13 Live Definition for Beautifully and Eternally Life

We all want to live beautifully and eternally, but the magic formula or definition for eternal life is not there yet. Fortunately, the world and medicine are growing. Every day we learn new things about how to be healthier and extend our lifespan. The first place is of course nutrition, then physical activity and lifestyle.

In today’s article, we will focus on exactly how to live a healthy life in order to prolong your life. Here are 15 golden rules and a diet for longer life.

15 Golden rules and a diet for longer life


The golden product to live much more is garlic. They say if you eat garlic, you will never get sick. Garlic is great for your heart, Its ingredients improve the performance of your heart and prevent a variety of heart diseases.

Garlic has excellent antibacterial properties that will help you fight various diseases more easily, inflammation, and diseases such as the common cold.


As for fish, it should be eaten because it contains very important omega-3 fatty acids.

The human body does not produce them so they must be consumed through food.

These fatty acids are key to maintaining the cardiovascular system. It is best to eat fish salmon and sardines they have the most omega 3 fatty acids.live definition


All nuts are great for your health. Many of them will benefit you and your health.

Nuts are extremely protein-rich in nutrients. One hand walnuts a day is great for you, much better than eating foods full of empty calories in between.

Meals practice eating healthy quality foods in smaller quantities than larger amounts of unhealthy foods.


This beautiful and delicious fruit is a real elixir for the human body. Blueberries are very rich in antioxidants.

In addition, they have fiber. Together, consuming this fruit our body gets a healthy heart and prevention of various types of cancer.


This alcoholic beverage is good for lunch or dinner. It helps maintain the better health of your cardiovascular system. Just take care of the amount you consume.

One glass of wine is well for our body, while a larger amount will have the opposite effect. So drink wine in moderation to stay healthy and long-lasting.


Broccoli has a wealth of fiber and antioxidants. Antioxidants fight against free radicals that are harmful to our bodies.

The fewer free radicals we have, the healthier and younger we are. Fewer free radicals mean fewer chances of cancer.


Important to the human body. There are many types of teas, they all have specific ingredients that help with various types of diseases.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants. Herbal teas give us more energy and reduce stress, and most often tea is recommended.

Chamomile, when we consume and mixed with other types of teas, they help strengthen the immune system.


Turkey is extremely nutritious, and its meat contributes to better health. It contains pure protein. Natural turkey ingredients are great for our immune system.


This green vegetable is a tasty and healthy meal. Extremely rich in nutritional value, which preserves your eyesight as well as the whole body.

If you do not want to eat it cooked, you can make delicious shakes, which will bring the necessary amount of healthy vegetables.


Yogurt helps maintain a normal digestive function. It is also very useful in maintaining healthy and strong bones due to the presence of calcium.

Physical activity for long life.

Except for nutrition, longevity also has physical activity. The more time you exercise, the sport your body will be stronger and healthier.

Whether it is aerobics, weight lifting, swimming, or any other sport it all affects to have a healthier body, and you will certainly look younger.

Sports activity has been shown to have a positive effect on prolonging one’s life.

Do not eat genetically modified foods

The most important thing is to eat as much natural food as possible. Food is grown and cooked at home.

That way you will know exactly what you are eating, and you will know that your fatty foods have no hidden supplements in their composition that can be harmful to your body.


Water is part of the human body. It is something we cannot do. Water purifies the body from various toxins.

It is a major factor in being fresh enough. It contributes to dehydration. We all know that without food, can it lasts for a while, but without water, it can’t.

Drink as much water daily as it will return you with health and longevity.


In today’s article, we have touched on a very sought-after topic, namely how to improve our life, lifestyle, and especially diet.

As we have said in the text, nutrition is the one that has the main role to play, for live longer.

With healthy eating, physical activity, and a healthy lifestyle, we can expect to live much longer and in better quality. Use today’s tips and you will surely have a longer and healthier life.

The best combination is to respect all the rules we have mentioned because they all have their own part in that what we want to achieve, and of course health and longevity.