High and low Temperatures, today is Very Hot, how to Protect

How to protect yourself from hot summer temperatures today. Instead of air conditioning and ventilators, there are other ways to protect yourself from hot summer days and high temperatures.

Search for clothes from tropical countries

People who live in countries where it’s temperatures today always hot and warm, they practice wearing wide clothes, mostly cotton, and flax.

The ones that have to go to suits at work, wear costumes made of special woven cotton, which makes it easier to breathe the skin of the body and not stick to it.

For example, the Mexican shirt has been made to provide you with a preview of one cooling of the body.

The shirt should be worn outdoors to have airflow and be more comfortable.

Water and liners.

When something is hurting, we put cold compresses. Now let’s cool down, let’s cool cold water on the joints of the body,

This way, we will be able to cool our body fastest. This procedure can be repeated for one or more hours as we will need it.

We should also drink more frequently and water our forehead, in this way we will be more comfortable dealing with the warm days.

Eat smaller meals.

Whenever we eat someone bigger a meal no matter what it will be, whether it will be ice cream anyway comes to an increase in body heat.

Even when we eat, we need to pay attention to protein meals they significantly increase our heat.

The solution is that smaller meals with lighter food and easier processing in the system indigestion.

When we eat angry food, it’s easier to sweat.

The angry foods are eaten in those countries where the weather is warm. These countries are for example in Latin America, India, and Thailand.

When we consume this food, we sweat more and we do not let them grow. body temperature.

When we sweat, our skin becomes wet and comes to the evaporation and cooling of the body.

You need to sleep in cold bedding.

On summer hot days, you should not normally use bedding from winter, but to use exclusively bedding that makes cooling on the body, it’s flax.

You can also do the next trick, put your bedding in a bag, and put it in the refrigerator for two hours,

which will give you cold bedding and a pleasant sleep at least at the start of your sleep.

Watering It’s okay to take ten seconds with them we wring our joints in cold water,

thus we will manage to lower the body temperature for an hour.

With cold towels, wipe your feet, knees, and neck, most of all with joints, because these parts can be cooled fastest and easiest.

In the refrigerator to put on towels and to use them when we are warm.

Without very heavy jewelry on the body.

The jewelry has the capacity to soak the heat. Then that same heat will gradually shift to the skin and in our body,

so avoid or carry a few pieces of jewelry in the summer period.

cooling with a fan.

It is best to place the fan on the floor and to be directed upwards.

Better still, when you place ice in front of it, the air will pass through the ice, and we will get cooler cooling with a regular fan.

When we showering use cold cream

After showering we need to apply from the cream that we put in the refrigerator, we will have a pleasant and cool feeling on our skin.

Switch off the appliances on the power.

At the moment when you do not need to switch off the electric appliances freely because they also create heat that we want to reduce as much as we can.

Do not eat ice cream?

Maybe many will be surprised about what is better for cooling in the summer.

Make a mix of yogurt and fruits, this mix cools the body because yogurt contains more water and less caloric, so it’s better to cool than ice cream.

How can we protect our pets when it’s hot?

The crib for pets should not be synthetic, it is best to let them use the tiles as a substrate in the summer, and they will be more comfortable and cooler.

In today’s text, we tried to show you some simple things and tips like easier to deal with hot summer, easier to pass the heat until autumn and the first cooling of time and temperature reduction.