little more attention we can easily help ourselves without going to the doctor.

We have also introduced some preventative measures to reduce the chance of developing lower back pain.

Follow the tips we have shared and you will certainly reduce lower back pain.