Life After Divorce – 5 Things Nobody Tells You

You will be so busy trying to be stable – emotionally, financially, etc. – to the point that you simply stop focusing on the opinions of those who do not support you.

Divorce can be as devastating and painful as death. It may feel like your leg is being amputated.

Even if you look at your ex because you have children, the role he played in your life is lost.

While a new one has been taken in its place, thanks to your separation.

However, no one tells us that, like any challenge, there is room for improvement.

Even if there have been extremely painful moments in the divorce, good things can happen if you can spot them and let them grow.

5 Things for life after divorce

To make it easier for you to notice them, turn your attention to 5 big things that no one tells us before the divorce.

1. You may never have imagined it would happen to you, but this is the best second chance in your life

Divorce is a spectacular catalyst for change.

Ideas about who you once wanted to be (perhaps forgotten for years) are now back on the scene.

Some of the barriers to your dreams, such as your partner’s disapproval, have disappeared.

You have more options than you can imagine.

You have the opportunity to focus on yourself again, that option is back in play.

If you have children and joint custody, you will finally get a little more free time.

At the very least, you will stop wasting your time and energy trying to revive a dying relationship.

How to strike a balance between romantic encounters and parenting after divorce.

2. After divorce you will learn an invaluable lesson about the importance of someone else’s opinion

At first, you may be worried that others will start treating you differently because you are in the process of divorcing.

You may waste time trying to maintain a vision of yourself and the friendships made during the marriage.

But it is good to keep in mind that some friendships, and sometimes professional relationships, will disappear naturally as you change.

You will be so busy trying to be stable – emotionally, financially, etc. – to the point that you simply stop focusing on the opinions of those who do not support you.

Over time, you will experience a great change in your consciousness and thinking.

Divorce has not made you any less human, on the contrary maybe now is the time to follow your own path.

3. You will become brave in a way you never thought possible before

What is noticeable that happens is that when you experience the worst you could ever imagine – you are less afraid of insecurity.

It is true that you are divorced, but you are alive!

You begin to feel the time your heart gives you.

This allows you to think about the question: “What is the worst that can happen?”

The marriage failed, but what is the worst that could happen now?

In a strange way, you become more open to life and start thinking and living much freer.

When you become more open to new experiences and less afraid of the possible outcome, you start to take risks and thus allow yourself personal growth.

4. However, your children will thrive

Of course, after the divorce, we take care of the children the most.

How will they handle the divorce?

Will the children go the wrong way?

Will the children drop out of school?

In reality, children often adapt to change much better than we expect.

Studies show that after divorce, adults often grow up feeling high and adapting more easily to change.

This does not mean that children will easily endure divorce, and they will certainly need your support to adjust to a new way of life and to adjust.

As you discover what it means to be unmarried, they explore what it means to be the child of a divorced parent.

Family counseling can be a space where they can freely express their emotions and learn effective life skills after a divorce.

Although sometimes it may be necessary to consult a counselor.

Although the family format has changed, children still have friends and school life, and their interests will be helpful in overcoming stress during this period.

Try to maintain a positively charged emotional atmosphere at home.

Such an atmosphere will give children peace, especially if they are adolescents.

5. You are divorced but happier than when you were married

The side effect you will feel when you change is happiness.

You become your priority, you are now the person you have always wanted to be, and you are fearless.

Of course, there will be days when you come back in pain, but the future is in front of you, and you know it.

You are no longer struggling with change and at some point, your life will start to get easier.

You will feel easier because you no longer have to deal with quarrels, infidelity, lack of physical attractiveness, and any other combination of factors that have killed your marriage.

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