Juice Recipe for a Healthy Long Life

This drink composed of two types of vegetables and one fruit is an extra Juice Recipe for the benefit to our health. The question is what we will get if we mix the beetroot, carrot, and apple juice.

Anything more than a magic drink that is worldly, popular because of the benefits it offers for us. Juice recipe is popular very much In China,

they use it in their traditional medicine as a medicine against breast cancer and other types of diseases.

The renowned alternative doctor from Austria, Rudolf Broyles, who has undergone various trials for his entire life to reach a decision in the fight against cancer.

His exams showed that malignant cells can survive only by hard diet. Made a therapy involving only the introduction of teas, and vegetable juice, in particular from beets, for 42 days.

With the help of this therapy, he cured 45,000 people from various types of cancers and other diseases.

We well know the culinary properties of these three products that we have mentioned to us all.

The apple is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, K and minerals calcium, zinc, potassium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium.

It has carbohydrates, glucose, and fruiting which makes our body more energy and reduces fatigue. The antioxidants and the high presence of vitamin C contribute to having a better immune system.

The apple is effective against viruses, bacteria, free radicals, which helps to weaken and better digestion.

Carrot contains vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. The minerals include potassium, selenium, magnesium, and calcium.

An excellent agent for a better kind has anticancer properties and successfully reduces the risk of strokes.

The beetroot is rich in iron, copper, potassium, and magnesium. The vitamins have A, C, and B vitamins.

Helps to have a healthier heart, blood vessels, liver, and digestive system.

The beetroot helps to protect against cancer. The joint effect of these three products and their drink hope for the sick from various carcinoma.

It is shown that besides helping to cure breast cancer, but also preventing the development of malignant cancer cells.

The beetroot contains a special amino acid betaine, which is a great anti-cancer solution.

The beetroot is used in the treatment of leukemia. With this juice to healthy oh heart. This common combination of a drink is used to have a healthy heart and blood vessels.

The juice of carrots has phytonutrient lutein, which protect the heart. The apple helps to reduce bad cholesterol, regulates blood pressure, protects the heart from diseases.

The beetroot in this healthy drink helps the arteries to remain elastic and proves to reduce cholesterol.

Improved blood circulation.

This drink protects the heart from strokes, stimulates blood circulation, helps digestion. and in weakening.

It improves the health of the stomach, protects against ulcers, maintains saturation of the organism, and contains many nutrients.

It cleans the organism.

The juice of these three products is an effective cleansing agent for the blood and liver, it has an alkaline effect, which purifies the body from poisonous substances, protects the kidneys.

The presence of antioxidants protects the body from viruses and infections.

It regenerates and nourishes the skin.

Various studies show that this juice is perfect for our skin. It helps the skin to be clean and shiny, helps in skin infections things that are related to viruses and infect.

Juice from carrot, apple, and beetroot slow aging of the skin, the appearance of wrinkles, dry skin, restores elasticity and glow of our skin.

It protects the eyes.

With this juice, we will be able to solve the problems with tired, dry, or red eyes. This magic juice is rich with vitamin A that helps maintain the good kind.

Helps to rest your eyes after a long time working on a computer.

A natural friend against women’s problems.

All women who experience pain during the menstrual cycle should in such situations, drink the beetroot juice, carrots, and apples.

It helps in their pains and cramps. It helps to compensate for the presence of iron and reduces fatigue that they have during the menstrual cycle.

Why every day we should consume this wonderful and healthy juice.

It does strengthen the immunity, protects of cancerous disease, it is food for the brain, it purifies the body, does protect against infections.

Other benefits are not to forget, such as weight loss, it protects and nourishes the skin, protects the heart, reduces muscle pain, helps maintain vision.

The way to prepare this amazing juice.

Do not take too much care if you put some of the ingredients more or less, it’s not so scary.

It’s important to use fruits that are organically grown. They are great because they do not have pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

For best results, it needs the same amount of all three products, for example, 3 carrots, 3 apples and 3 pieces of beets.

The juice is made in a juicer, in which chopped pieces of fruits and vegetables are placed.

When they are removed from the juicer, in a jar and then in a refrigerator.

The juice does not need to sweeten, or put in a little lemon that will give him vitamin C and will prevent its oxidation.

The best result is if you drink in the morning on a hungry stomach one hour before breakfast.

Or twice a day but not later than 5 pm. Recommended drinking slowly and gradually.

The result will be visible for one to three months. For the end, we hope that together we shared a great healthy drink that all of us will help us to better health and longer life.