Healthy Teeth and Gums With The Best advice

Healthy teeth and gums are a prerequisite for a healthy heart. Many people think that teeth have nothing to do with the rest of the body. But there are many connections, you may not have known that every tooth contains arteries that travel to the heart.

There are three different types of people when it comes to oral hygiene.

The first ones are constantly brushing their teeth and brushing their teeth two to three times a day, or after each meal. The second group is people who brush their teeth either in the morning or just at night. And the third group to people who brush their teeth once a week or less often.

Mostly we brush our teeth in the morning when we get up, although it is better to wash them after breakfast.

Washing our teeth after lunch is very rare. While at night we also do not brush often, or we are tired, we sleep for similar reasons.

One of the main mistakes is to neglect the toothbrushing at night before going to bed.healthy teeth and gums is important

Because when we sleep most it can lead to the development of bacteria, infections, and tooth decay, and cavities.

Cleansing the teeth and maintaining oral hygiene should be our top priority. It is very important for the tissues around the teeth to be healthy.

Many patients have been shown to have gum disease linked to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, respiratory problems, and problems during pregnancy in women.

Gum disease leads to heart disease

First, we need to clear up why gum disease? They do if we do poor oral hygiene.

Also not going to the dentist, cleaning your teeth, etc. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol also cause because it is called “dry” which results in more frequent infections.

If we breathe in the mouth more often, it also causes dry mouth. Genetic factors contribute 30 percent to the possibility of gum disease.

Puberty, menopause, pregnancy are stages that can adversely affect the gums. Oral hygiene must be carefully considered during this period of life.

Stress has an impact on gum disease. Because of the stressful conditions, the immune system is weaker and more likely to get gum infection.

Various types of drugs, antidepressants, and medications. for the heart can affect gum disease. When the gums start to bleed, the bacteria travel through the body through the bloodstream.

When the oral gum bacteria enter the bloodstream, they attach to the fatty deposits in the heart blood vessels and cause clots.

This reduces oxygen flow and nutrient flow. Then there is the danger of a heart attack, due to the inability of the heart to function normally.

Good oral hygiene prevents gum disease and prevents the risk of causing heart problems.

Healthy teeth and gums reduce the risk of heart disease

Scientists from South Korea found that if we brushed our teeth regularly we would have fewer heart diseases.

The study was conducted over a 10-year period on 161,000 people over the age of 40. Results showed that those who brushed their teeth three times a day had a 12 percent less chance of heart problems.

Why it’s important to brush your teeth three times a day

Studies show that regular tooth brushing reduces the bacteria found between gums and teeth.

Logically, the fewer bacteria in our mouth, the less they can end up in the bloodstream and cause heart problems.

Healthy teeth and gums mean proper oral hygiene

To have healthy teeth and thus a mouth free of gum infections and diseases, you need to follow these steps.healthy teeth and gums means proper oral hygiene

  • Washing your teeth three times daily is best after a meal.
  • Wash your mouth more often to rinse food residues.
  • Using a tooth thread to clean your teeth daily. Because sometimes the toothbrush cannot be literally cleaned, especially the space between the teeth.
  • Every time you eat sweet products, you are obliged to brush your teeth, as sugar is the biggest enemy of your teeth.
  • A regular visit to the dentist to check the condition of teeth, gums, and more.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables is great for oral health and a natural way to cleanse them.

Bad oral hygiene is bad for teeth and gums

* A layer of bacteria is formed on the teeth. It is these bacteria that are responsible for caries, inflammation, and tooth decay.

* Many of us have noticed that when we get up in the morning we have bad breath. This is due to the bacteria that work in our mouths all night. That is why it is important to have a good toothbrush in the morning and at night,

which will reduce the presence of bacteria and bad breath.

* Bad dental hygiene can lead to gum and jaw disease. It can cause tissue loss, even to the bones that hold the teeth.

* When brushing your teeth do not do it too forcefully, as it can damage the gums and make sores, leading to a more serious infection.

* Starch-rich sugars and sweeteners nourish bacteria and cause caries, so avoid sugar or brush your teeth immediately after eating.

Bacteria damage the heart

When the teeth are broken and the gingiva is damaged, bacteria can cause a heart infection called endocarditis.

Bacteria, when they enter the bloodstream, can stick to the inside of the heart, causing vegetation or abscess.

It is a new species. infection that is sometimes unavailable to antibiotics. There is a possibility of their release or breakdown.healthy teeth and gums for nice smile

They can affect parts of the blood vessels, resulting in various consequences, among which the worst variant is stroke.

Bacteria can invade the heart valves and cause congestion or weakness in the heart.

If all this is discovered in a timely manner, it can be treated with antibiotics for 4 to 6 weeks.

Heart valves are infected by bacteria

The most commonly affected are abnormal heart valves, but they can also be artificial valves, implants, etc.

Endocarditis leads to destruction, damage to the heart, and its structures. All of this can produce many adverse effects, including stroke, which can cause the patient to lose sight or speech.

The most common symptoms of endocarditis

The riskiest groups for endocarditis are patients with congenital heart defects, then patients with artificial valves, and so on.

It occurs in 5 to 10 cases per 100,000 people. Those who have a healthy heart may very rarely get this infection or disease.

Other problems related to poor oral hygiene

Poor oral hygiene is closely linked to pregnancy. In such situations, it may be that due to poor oral hygiene, premature delivery, and in the worst case of miscarriage.

Therefore women during pregnancy should take care of their teeth and regularly wash and maintain oral hygiene.

Final conclusion

Healthy teeth and gums is very important for our health. It is one of the main causes of tooth decay, but also many other serious diseases.

It can easily be because of poor oral hygiene we can get diseases and infections, including heart disease. we nourish our teeth, brush them two or three times a day, to avoid the occurrence of diseases and infections.

With healthy oral hygiene, we will have healthy and white teeth, as well as healthy organs such as the heart.