Healthy Teeth and brilliant smile

We wish to have healthy white teeth. The beautiful smile attracts and is a sign of good oral health. We should always go to the dentist regularly for a regular check of teeth. Dental flossing is just the same thing for healthy teeth.

But food consumption plays a major role in the maintenance of dental hygiene. Some types of food destroy teeth or leave stains on teeth,

other types of foods brush their teeth, help kill bacteria in the oral cavity, and protect them from cavities.

If you want to have an endless white smile, here are the foods you should eat more often:

dark chocolate

When we were young children, we were told that chocolate was harmful to teeth.

It’s really not far from the truth, but when it comes to milk chocolates that in their own In the other hand,

dark chocolate contains 70% cocoa which improves tooth health because cocoa contains substances

that reduce inflammation and protects our teeth from erosion and the formation of caries.

Green tea.

Green tea is very important for the health of our teeth. It is enough to drink one cup of green tea

daily to protect your teeth and not only that, green tea will provide you with a much better fresh breath.

Green tea abounds with antioxidants, this hot tea is strongly recommended by dentists around the world.

The high concentration of polyphenols makes green tea very effective in destroying bacteria that cause diseases of our gums and cavities.

The best effect is green tea is to drink unsweetened. The only negative side of and green tea is what contributes to the surface staining of teeth.

Carrots and sweet potato

All orange vegetable cocoa, which are carrots and sweet potatoes, are rich in beta carotene,

vitamin A that helps to form healthy bones, healthy gums, and teeth. also additionally stimulates saliva secretion,

which is a great way to clean bacteria and acids.


onion is a vegetable that causes bad smell and taste, but it is an extraordinary weapon against bacteria in the mouth.

This vegetable causes the eye to tear, contains very strong antibacterial substances that protect both teeth and gums in the mouth.

The block has the strongest effect when being consumes fresh fish and flaxseed.

A great threat to healthy teeth is gum disease. The good news is that food from fish and flaxseed is very rich in omega 3 fatty acids,

which helps protect against inflammation and gum diseases.

The fish is a great source and of vitamin D, which is very important for oral health, because it allows the body to easily absorb calcium.


If you often have sesame on your table, then you need to be happy. This seed, besides giving a wonderful taste of dishes,

but also helps with teeth protection it helps reduce dental plaque and helps remineralize tooth enamel.

The seeds are very rich in calcium, which strengthens the teeth and bones of the jaw.

Many scientific studies prove that washing the mouth with sesame oil helps

to reduce dental Sesame reduces bacteria that destroy the health of the gums.


The celery is a vegetable that activates the jaw and teeth. Although long food ingestion can irritate you,

it is a significant activity because it enhances the secretion of saliva into the oral cavity. By increasing the amount of saliva, acids that erosive action.

With this type of action, you get the message of the gums and cleansing the narrow space between the teeth.

Milk, yogurt, cheese

All dairy products are a great food for bones and teeth. The milk and yogurt are very rich in phosphorus and calcium,

minerals that it’s with the process of decomposition of the tooth enamel is interrupted. Yogurt also helps in reducing the bacteria in the mouth.

Do you want to protect your teeth from cavities? After each meal, eat a piece of your favorite cheese.

The cheese protects the enamel of teeth. While you eat cheese, a mouthful of more saliva that destroys the bacteria causing caries and gum disease.

A piece of very important advice when drinking alcohol is to eat cheese to neutralize acids that damage the protective layer of the teeth.


In addition to being healthy to eat, oranges also act as a natural teeth whitener.

The enzyme bromelain found in oranges is a natural stain remover and helps dilute plaque and caries, which can erode teeth and cause cavities.


Just like oranges, pineapple contains the natural enzyme for removing stains – bromelain.

Bromelain is an effective ingredient in stain removers.


Strawberries contain an enzyme that works naturally to remove the surface layer that makes teeth color yellowish.

In addition to being good for eating, they can also be used to make delicious tooth whitening treatments.

Try to mash them in your mouth and leave them on your teeth for about five minutes, then rinse and brush your teeth.


Nuts can also help keep your teeth healthy. Almonds are especially good for teeth thanks to their high calcium and low sugar content.


It is said: one apple a day to be as healthy as a dogwood!

But also to have healthy and beautiful teeth.

These crunchy fruits act as a natural abrasive peeling for your teeth when you bite them.

Apples also have a high concentration of malic acid, which is used in some toothpaste.

Malic acid increases saliva, which cleans teeth and helps remove stains.

Of course, in the first place, you should always be regular tooth brushing, which along with these types of food will help your teeth always be beautiful and glossy because there is no better thing than a wonderful white smile …