Eating Ice cream desserts, How Much and Why?

The ice cream is a synonym for the summer period. It is something without which the summer can not pass, regardless of age.

The ice cream like it from young children to old people, they all adore it.

Many may have wondered about its existence, when it is consumed, how healthy for our organism.

Today’s text will give you some features for the ice cream.

In fact, it is not known where exactly the ice cream originates, there is partial information, but not enough to know its history of origin.

In the ancient Roman Emperor Neron enjoyed eating snow with fruits and honey.

The ice cream is associated with Marco Polo that he brought the ice cream in Europe.

He learned from the Chinese that they mix snow with rice and milk creating a dessert.

The story is expanding in the United States, centuries after Christopher Columbus came to America.

The dessert with its present form is a relatively new invention, while in ancient times some kind of ice cream was made with ice or snow and fruit and honey.

Ice cream from vanilla or chocolate.

It is primarily was make ice cream from chocolate. Although vanilla is an ingredient in many recipes,

however, when it comes to this dessert, chocolate was in the first place.

The reason is probably that it was easier to find cocoa than vanilla.

Vanilla most popular taste

According to research around the world, vanilla is the most consumed flavor.

In Hawaii has flavored fruit of vanilla ice cream.

Exactly so Hawaii has exactly this kind of fruit.

It’s on a perennial timber and where there is a hot place.

Locale population enjoys its consumption in many different ways.

Ice cream as a luxury.

In the past, it was considered a luxury, which only the rich and the elite could eat.

At that time, it was quite rare and difficult to find, so it remained until the end of the 1800 years.

Only the rich and the high class they could afford to buy the ingredients for making it.

Then there were no refrigerators, so many could not use and enjoy it.

Ice cream as a source of vitamins A and B.

It is an excellent source of vitamins A, B, C and ingredients such as phosphorus.

Phosphorus is the second most important mineral in our body after calcium.

Who is the most expensive ice cream in the world?

His name is Frozen Haute and is the most expensive in the world for a price of 25,000 dollars.

He was selling at a restaurant in New York in 2007. He is the most expensive dessert in the world, and thus entered the Guinness Book of Records.

It was made from a mixture of coconut and milk frozen to an ideal temperature.

Add 5 grams of 24-carat gold. The chocolate is complemented with whipped cream.

It is decorated with the most expensive chocolate in the world 250 dollars apiece.

The cup from which eat that dessert is also made of gold and diamonds, as well as the spoon with which it is eaten,  is gold.

They also contain proteins.

In the composition of the ice cream, there are proteins in its composition,

it is certainly not the same as when we eat chicken, but the protein from them helps maintain the muscle mass of our body.

This dessert increases appetite.

This dessert is great for those who do not have an appetite. Especially children are increasing their appetite.

Only children need to be careful when eating them to do it slowly,

because fast eating and a greater amount can suddenly lead to side effects,

such as too much cooling of the stomach parts and creates stomach cramps and an overall disorder of the abdominal part.

Caloric value.

in 100 grams contains about 250 calories. If it is consumed once a week, it will not make any changes to our figure.

Of course, if we take care to eat moderately we will not have a problem with weight.

Council. In today’s text, we have told a few facts about this great dessert and its consumption, for its good sides and how useful it is for people. Of course, you can freely eat ice cream just be careful not to overdo it.