How to Keep the Healthy Eyes, They are our Window

Healthy eyes are very important because they are our window in this world

The healthy eyes a sensation has an invaluable value, but we neglect the health of our eyes, we forget to nurture it and maintain it.

In today’s modern and dynamic world we live in, we often shorten the dream, and at the expense of we spend hours on mobile phones, computers, TVs.

We forget that we should regularly go to the eye examinations, in order to find out in a timely manner what our eyes are.

Timely, we need to know if we have any problems with vision or other eye diseases Your eyes are on a window in the world and therefore we must keep them.

In order to protect eyesight and eyes, we should follow the following tips.

1. Work on a computer.

When doing things on a computer, do the following because your computer can work well after 20 hours of day, but not you.

The great rule of thumb when working on a computer is twenty minutes of watching the monitor, a 20-second pause looking at an object that is 5 meters away from you. This way you rest your eyes.

2. Do not avoid eye examinations.

Most people avoid viewing, saying a lot uttering how I see very well I do not need a review or earlier I had visual problems now everything is fine.

The review should go, whether you are reading well, you are looking good on the road and traffic signs.

A problem can be without being aware of that. Therefore, the ophthalmologist should be regularly examined.

3. Hands.

When the hands are not clean it means that they have been in contact with an unclean object, become bacteria carriers, and can easily make infection in contact with the eye.

The especially dangerous group are those who wear contact lenses,  for the sake of the frequent touch of your hands with your eyes. Happen your hands before putting and removing contact lenses.

4. Blink while watching TV.

It’s easy to take a while watching some interesting movies or some kind of web content. Washing it naturally eyes and prevents drying.


Avoid using someone else’s eye makeup. Eyeshades do not last forever. The makeup is very problematic and it is not recommended to use it for more than 6 months, once it is opened.

When you notice a change in smell and color they need to be changed immediately.

This reduces the possibility of infection. Most importantly, do not forget to make eye makeup from others, whether they are close friends or relatives.

6. The state of health of the family.

You should know about your family has someone had eye disorders. It’s important because some eye diseases are hereditary. With that, you will have a timely cognition if you can also get a hereditary disease.

7. Heavyweight.

You need to keep an eye on the weight, overweight it can affect, for example, the emergence of diarrhea beta. With diabetes, there may be complications and vision-related illnesses.

8.Lightness and distance.

Reading light is very important for maintaining vision. Many times it happens when we read, it does hurt the head, it is from insufficient light in the room or the wrong distance between the book and the eyes.

The best-recommended distance is 15 centimeters. If it is closer than this distance is a problem for eye focusing.

The room should be well lite, but be careful not to direct the light directly to your face.

9.Dust in the eyes.

Avoid rubbing your eyes with dirty hands, it can cause irritation and damage to the retina of the eye. If you notice that you have something in your eye, try gently rubbing it to wipe your eye.

Just by blinking tears from your eye you will do their job and rinse and cleanse their eyes.

You can also wash your eye with water to clean it if there is anything in it.

10. The cigars are a problem for the eyes.

Smoking does not just cause lung cancer, cancer of the tongue, yellowing on the fingers, and many other adverse health effects They also have a negative effect on vision.

They increase the risk of cataracts, damage to the optic nerve. It is best to quit smoking so that you do not have such negative consequences for your health, which is valuable and worth it to keep.

11. How much it is necessary to sleep daily.

Sleeping is very important for resting the whole body. It is recommended to have 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep for better maintenance of your health.