What is Linden Tea Good For? (Health, Skin)

What is linden tea good for, and how to use it for the best health benefits? 8 reasons to pick a linden tree while it has it! The pleasant and unique smell of linden trees is typical for these trees.

Origin of linden

Linden is a deciduous tree with a broad crown, 25 meters high, and usually blooms in June.

The flower contains tannins, essential oil, heterosides, sugar, wax, menthol, tartrate and is used against colds, chronic cough, and cramps, as well as for healing burns and wounds.

There are several types of linden: white or silver linden (Tilia tomentosa), large leaf (Tilia grandiphilia), and small leaf linden (Tilia parvifolia).

She loves tender, fertile, and deep soil. If found on ideal soil, it can experience a deep age of more than a hundred years.

It blooms for two to three weeks, and sometimes the flowering will pass in five to six days. The flowers are yellow-white, with a mild and pleasant aroma, while the taste is mild and less bitter.

The flower and the leaf contain vitamin C in large quantities, which is why the open leaf can be used as a vegetable.

The linden tree should be picked as soon as it starts to bloom, ie when two thirds of the flowers in bloom have blossomed, because the blossoming linden tree has no value.

You should take care to pick the flowers in dry and beautiful weather.

Linden flower is extremely valuable because it contains tannins, essential oil, heterosides, sugar, wax, menthol, tartrate…

The harvested flowers are dried in a cool and transparent place. It is important that with drying, the flowers retain their natural colors and a pleasant aroma.

The walks along these trees are really pleasant for everyone. But walks along these trees are not the only opportunity to enjoy the pleasant aromas.

Coffee or linden tea?

When you replace coffee with linden tea, you will soon feel a reduction in stress. It is a gentle relaxant, especially effective in nervous tension.

Although teas are most often drunk during the flu season, ie when we have lower temperatures from late autumn to early spring, still drinking tea is equally useful in summer.

Dried linden flowers are used to prepare the tea, which is picked immediately after flowering in June.

There are many types of linden teas in filter bags, but you can also dry the flowers yourself in a dark place.

In traditional medicine, linden tea has been used for a variety of health conditions (nervousness, colds, high blood pressure, improved digestion).

Linden tea was most often used because of its sedative properties (calming the nervous system).

Linden is a cure for many diseases.

Aromatic linden flower drink is a natural remedy for calming and relaxing.

Coffee is consumed every day. If you drink a lot of coffee during the day, try to replace it with linden tea and you will feel the difference.

It is not healthy to drink large amounts of coffee, especially if you do not get enough fluids in your body. If you do not take care of it can have consequences, especially on the kidneys.

Do not forget to drink a glass of water every day when you get out of bed.

Preparation of linden tea

Proper preparation means that two teaspoons of dried flowers are poured over a glass of boiling water and left to stand for 5-10 minutes.

When you squeeze it, the tea can be drunk. Who regularly drinks linden tea mixed with a teaspoon of honey should not be afraid of pneumonia or flu.what is linden tea good for, and preparation

Wait until June, when they will bloom again, and then prepare winter supplies. The only “disadvantage” of tea is that if you drink too much it can lead to heart problems.

It can be drunk every day, but not in quantities like drinking water. Feel free to replace coffee cups with a cup of linden tea!

Why is linden tea good?

It strengthens the body’s defenses, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, and is used in case of fever. Many women use linden during menopause to reduce anxiety and sleep problems.

Linden tea can also be drunk by children. Improve the taste by adding a spoonful of honey.

Linden acts against the formation of plaques in blood vessels, as well as has a beneficial effect on coronary vasodilation.

Or simply put, dilation of blood vessels, which reduces the risk of a heart attack. Caution is required for people taking blood-thinning drugs, which are usually given to treat low blood pressure and stroke.

Also, like other heart remedies because linden can increase their effectiveness.

Linden is recommended for liver problems, not the flower, but the inner part of the bark.

This is due to the fact that because the inner part of the cortex stimulates the secretion and flow of bile through the liver, so it cleanses and regenerates naturally.

8 scientifically proven reasons why you should drink linden tea

Here are 8 scientifically proven reasons why you should drink linden tea more often:

1) Antioxidant effect

Linden flowers contain a type of antioxidant called flavonoids. The most important flavonoids are tiliroside, quercetin, and kaempferol.

Antioxidants are the body’s defense mechanism against free radicals – harmful components that exist are produced as metabolic waste in the body and oxidatively damage its various cells and tissues.

The body has mechanisms to produce a certain percentage of necessary antioxidants, but still generally depends on the intake.

Permanent oxidative damage, leading to processes of chronic inflammation or inflammation. These negative processes in the long run is one of the main reasons for the development of chronic diseases.

2) Relaxing effect of linden tea

Drinking tea can be a ritual or habit that has a pleasant effect on reducing stress. However, the calming and pleasant effect of drinking linden tea goes a little beyond what everyday teas can offer us.

