Lack of Sleep Effects on Health and Brain

Lack of sleep effects on health? How important is sleep for our health? Can insufficient sleep harm our health?

In today’s article, we will share what insufficient sleep means for our body.

Why do we not get enough sleep?

Reducing night sleep is a feature that unfortunately adorns modern society.

Almost everything else becomes more important and interesting to us than lying in a horizontal position and resting the body and mind.

Our responsibilities are magically multiplied day by day and no matter how hard we try, we never manage to find enough time for quality sleep.

But what we do not understand is what happens when we sacrifice the necessary night rest to complete all household chores, to “hang out” for another half an hour on Facebook.

To watch your favorite series or not to miss the evening party. lack of sleep effects on health has far more negative consequences than we can imagine.

Redness in the eyes, eyebrows, and a tired look is the smallest problems.

Every organ in the body and every aspect of our life is affected by short sleep and in a negative way.

Consequences of lack of sleep effects on health?

Like most people, you have probably experienced sleepless nights disrupting normal functioning.

The next morning, no matter how much we drink coffee and energy drinks, if we are not getting enough sleep, it affects all of us without exception.

Insufficient sleep has many negative consequences for our health.

Here are some of them:

  • Increased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • The modern trend of shortening sleep is really bad for our health
  • Short sleep negatively affects your heart, by increasing blood pressure, speeding up the heart rate
  • At the same time, it raises the level of the stress hormone
  • Increased appetite and propensity to gain weight

All those who want to maintain their ideal figure should get enough sleep.

While we sleep, our body releases specific hormones and chemicals that control our appetite and help our body maintain a normal weight.

Reduced sleep disturbs the balance between hormones, ie reduces the level of the hormone that suppresses hunger, so we eat more than usual.

It is estimated that when we are not getting enough sleep, we consume about 300 extra calories a day.

These 300 extra calories per day can affect weight gain, which of course no one wants to happen to him.

In addition, our desire to consume fast, fried and fatty foods increases, which easily accumulates in the body and leads to obesity.

12 Lack of sleep effects on health

Increased risk of diabetes due to insufficient sleep

People in general, whether they are completely healthy or have a disease, the duration of sleep is an important factor that should not be overlooked.

People who sleep less than 7 hours a day have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. So get enough sleep, because we have already said that nothing can replace sleep.

Decreased ability of the brain to remember with insufficient sleep

Memory is created based on a series of neural connections that are renewed or strengthened during sleep.

Each stage of sleep has a different role in unifying the new information learned during the day.

If you do not give enough sleep to your brain, it can not properly store new matter, so you are more likely to forget.

Less sleep reduces the body’s immunity

The less we sleep, the weaker our immunity becomes.Lack of sleep effects on health

Of course, this will not happen with just one sleepless night, but in the long run, you will have consequences.

People who do not sleep well have harder time-fighting viruses and bacteria.

Insufficient sleep affects the love affair

Have you ever had a quarrel with your partner or suddenly yelled at him, without any particular reason for it?

Have you ever lost the desire for emotions due to exhaustion?

We are all victims of our unhealthy habits sometimes, but not getting enough sleep is one of the habits that can make your relationship worse.

Here are the consequences of too short a dream on your love life:

Decreased desire for emotions

Short sleep at night leads to lack of energy, exhaustion, drowsiness, and anxiety.

All this reduces the desire for intimacy with your partner and forces you to distance yourself from your partner.

Deterioration of communication skills

Tired people are more likely to cause conflicts and always react violently.

They often show poor communication skills and are often silent and have no desire to solve problems.

Reduced ability to solve problems effectively

People who suffer from insufficient sleep can not cope with the falls and problems in life.

They can not listen and remember the whole conversation with the partner and remember only parts, in order to save some of their energy.

Low concentration and a tendency to listen selectively often lead to an inability to solve their problems or to make unreasonable decisions.

Insufficient sleep affects work responsibilities

You have probably noticed that the less you sleep, the lower your concentration at work.

It becomes more and more difficult for you to perform daily tasks, which are not a problem for you when you are asleep.

A few cups of coffee can only partially solve the problem, but not completely.

Here are some of the consequences of short-sightedness at your job presentation:

Decreased ability to make sensible decisions and solve problems

The brain’s ability to produce logical and calculated solutions to problems is significantly reduced in people who do not get enough sleep at night.

They often rush or ignore important facts.

In this way, it reduces effectiveness and results in reckless risky decisions.

Reducing work efficiency

If you do not get enough sleep at night, do not expect to show positive results in the workplace.

Lack of sleep affects the ability to plan and a sense of time orientation.

Loss of concentration

Insufficient sleep leads to a decreased ability to focus and concentrate.

Any noise can distract the sleepy person. Such a person often wastes a lot of time trying to focus his thoughts on the tasks.

The occurrence of difficulties in learning a new subject

People who are constantly learning something new in the workplace must provide the luxury of “quality sleep”.

Insufficient sleep significantly reduces the ability to learn and remember.

Insufficient sleep and social life

If you think you are improving your social life by cutting short your sleep to stay longer on social media or when you are out, think again.Lack of sleep effects on health

You can not be a pleasant company if you are nervous, tired, and irritable.

Here are the negative effects of insomnia on social life:

Decreased desire to socialize

If you have not slept enough overnight, it is normal to have no desire to hang out the next day.

Sleepless people lose interest in engaging in fun dynamic activities or interesting conversations.

Reducing sleep time also means reducing the intensity of positive emotions from socializing and having fun.

The occurrence of sadness and depression

Short sleep not only reduces the intensity of positive emotions but also leads to the appearance of negative emotions.

Negative emotions are often sadness and anxiety.

Chronic sleep problems are associated with long-term mood disorders and depression.

Nervousness, tension, and intolerant behavior

People who do not fall asleep are more easily irritated, irritable, and sometimes even show aggressive behavior.

This often leads to conflicts with colleagues, classmates, friends, and destroys social life.

Unnecessarily come into situations of quarrels and unpleasant scenes.

Do you often say “I have no memories of sleeping” or “I will sleep when I die”?

It is time to change your attitude and stop neglecting the power of a good night’s sleep.

Because good sleep brings better health, a calmer mood, and better memories.


Insufficient sleep adversely affects our health. Each of us should sleep 7-8 hours a day.

Coffee, energy drinks, and similar ingredients may not be enough to help you skip sleep.

Sleep simply can not replace anything. Insufficient sleep only worsens our health. Less sleep means more illness, quarrels with friends, and loved ones around you.

So get enough sleep, because you will be healthier, happier, and smarter, both for yourself and for the people around you.