Best Low Calorie Foods for Weight Loss

9 products under 10 calories – best low calorie foods for weight loss. and a healthy body. Find out what the best low-calorie weight loss products are.

In today’s article, we will get acquainted with what are the 9 best products with only 10 calories. By consuming these foods it will be much easier to reach a perfect body, thin and slender.

Contrary to popular belief, there are still many low-calorie foods. Such foods also have a very high nutritional value. It is an ideal combination for losing weight and maintaining optimal body weight.

This type of food is usually fresh, it includes primarily (fruits and vegetables) and contributes to a rich, healthy, and balanced diet.

What is caloric and what is the nutritional or nutritional value?

This is exactly the difference that we need to distinguish in order to better understand and use food to the best of our ability.

The caloric value of food

It is very important to distinguish and know exactly what is caloric or energy value from what is meant by the nutritional or nutritional value.

When we talk about calories, we actually mean the energy value of food, and in the first place, we do not take into account its potential to make us fat.

Our body needs a certain amount of energy or calories every day to be able to perform various functions. Calories are not really a bad thing in themselves.

Their constant excess leads not only to aesthetics but most often to health problems.

Nutritional value of food

Nutritional value, on the other hand, refers to the diversity and quantity of macro and micronutrients. Macronutrients include carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, while micronutrients include minerals and vitamins.

Based on this, we can not conclude whether a food is nutritious or not just based on its caloric composition.

In addition, 9 types of food with a caloric value below 10. At the same time on the other hand foods with a particularly rich nutritional composition.

This nutritious concentrated food is especially suitable for the weight loss process. The most important rule that is especially important is that it is always present at our tables.

9 Best low calorie foods for weight loss with less than 10 calories

Spinach (7 calories in a cup)

Spinach is great for a good salad or in a pan, but did you know that it is also great for the eyes, bones, heart, etc. Vegetables such as spinach are considered one of the healthiest vegetables in the diet in general.

Such excellent properties for our body are provided by its rich nutritional composition.

It contains large amounts of powerful antioxidants, such as lutein and zeaxanthin, provitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, iron, etc.

The mentioned antioxidants successfully protect our eyes from a number of diseases, protect the heart and strengthen the bones.

Some studies have shown that spinach can even prevent certain malignancies, which is really admirable.

Due to the presence of certain antinutrients that make it difficult to absorb minerals from food, it is better to eat spinach cooked than fresh. Although fresh spinach is also especially good for our health.

Mushrooms (8 calories in half a cup)

This vegetable is delicious, and many of us love to eat low calorie foods for weight loss

Mushrooms are especially popular among people who have a completely plant-based diet because of their typical umami flavor.

Mushrooms have consistency and structure that is very similar to meat. They are known for their excellent nutritional protein composition.

Additionally, there are a number of different types of mushrooms, with different rich nutritional and flavor characteristics. For example, most often in the diet, we find foxes, boletus, mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, etc.

Asparagus (9-10 calories per batch)

Asparagus is an extremely healthy food, which also acts as a diuretic and removes excess water from our body.

It contains only about 10 calories per batch, which makes it ideal for weight loss. As for consumption, it is best to eat steamed asparagus.

The reason lies in the fact that for its decomposition the body will consume four times more calories than it contains.

It is rich in vitamin C, B6, A, and riboflavin, fiber, and magnesium, enough reasons to eat and lose weight with this vegetable.

Kale (5 calories in a cup)

Cabbage is an excellent source of vitamins K, A and C, and has a beneficial content of magnesium, copper and phytochemicals.

Cabbage is an excellent source of folate, a form of folic acid found naturally in the diet. Kale is rich in lutein – and antioxidant that helps keep our eyes healthy.

Gram kale contains 17 times more vitamin C than carrots. It allows us to consume many healthy ingredients and very few calories.

All together great vegetables for weight loss and a healthy body with only 5 calories in one cup

Garlic (4 calories, one head)

Garlic is considered to be perhaps the healthiest vegetable we use in our diet.

Its extremely rich and specific taste makes it one of the most used spices in the world.

Garlic is present all over the world, and in various forms in almost every traditional cuisine.

In the past, it was often used as a remedy for various conditions, and according to research, today it is considered one of the most powerful natural antibiotics. Most of the positive effects are due to its antioxidant components.

This primarily refers to allicin, otherwise, garlic is good for the heart, immunity, mental health, bone health, hair, skin, liver, etc.

Celery (6 calories in one stalk)

Celery can also be said to have a “negative caloric value”. This actually means that the body consumes more calories in its metabolism. Many more calories than its energy value.

Although these claims are not fully confirmed, the fact is that celery has an extremely low caloric value.

That is why celery, on the other hand, offers us a series of impressive actions as a result of its exceptional micronutrient low calorie foods for weight loss

Here, good amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and various phytochemicals are most important.

Lettuce (about 8 calories per serving)

Eating with delicious lettuce is a refreshing food that contributes to weight loss, and here’s why? Lettuce is a very good example of a well-nourished food.

Its composition is high in water, ie it is rich in water (over 95%) and micronutrients.

While on the other hand lettuce is quite energy-poor. This green leafy vegetable contains large amounts of various vitamins.

Here primarily the following vitamins: C, B9, A, K, but also important minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc.

All these important ingredients are at the same time a prerequisite for healthy food and even more health for all of us. This composition provides an impressive positive effect on heart health, bones, immunity, etc.

Eat lettuce and at the same time you will lose weight, and you will be much healthier and of course slimmer.

Cucumber (8 calories in half a slice)

Cucumber is synonymous with health, weight loss, and beauty. One of the most refreshing foods in the summer is the crunchy and juicy cucumber.

In summer it is present in the markets at reasonable prices and it is really a pity not to consume it regularly in the daily diet.

The huge percentage of water, fiber, and micronutrient composition make the cucumber suitable for everyone who consumes it.

It is also great for a variety of health aspects, such as cardiovascular health, low blood sugar, healthy bones, and skin. Beauty is another positive feature we get with cucumber, better hydration, and weight loss.

Arugula (5 calories in a cup)

Arugula is a very important part of the Mediterranean diet. If arugula is often found in our diet and its regular consumption, a number of beneficial effects are possible.

The specific taste and consistency make arugula good for salads, and it is often used for making smoothies.

It is rich in vitamin K, B9, calcium, lots of fiber, antioxidants, and various phytochemicals. This composition guarantees and provides a range of health benefits.

Arugula will improve your immunity and nervous system, as well as the fact that you will have healthier skin.

Tip plus

All of today’s listed best low calorie foods for weight loss that are nutritionally concentrated foods are especially suitable for adding to smoothies.

They are suitable because they have an extremely low caloric value, and by adding them you can get all the necessary micronutrients you need during the day. Pleasant taste is another plus to use in the diet.


Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. In addition to food, physical activity is certainly desirable, which will help you to have even better results.

Best low calorie foods for weight loss is a recipe for success, but it is also very important which food you choose.

Today we present you some foods that have a low number of calories but at the same time many vitamins, minerals, proteins, and the like.

The foods we have presented are chosen in order for your body to lose weight, but not to be in a situation of deficiency of important nutrients for health.

Use them freely to lose weight and good luck to everyone in the process of getting a slim and beautiful figure.