In traditional medicine, linden tea has been used to soothe and reduce anxiety symptoms.

While studies today say that such positive effects are possible. Animal studies show that linden flower extract has a really powerful sedative effect [1].

They conclude that this extract has an activity that is very similar to an aminobutyric acid, a chemical synthesized in the brain with the task of preventing overstimulation of the human nervous system.

The mechanism by which this takes place requires further research.

3) Linden tea is great for digestion

Like any hot tea, linden tea offers a pleasant feeling of warmth and hydration. These two things can help with better digestion.

This leads to better movement of food through the intestines – intestinal peristalsis.

In a study examining children with diarrhea caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria, tiliroside showed certain antibacterial properties.

However, a direct causal link has not yet been found, but the indications are good.

4) May help lower blood pressure

Some of the components of the linden flower, such as tiliroside, rutoside, and chlorogenic acid, have been shown in many studies to reduce high blood pressure.what is linden tea good for, and benefits

An animal study in laboratory mice shows that tiliroside, the powerful antioxidant of linden, acts on the calcium channels in the heart. Calcium plays an important role in proper heart contractions.

However, the effects of linden blossom on high blood pressure need to be further explored in order to obtain fully relevant data.

5) Linden tea can reduce moderate pain

Chronic moderate pain afflicts millions of people around the world. Animal studies say that thyroid acid in large quantities can significantly reduce pain and swelling.

Another study of volunteers with patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis found interesting results.

Note that rheumatoid arthritis is a disease with chronically painful and stiff joints.

The study found that supplementation with quercetin, an antioxidant present in linden flower tea, significantly reduced pain and inflammatory markers (an indicator of the condition) in women.

6) Better sleep with linden tea

The quality and duration of sleep are a significant factor in general health.

Linden tea has often been used in traditional medicine for easier sleep (2).

Recently, there are several studies that confirm this effect based on the already mentioned sedative effects of linden tea.

7) Linden tea as prevention of blood clots

Linden has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, especially in hypertension because it reduces high blood pressure.

British research has shown that the linden flower heals and strengthens blood vessel walls, even if it is a varicose vein. It also has a beneficial effect on the blood itself and prevents blood clots.

It works against clogging the arteries of the heart that supply the heart with blood. This also reduces the risk of a heart attack.

However, people taking anticoagulants or antihypertensives, as well as other heart medications, should be careful. Because when consuming linden tea, it can further enhance their action.

8) Linden for face and hair care

Linden also finds its application in preserving our beauty and youth. The fragrant flowering of the linden tree lifts the mood, and prepared as a tea – strengthens health.

A lesser-known quality is that it helps us become more beautiful. Linden flowers contain essential oil, tannins, provitamin A, vitamin C, sugars, wax, and more.

They whiten and smooth the skin, making it softer and more comfortable. They also have a beneficial effect on the hair, lightening it a little.

Here are some hair and face masks that you can use and try.

Linden face mask

The preparation of this mask is very simple and fast, and anyone can do it.

Take a tablespoon of dried linden flowers and pour boiling water over them, cover the pot with a lid and leave for 30-40 minutes.what is linden tea good for, and face mask

Then strain the liquid and add 2 tablespoons of oatmeal to get a slightly thicker consistency than pancake batter. Then you need to add one tablespoon of olive oil.

If you have on hand, add 2-3 drops of vitamin A and E.

Apply the mask on the skin of the face and leave it on for about 15-20 minutes. Then wash your face only with warm water.

Linden mask against acne and seborrhea

Ingredients needed:

  • 1 handful of linden
  • 1 tablespoon oil.
  • chopped sage leaves
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 200 ml of hot water

Pour the herbs into a fireproof bowl with hot water. Put it all on the stove to boil for about 5 minutes, then remove from the heat.

Allow the mixture to cool and add the honey, stirring until dissolved, and pour into a glass bottle. Use the resulting solution as a face lotion, applying it in the evening with a cotton swab.

Mask against hair loss

Ingredients needed:

  • 2-3 handfuls of linden
  • 800 ml of water

Make linden tea. After washing your hair, rinse it with lukewarm tea.

Do not wash your hair afterward. Linden tea applied to the hair has a lightening effect. Makes blonde hair shiny and wears beautiful golden shades.


Linden tea, despite its unique aroma, is really great for the health of us all,

This tea, in particular its flower, is extremely valuable because it contains tannins, essential oil, heterosides, sugar, wax, and menthol.

Linden tea has many benefits that we should take advantage of.

It helps with colds, coughs, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, better sleep, digestion, and many other benefits.

Linden you can use in the service of beauty, with it you have at your disposal masks for face and hair care. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the quantity.

The disadvantage of linden tea is that if you drink it excessively it can lead to heart problems. That is why we recommend consuming it twice a day, it is enough to improve our health.