The Key for Longevity is Around us

In today’s modern times with many dynamics in life, with a lot of obligations and a fast lifestyle, filled with very stressful situations, only a healthy lifestyle can contribute to keeping up with health and longevity,

that is, how well we are greeted so much we have a healthy and longer life expectancy.

In today’s text, we will try to clarify what are the main directions in the direction of maintaining health,

the basic parameters that will certainly be represented for a long time regardless of the achievements that are achieved daily in scientific is research.

1. How much you can afford healthier foods

2 Avoid various types of sweetened drinks, see how much you can drink more water, it is the best thing for your body and is irreplaceable with no other fluid.

3 Do not eat genetically modified food, which is largely found in various types of processed foods, which we buy daily in supermarkets.

We should eat foods that are rich in healthy fats. This group contains eggs, butter, avocados, nuts.

When it comes to healthy oils here include olive and coconut oil.

We need the sun to enter the vitamin D in order to have healthy and stronger bones.

Of course, we should be careful not to exaggerate by exposing the sun on hot summer days,

adhering to the summer on the occasions, let’s avoid the sun from 11 am to 5 pm when it can be harmful to its radiation.

We must not forget to practice it is one of the most important factors for the perfect balance and harmony in our body.

Sleep is also a factor that will always be non-existent. Sleeping can not be replaced by food or exercise.

sleep is important for resting the body and getting energy for everyday tasks that we expect.

If we stick to these basic rules then we will surely have a longer and healthier life and longevity.

work for longevity is not a quick way of achieving and there is no fountain of youth.

With a healthy and healthy lifestyle that needs to last throughout life, the goal we all wish to achieve is achieved.

There are several simple steps that will change our way of life by,

which we receive not only quantity but also the quality of our age of living.

These changes are basic but they have meaning and effect on our overall health from the moment when we start doing.

Healthy eating is the most important moment for longevity.

Although healthy eating is one of the basic principles,

many ignore or under-practice it, which is, of course,

the food we consume to be the natural origin and to avoid foods

that are processed and insufficiently healthy for our organism and health.

The processed and fast food in its composition has a lot of sugar, unhealthy calories.

This type of food only accelerates the process of aging of the body

as well as increase the chances of occurrence of chronic diseases and increase body weight.

Avoid genetically modified foods, because such food does not have nutrients like natural,

and contributes to the emergence of many diseases.

The best diet remains to be natural and unprocessed foods such as organic vegetables, meat from animals fed with grass and nuts,

preferably obtained from a healthy local environment.

With such healthy food, we will have better health, longevity and fewer diseases.

Physical activity is one of the main elements for healthy and longevity.

All scientific research suggests that physical inactivity contributes to a shorter life expectancy.

The results of a study have shown that if we reduce sitting to less than three hours a day, life expectancy increases for two years.

If we reduce the viewing of television at less than two hours a day, life expectancy increases by 1.5 years.

In today’s lifestyle, we spend more time sitting in front of a computer,

because our work requires it, but you need to find a way to take breaks and move as much as possible.

The work according to all surveys it positively influences the slowing down of old age.

Therefore, whenever you have the freedom to practice it, do exercise.

Whether with a sporting activity, your body will grate you,

you will have more strength and fitness and will reduce the aging of the body.

Healthy diet and exercise are the main causes, but there are other things to have optimal health and longer life.

Following these rules we have listed with certainty our body will be healthier and have fewer opportunities for disease and premature aging. Use them in everyday life, we will have a long and beautiful life.