Tips for joint pain, how to Protect Yourself

The human body is exposed to daily stresses. But joint are those that sustain the pain, greatest stresses, daily physical stresses, and restrictive diets that affect their flexibility. Sometimes the pain we get in our back and knees can be relieved from a hidden nutritional deficit.

Pain and unpleasant moments can irritate us for proper joint function and function, there are three most important ingredients that are crucial to protecting our joints.

3 ingredients that are crucial to protecting our joints


This ingredient is naturally found in our body, while it is very difficult to find in the foods we consume daily. Glucosamine is needed because it is a key ingredient in maintaining healthy cartilage.

Cartilage lubricates joints and gives us flexibility. Over the years as we get older the cartilage is gradually consumed.

When we have insufficient glucosamine levels, the condition of the joints worsens.

We begin to feel pain, limited mobility, and bone deformity. People with osteoporosis are advised to supplement with glucosamine to cope with the side effects and pain.


Menthol oil is widely used in treatment due to its anti-inflammatory and cold-relieving effects.

is known to be a natural and effective pain reliever. By its action, it immediately cools in those areas where it is applied. Relieve joint pain by improving blood circulation.

More research has been done to show that this menthol oil helps patients relieve pain.

Increases flexibility. and joints and helps with arthritis patients.


Magnesium plays a major role in our body. It is responsible for over 300 chemical reactions in the body every day.

Magnesium is vital for the health of the body. It relaxes the body and helps to relax muscles, prevent stiffness and cramps, thus It reduces stress on the muscles.

It stimulates the body to absorb calcium and helps for better flexibility and easier movement.

Food and vitamins for better and healthier joints

Calcium is as important as magnesium to maintain joint pain and introduce health. Without it, it would have many difficulties and possibly joint pain.

Calcium can also be absorbed through nutrition. For example, a glass of milk contains 300 mg of calcium, which is 30%. of the daily amount of calcium needed.

Yogurt also contains a lot of calcium, although it also contains other ingredients such as protein.

While fruit yogurt contains a smaller amount of calcium. Those lactose intolerant instead of milk or yogurt may use soy milk or almond milk.

Oat flakes

They are often rich in many vitamins and minerals, although the main ingredient in them is calcium.

Of course, the composition should be read carefully because not all cereals have the same amount of calcium.

For breakfast, we can mix cereals and milk which will be great food for our joints to not have pain.

Vitamin D for stronger joints

This vitamin is rarely found in the diet, so many people have a problem with vitamin D deficiency, which is very important for the joints.

The primary way to get vitamin D is through the sun’s rays. For all those who live in places where there is not much sun Vitamin D should be taken in another way.

Daily exposure to 15 minutes of sunlight is sufficient for vitamin D intake. Vitamin D can be taken if you consume fatty fish. It has a sufficient amount of vitamin D. The best choice of vitamin D fish is tuna, salmon, and sardines.

Egg yolk

Egg yolk is a great solution for vitamin D intake.


They are, as we have said, an excellent source of calcium, but also of vitamin D.

It is best to eat in the morning, though it may be at other times of the day.

Vitamin C for healthy joints

One of the most important vitamins with many positive properties for the whole body.

This includes its ability to regenerate tissues, and most importantly cartilage which is the most important part of the joints.

Foods that are rich in vitamin C are orange, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit.

Consumption and intake of vitamin C reduce swelling around the joints. It can be eaten fresh, and we will have much healthier joints.


Tomatoes in the composition are rich in vitamins K and C, which is why they are very important for the proper and healthy condition of our joints.

The very important thing about tomatoes is that they are always nutritious, whether they are ripe or not ripe.

Food that should be avoided for healthy joints


Salt is certainly one of the ingredients we need to reduce as much as possible.

By ingesting large amounts of salt we weaken the joints themselves.


A moderate amount of two coffees a day will not adversely affect you,

but if you consume more coffee then you risk losing precious calcium, which is important for healthy joints.


Consuming large amounts of alcohol daily is harmful to our joints.

Alcoholics are prone to breaking bones and joint injuries, much more than those who do not drink alcohol.

In today’s text, we have learned a lot about the joints of the human body. How and what to do, what to consume, how to keep them healthy. In a natural way and with a healthy daily diet we will contribute to keeping them healthy and functioning.