How to get rid of the bad smell of the feet

We were in a situation when we go somewhere, it would be inconvenient for us to take off the shoes. Or all the shoes you have to create an unpleasant smell, which puts you in a very awkward situation, do not worry you are unique to this problem.

the smell on your feet often puts you in an embarrassing position in front of your friends.

Whether you go to a pedicure or wear the most modern shoes, the smell will be present.

Anyone who has this problem should try to solve it, for not to go into a situation where people around you feel uncomfortable.

Reasons for the feet with a bad odor.

The bacteria found on the skin of the feet will come in contact with the moisture trapped in the socks, footwear and between the toes of the feet,

quickly multiply and create the unpleasant odor that disturbs everyone in the vicinity.

The main reason that some people find it uncomfortable to take off the shoes after hours is wearing is sweating.

You may not be familiar with the fact that 250,000 sweat glands.

Actually, it does not smell, the smell comes from the multiplication of bacteria that create that unpleasant smell.

Some say that the smell reminds of the smell of ammonia, others say the smell is like vinegar,

thirdly that the smell is like spoiled cheese, but the conclusion is that they are creating an unpleasant odor.

Potential things that are responsible for the unpleasant smell can be tight shoes from unnatural material, poor hygiene, the presence of fungi and other factors.

Tips to get rid of the bad odor:

Take your feet at least once a day. all wash your feet, but it’s not enough just to get along with water, and think that your legs will smell nice.

You need to spin well with a sponge and pay the most attention to the part between your fingers nice to clean.

Use of antibacterial soap. Anti-bacterial compounds destroy bacteria and prevent drying of the skin on the feet.

When you finish washing your feet, make sure that you do not leave soap between your fingers, because it irritates the tender skin between your fingers.

Always wear socks on dry feet. Bad one of the basic things is how much the skin can stay dry.

The influence contributes to the development of bacteria and fungal infections, which, as we have said, are the main cause of the unpleasant smell.

Load footwear is produced from material that will allow the foot to breathe.

which are made of synthetic materials increase sweating, and thus automatically intensifies the unpleasant smell.

The best shoes are those that are made of leather or canvas.

Change shoes.

Look, if possible, you will not wear the same shoes for two days After each wear, after you take off, loosen the tines,

so that the air can enter as much as possible and make it drier and yes lose the unpleasant smell of the feet.

Cotton socks.

Socks should not be very tight at first and be avoided in their composition nylon or polyester.

While wearing tights wear when you really need it, and look preferably cotton. Regular examination of your feet. Always check your feet.

If you notice a change in the color of the nails, it can be the presence of an infection.

Take care of the food. Food, such as onion, garlic, and hot foods

should be avoided as often as possible.

Exhausted foods stimulate sweating, and onion and garlic affect the smell of sweat. Use of foot powder.

Nowadays, there are various means that remove the unpleasant odor on the feet

They are most often in the form of a powder that is applied and helps the skin to stay dry throughout the day.

They are the most recommended for use.

Domestic remedies for preventing odor from the feet. Salted water. Put one liter of water in the half cup a large salt.

Shake the mixture and put your feet for 15 minutes. Remove them and allow them to dry without washing them with clean water.

Salt helps because it helps to dry the skin.

Soda bicarbonate.

Apply baking soda in the socks and in shoes to get rid of the bad one smell. Take baking soda and put a little in your socks and shoes.