Laughter Facts and how they Affect our Lives

Laughter Facts and how they Affect our Lives?Whether or not we know that laughter positively affects our health? True, it’s not a joke. Apart from positively affecting mood, laughter has a good effect on our health as well. Every situation when we laugh, whether it’s caused by a Comedy that we watch, or a friend laughs at us with a joke, all of this is an extension of our lives.

Do we all wonder how it is possible to simply improve our health by laughing, Laughter Facts say yes?

Many times we have heard the saying that laughter is best for the cure

For today’s text will focus precisely on how it is possible and why this happens. Today many scientific studies proved that laughter works to improve our health.

Laughing burns calories.

It’s very simple, just laughing, our body consumes more energy than usual.

Then it speeds up the work of the heart and the body normally consumes more calories.

It has been shown that with 15 minutes of laughter, we consume about 50 calories. however, in the long run, laughing helps to lose weight.

Laughing has a similar effect as aerobics.

When we laugh sincerely and beautifully then we come into a situation where many muscles are activated in our body,

we accelerate breathing and we improve blood circulation in the body.

In other words, if we laugh 100 times a day, then it will be just like we have been practicing 10 minutes of aerobic exercises.

Guaranteed to reduce stress.

Laughter reduces the mental fatigue we have had during the day, from fatigue, worry, mood swings and successfully causes positive changes in our body.

It has been scientifically proven that laughter reduces stress cortisol hormone. It also reduces adrenaline.

Smile for better immunity.

We all know that stress has a negative effect on health, and is the number one enemy of the immune system.

Stress weakens our body and destroys our defenses against bacteria, viruses, and infections.

Laughing as we said earlier reduces stress, so our immunity can to work smoothly, and to protect the body.

With a smile, we improve our circulation.

Scientific research simply shows two situations. The first is people who often laugh at the blood vessels function normally, that is, they are easy to expand and constrict.

On the other hand, in those who are constantly stressed and stressed and do not laugh, the blood vessels are tightened, and thus their blood circulation is reduced.

Helps protect the health of our heart.

Our heart needs healthy blood vessels to function properly.

Laughing by improving blood circulation and blood vessel function automatically reduces the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease.

Reduce body aches.

Laughter contributes to reducing pain as the body begins to develop natural remedies for pain.

Laughing itself helps to distract the brain from pain, and helps our body produce endorphin hormones that create a better mood.

Many scientific studies show that in situations where there is a pain in the body,

laughing makes people feel better and have instant pain relief.

Laughing stimulates better digestion.

Whenever we are eating or eating a meal, and we are in the company of people with a lot of humor,

who will cheer us up as we eat we will have much better digestion.

Mostly after lunch with such people, we will not have any problems as they are certain acids that cause us problems after lunch,

so when you can eat with cheerful friends and company, you will have better health and be happier.

Affects blood sugar levels.

Scientific research proves that a smile has a great effect on the level of sugar in people with diabetes.

One study on a particular group of respondents did the following:

the first day after lunch they were present at a boring lecture. The next day after lunch they were allowed to watch a very funny comedy.

The result showed that the day they laughed and watched comedy their blood sugar levels were lower,

proving how laughing affects diabetics and their health.

You’ll have more friends with a smile.

Through a smile, you will have more friends.

The more people you smile the more friends you have because everyone wants to be in the company of people who will make them smile and improve their mood.

The more friends you have the happier you will be. and of course, you will have better mental and physical health.

Laugh as much as you can, show off your beautiful smile. Laughing can only bring you good moments to remember, more friends and of course better health, which each of us wants to have and improve.