How to Clean Your Lungs, and Stay Healthy

The lungs are one of the most important organs in our body. How to clean your lungs, and stay healthy is our wish. Therefore, we have to pay attention to their health and to treat them because they can cause various illnesses that can have very bad consequences for the overall health.

How to clean your lungs if you are often confronted with a cough or respiratory problems that can be caused by a variety of things such as smoking cigarettes,

weather conditions and other types of problems affecting the lungs should do something to bring them in the best order.

In today’s text will read a very simple but effective three-day regimen for lung purification.

The process is actually started two days before we begin using the breast cleansing method.

So we should stop eating dairy products two days earlier because they are more difficult

are processed in our body and prevent the process of detoxification that we want to make.

We must first get rid of the toxins that it has in dairy products, and then start the main cleaning of the lungs.

We need to drink tea with laxatives for purification. With this tea, we will make detoxification of the gut.

The next day we should drink before breakfast, juice of two squeezed lemons mixed with three decilitres of water.

In this way, we will release those substances that are needed to improve chest release.

In the snack period, we need to drink about 3 deciliters of grapefruit juice.

If you think his taste can be dissolved with mineral water or replaced with pineapple juice.

The value of these juices is that they have large amounts in their composition anti-oxide

which is great for the health of the lungs.

When the time comes for the main meal or lunch, we should drink about 3 deciliters of carrot juice.

While during lunch, we need 4 deciliters of juice exclusively rich in potassium, because potassium is a very important element.

When it is in liquid, it contributes to the purification of blood and is one of the most powerful when it comes to cleansing our blood.

The next groceries are rich in potassium, which we must necessarily have in our daily diet-bananas, celery, apricots, parsley, melons, oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and spinach.

At the end of the day before going to bed, we need to consume 4 deciliters of cranberry juice or cranberries that protect the health of the lungs.

In the period of these three days, 30 minutes bath should be used daily.

This procedure is important so that our body can swallow the toxins as much as possible with sweating.

The walk is also very important in the process of cleansing the lungs.

If possible to take breaths and exhale during walks, Try breathing with full chest. The eucalyptus helps to cleanse the lungs.

Place 5 to 10 drops of essential oil from eucalyptus in hot water and make inhalation by inhalation of the water or steam with a towel over the head.

This inhalation will reduce any cough and difficulty breathing.

If for various reasons, you can not do this three-day regimen for cleaning your lungs, then consume some of the juices we mentioned and do as many walks as you can with proper inhalation and exhalation.

At the same time, avoid bad habits like cigarettes, and timely do regular consultations with your doctor.