Japanese food for a long and healthy life

Japanese food for a long and healthy life? We all want to know the secret of how to stay always slim and fit and to live longer, it’s a dream of each of us. Japan’s residents for the last 20 years, more precisely, women hold the world record as the longest-lived women. In addition, they are also almost never obese.

The Japanese have an average life expectancy of 84.5 years.

We all wonder how and why they live the longest?

What is the secret of the Japanese for a long and healthy life?

Secrets of longevity and beauty ie how to do it maintain a beautiful appearance.

Many books have been written dealing with exactly how the Japanese manage to be healthy, beautiful, and long-lasting.

The first and foremost thing is that they consume exceptionally healthy food.

The Japanese culture itself is always eaten in small portions which are certainly a very important feature when it comes to the way food is consumed.

The basic foods most commonly consumed are many fish, fruits, algae, soybeans, rice, vegetables, and yes, drink green tea.

All of this food we mentioned except for being very healthy has an anti-aging effect, ie consuming this Food rejuvenates the body, making the Japanese always look younger than other women her age,

which is an indication that their diet is really the recipe we all look for.

Here are 5 secrets to Japanese longevity and beauty

1 Eat only homemade food

Japanese eat exclusively homemade food. The most common meals in the daily diet are grilled fish, rice, vegetables mostly cooked, soups, large quantities of fruit, and of course green tea.

Figures show that although they are only 2% of the world population,

they consume a lot of fish, more precisely 10% of the total fish consumption in the world is eaten in Japan.

2 An important factor in food preparation

Japanese people practice cooked food or roasting. This can easily be concluded by avoiding cooking or frying food which would be more oil-consuming and certainly a worse option than cooking or baking.

They avoid eating bread, where their usual place for bread is eating rice in their daily diet.

The Japanese breakfast consists mainly of slices of fish, rice, algae, soup.

There can also be young garlic, omelet, and green tea. A very important factor is practicing as we have already said to eat small portions

Just because they are accustomed to eating smaller daily meals,

contributes to a healthy body and therefore does not increase pounds and is always slim and healthy.

3 Do Japanese people eat sweets?

It’s very rare to see a Japanese woman eating something mild food.

. Even when they eat it is very small. And they are like all the other people in the world who love chocolates, sweet treats, and other sweet treats.

However, they are very disciplined about healthy eating.

They really care a lot about the food they eat. They are aware of the consequences we have of consuming sugary foods daily and sweet products

that certainly cause smaller or bigger problems for our health, depending on how much we consume daily. confectionery products.

4 The Japanese eat the food slowly

Another golden rule when it comes to food. Always the food should be eating slow, the food should never be swallowed.

By just hurrying, we make it harder and harder for the digestive organs to do so. kids from an early age that they should appreciate every bite and eat slowly.

The interesting thing about the Japanese is that they never fill their portions with food.

They always eat in smaller portions, or if the plate is larger, they don’t fill it up.

There is something so special about them when setting food so it is that every kind of food is placed separately in a separate bowl,

no matter whether it is a higher or lower amount of a particular type of food.

5 Lots of exercises and physical activity

In Japan, traditionally, all people are active. They do some sporting activities. They do everything to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Japanese are well known for their desire for cycling, hiking, or running.


From today’s text, we have learned a lot about women in Japan, how they are fed healthy and have youth and longevity.

They do this by adhering to healthy habits. in our daily lives, believe that in the end it will all pay off and you will have better health, look and longer life.