How to Make Kiwi Juice for better Kidneys, Immunity and Blood vessels

Kiwi juice – cleanses the kidneys, improves immunity, cleanses blood vessels from deposits and thick blood. Kiwi is a healthy fruit with many benefits for our health.

Amazing kiwi juice is a great drink for improving your health. Kiwi juice is especially recommended for people who are at risk of blood clots and blood clots.

Its consumption also reduces the risk of stroke.

Kiwi is a fruit that we should all include in our daily diet because it has a beneficial effect on the body and is full of various healthy ingredients.

It is a great remedy for those who have a problem with sand in the kidneys and gallbladder.

Kiwi juice contains a large amount of potassium and fiber, which is of great importance for protection against heart disease.

Why is it good to drink kiwi juice?

It acts on the human body in the following way:

  • cleans the kidneys, bladder, and gallbladder of sand and stones;
  • prevents cardiovascular diseases;
  • prevents the appearance of blood clots and blood clots;
  • reduces the risk of stroke;
  • protects the vitality of cells;
  • favorably affects the eyesight and prevents eye diseases (cataract, diverticulosis, conjunctivitis…)
  •  stimulates the recovery of the organism;
  • protects DNA from the harmful effects of free radicals, but also from a heart attack;
  • detoxify the body;
  • improves immunity;
  • prevents the formation of fat deposits;

This fantastic juice also removes cellulite, contributes to skin health, and affects the ability to remember.

Kiwi juice relieves symptoms of bronchitis, chronic cough, and other lung diseases, in children and adults

Studies have shown that people with some form of lung disease, if they regularly consume fresh kiwi and kiwi juice, significantly improve their lungs.

Specifically, there is an increase in lung capacity by as much as 32% and a decrease in the frequency of the urge to cough by as much as 27%).

How to make kiwi juice for improving kidneys, immunity, and blood vessels

Ingredients needed:

  • 1.5 kg of freshly peeled kiwi
  • 500 g sugar
  • 1.5 liters of water

Method of preparation:

The preparation is simple, first, peel the kiwi, chop it, put it in a blender, and grind it. Then strain it through a strainer to release as much juice as possible.

Put the water on the fire, then when it boils, turn it off and leave it to cool.

Add the boiled and cooled water and 500 g of sugar to the strained kiwi juice.

Stir for about 20 minutes or until the sugar is completely melted.

Another option for easier melting of the sugar (you can also put it in the water while it is hot, it will melt faster and you will not have to mix the juice so much later).

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Storing kiwi juice

The best way to store it is to store kiwi juice in sterilized glass bottles and store it in the refrigerator.

Before use, you can dilute it with a small amount of water if you wish.

Note: It is always best to eat fresh fruit and freshly squeezed kiwi juice, but the juice prepared in this way is one way to preserve it for easier and faster consumption.

It is not thermally processed, which means that all nutrients are preserved.

Kiwi juice nutrition facts

Kiwi juice or syrup contains vitamin A, B-complex, vitamin C, E, K, selenium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, carotenoids, iron, chlorophyll, lutein, carbohydrates, and flavonoids.

Due to all these benefits, kiwi juice is recommended for use in the diet of both young children and the anemic.

What is the daily recommended dose of kiwi juice?

You need to be careful with the daily amount of kiwi juice.

You should not drink more than 1-2 glasses of juice diluted with water.

Because if you overdo it, it can lead to allergies to kiwi.