is Alkaline water good for you and Health benefits

Alkaline water is increasingly used in daily life. Is Alkaline water good for you and health benefits? This water has a much higher pH value than ordinary water.

Many argue that alkaline water is good for human health, preventing diseases like cancer, and reduces the natural aging process, but does this really matter? is that correct?

Today’s article will answer that question what is alkaline water?

Many health organizations claim that this water prevents aging, regulates pH levels, prevents cancer-like diseases. this water is actually water with higher pH values.

PPC level means measuring the acidity of water on a scale of 0 to 14.

For example water at 1 ppm means very acidic, while water at pH 13 means very alkaline water. Otherwise, this water has a higher pH level than ordinary water.

 Health benefits

this water is a very interesting topic. Some researchers argue that it should not drink because there is insufficient evidence of its health benefits.

While others support it as being good for human health. However, several studies have shown that it can be useful in certain conditions.

A 2012 study showed that alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 can help inactivate pepsin, a basic enzyme that causes reflux acid.

Another study has shown that alkaline beverages can help lower high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Is Alkaline Water Safe?

When it comes to this water safety, many health professionals are in doubt as to whether alkaline drink really has health benefits.

Medical experts point out that marketing is not overly trusted because alkaline water has not yet been scientifically proven to work for people.

Drinking natural alkaline drinks is generally considered safe.

While artificial alkaline beverage is still in doubt as it is good for human health as it contains fewer minerals,

it can lead to a deficiency of minerals in our body.

Alkaline beverage and diabetes

According to a study by Korean scientists, drinking alkaline beverages lowered blood sugar levels in mice.

A second study showed that alkaline drink improves blood viscosity in people with diabetes, which means it improves overall human health.

Healthy bones with this beverage

Over the years as we get older, as the acid builds up in the body, bone breaks down and they become brittle.

Some studies show that alkaline beverage helps improve bone health.

The point is that we need to consume more alkaline substances to have better health.

People who consume alkaline water have stronger bones and better bone density, which reduces the chance of bone fractures.

Weakening with this water

A mouse study was conducted that showed that those who drink alkaline water at the end of the study had less weight.

One possible reason for this is that this water speeds up metabolism.

Does it help against cancer?

According to some sources, cancerous cells grow due to acids, alkaline water reduces the acidity that can help prevent cancer.

Some experts recommend an alkaline diet that includes drinking alkaline beverages.

Studies show that alkaline substances can additionally help those receiving chemotherapy.

Pregnant women can also use it

Drinking alkaline water shows that pregnant women have easier childbirth, more milk, and less jaundice.

It helps detoxify

Although not confirmed so far, some studies conclude that alkalinity helps to cleanse the body of toxins.

Can help against skin diseases

This water consumption helps against acne, eczema, and psoriasis. It can also help bathing in this water which is, of course,

a more expensive variant but can improve the appearance of the skin, more specifically the anti-age effect.

Although it is very little to this claim Evidence. However, using water will not harm you.

The downside of using alkaline water?

In the beginning, when consuming this water, the following symptoms may occur, such as fatigue, headache, runny nose.

Certainly, these symptoms mean that alkaline water separates and begins to detoxify the body. symptoms are going to end about two to three weeks. If necessary, you should consult a doctor.


In today’s article, the topic is quite interesting and intriguing. We got acquainted with the basic features of alkaline beverages for our health, although its benefits still need to be researched and substantiated with more facts and evidence.