10 Tips What Healthy Choice is Best For Us

We have many times been in a dilemma about a healthy choice diet. Each food has its own advantages. Whenever we decide what to eat, we think it’s right, but maybe it is not.

In the following text, we’ll show you more easily choosing the right choice of food when you find yourself in a dilemma, and get to know their benefits for our health and a better life.

1. Do you eat fresh tomatoes or tomato sauce?

Perhaps many will be surprised, but the choice is tomato sauce. tomatoes are extremely rich in antioxidants-lycopene, which is thought to be it quickly helps in the prevention of many types of cancer-related diseases.

With the cooking of tomatoes, a greater amount of lycopene is released, which is then absorbed by our body.

An even better effect will be obtained if you add some olive oil to the already made sauce.

2. What is better bacon or sausages?

Bacon. When fried bacon, cooked it contains fewer calories than ordinary sausages. It is desirable for a better effect when frying the bacon, to cut the bark and a small part of the fat layer.

3. Dried or fresh fruit?

The answer is fresh fruit. Although dried fruit is much simpler and more practical, it can be easily worn anywhere, it can serve as a snack, yet fresh fruit is the right healthy choice.

The fresh fruit in the composition has more water, which means we going to not have the desire for eating for a long time.

4.Nuts fruits or dried fruit?

The winner is nuts. The reason is next, they really have a higher number of calories, for example, 30 grams of nuts have about 160 calories, while dried fruits have only 69 calories, is the reason? The answer is The answer is nuts.

These fruits contain vitamin E, proteins and fiber. When you have to choose, decide on nuts. Or, if you are able, the best mix is ​​from dried fruits and nuts.

5. Tea or coffee?

Of course tea. When we have a lack of energy more often we choose coffee. The tea is a better choice. Drink a glass of green or black tea. And tea and coffee contain caffeine that will pick you up.

The difference is that green and black tea has antioxidants that play an important role in preventing various diseases of the organism.

6.Fresh garlic or garlic powder?

Fresh garlic. According to research done at Stanford University in garlic, it has ingredient allicin. If it is processed garlic, this ingredient will be very easily destroyed, so practice fresh garlic.

7. Strawberries or blueberries.

The two fruits are good for human health. However, when we need to choose, the winner is blueberry.

Their advantage is a larger amount of fiber from the strawberries. More vitamin E and substances that improve our memory.

8. Orange or beautiful red apples?

Apple. This fruit is an absolute winner compared to the orange. The apples help with weight loss, better digestion, reduce the amount of cholesterol and improve the work of the lungs.

9. From the drinks to choose Jin Tonic or Wine?

Wine. The positive moments and properties of the wine to improve our health, in addition to the wine, is also the ingestion of less alcohol in the blood than the gin tonic.

10.bath or Shower?

The winner showed a healthy choice. It is true that the bath helps relax, but the right choice is the shower, especially when it comes to women that are the best choice.

Use the bath in it can cause infections in women. When you are already determined to use a bath, first take a shower and then you can use the bath.

11. Broccoli or cauliflower?

Broccoli contains two times more plant fiber from the cauliflower.

12.Rough or gentle massage.

Rough. It is a better choice because the message will have a better effect on the muscles. Just be careful to be moderate, do not get any pain in the places where it is massaged.

13 A good friend or good book and music?

Of course a good friend. And a book and it’s a good solution, but still, a good friend is a better solution, contact with people is better for our health.