New Research – How Much Sleep Do I Need?

New Research – How Much Sleep Do I Need? Getting up early in the morning is a real recipe for health, happiness, and stamina. Recent studies at the University of Roehampton show that going to bed late at night and getting up late in the morning are damaging to human health and endangering his state of happiness.

Ernest Hemingway wrote “every morning as soon as the light comes on,” confirming how early morning dawn is positive and useful both in thinking and in making better use of the day.

Benjamin Franklin said, “you go to bed early, and getting up early makes a person wise, healthy and rich”.

Those who get up early in the morning before 7 am are less likely to be depressed, often eat and exercise more regularly and therefore have a slimmer body.

A survey of 1100 respondents was performed, 13% of which took place every day, including the weekend before 7 am, around 9 am they become 6%, and the last group is 81% between the two groups.

Results have shown that those who become get up early are healthier, slimmer, have a better breakfast, and exercise regularly, allowing them better fitness and lower body weight.

Research shown sleep afternoon plays no role in the health of people. From all this, it can be concluded that getting up in the morning is better for our health.


How Much Sleep Do I Need?

How to get used to getting up early?

The most important thing is the desire to get up early, not to think negatively.

Getting up early in the morning can have many benefits, so you can use it to read a book, exercise, or meditate.

Methods to make getting up in the morning easier

The first and basic rule is to gradually get up early. You need to get up 15-20 minutes early a few days each day to get used to getting up early.How Much Sleep Do I Need?

For example, if you get up at 8:30, don’t get up early on the first day at 6 am, only gradually as we’ve said for 15 minutes.

Studies show that although it is slow it is the best way to get up early in the morning. If you try to get up 2 hours early it will be short and you will not be able to get away with it, changing the time to get up in the morning.

Get easier without waking up with an alarm

When you get up in the morning, put the alarm away, you will get up to turn it off, but if it is farther away you will already be awake and then you not go have a wish to sleep.

Morning wake up to be exciting

Before bedtime, plan something nice you would like to do in the morning. Whether it is drinking a good coffee, or listening to a morning radio program, the goal is to have more reason to get up early in the morning.

What will you do after you get up early in the morning?

Simply change your daily rules such as:

  • – do not browse the Internet
  • – don’t open the email
  • – don’t listen to the news

Do some new things

– Meditate for about 3 minutes, that’s enough for a great start to the day

– Drink a glass of water because at night the body loses water and begins to dehydrate, a glass of water will refresh you and make you feel better.

– Exercise in the morning, whether it be hiking or some other light physical activity, will be great for you and your body, just 10 minutes of exercise is enough.

Do you need to fall asleep earlier?How Much Sleep Do I Need?

The golden rule is that the earlier you get up, the earlier you go to bed at night. One period you may be able to withstand early-to-late sleep, but when you have to change it, the body itself will not be able to withstand such a pace.

Best tips and ways to fall asleep early

1. First, make a chart of when to get up and when to lie down. Approximately 7 to 8 hours are enough for sleep, it is best to go to bed at around 11 pm.

2. Without computers or laptops before going to bed. You may eventually read a book before going to bed.

3. Physical activity is also a great solution. Exercise will help you to heal your body and thus make sure you fall asleep more easily. Try exercising for an hour before going to bed to sleep.

Sleep at the weekend

Try to get up early on the weekends just as you do on working days. Of course, like all things in life, the most important thing is to have the desire to get used to it early on, it will be an incentive for you to succeed.

Relax before going to bed

Lavender or chamomile tea is always a great choice.

Choose the right sleeping mattress

Choosing a quality sleeping mattress can help you get a good night’s sleep, no interruption in sleep during the night, and thus provide you with a better and quality sleep, which will eventually lead to getting up early in the morning.

Health benefits if you get up early

1. You will have more time to practice

The earlier you get up, the more time you have for exercise. The reason for this is the fact that you have more time during the day, and thus you will certainly find time for physical activity, unlike those who sleep late and avoid exercise.

2. Your daily diet will be much healthier.

The logic is very simple, the more time you spend in bed, the lazier you get to get up and have breakfast. Get up early in the morning and make a healthy and delicious breakfast for yourself.

3. You will be much more productive

Morning is certainly part of the day when you are most productive, which you should definitely take advantage of the rest of the day. Once you have completed your daily chores you will have more time for yourself, but get up early in the morning.


In today’s article, we’ve written about the latest research on the benefits of getting up early. You’ll have better health, nutrition, and greater productivity.

In a few steps and tips, we’ve outlined ways you can get used to getting up early, and how to get the most out of it.

Many celebrities did their work early in the morning. Try this advice, and you have nothing to lose, you can only get more time for commitments and more free time for yourself and your family.