10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas Easy and Delicious

Healthy and delicious and at the same time dietary breakfast ideas easy to make, is something we all want. We often hear how right it is and that it is very important that we consume in the morning.

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day, and it can save you a lot of time and energy.

So take just a few minutes each morning and enjoy a healthy breakfast.

If you just change your habits a little bit and put in more effort, you will eat healthily regardless of the fast modern life and the overloaded everyday life.

Usually, people often eat unhealthy foods that have a bad effect on the body and people who are on a diet skip the first meal, which is just as bad as an unhealthy diet.

You need to balance your diet while satisfying your hunger and make sure your food is healthy so that it doesn’t hurt.

In today’s article, we will focus on a healthy breakfast, which is both nutritious and good for our health.

Oatmeal for breakfast

Oatmeal is an extremely healthy option for consumption, it has a small amount of fat and is really low in calories.

It has a nice taste that can be complemented, however, it is light enough so that other products such as fresh bananas, berries or something similar can be added to it.

You can also decorate it with dried fruits such as grapes or hazelnuts to make it even tastier to eat.

Bagel always for breakfast

You should not be surprised at all why it is added to today’s list.

Although it is healthy for consumption, creativity can and should be easily used.

Choose a thinner bagel instead of a thicker one and grease it with peanut butter or other low-calorie food of your choice.

Add fresh fruit of your choice, and the delicious bagel is an even tastier and easier meal to eat.

Breakfast with cereals

Cereals are always an integral part of breakfast, they are an important source of dietary fiber, but you still need to be careful when choosing.

Practice buying cereals that are low in fat and calories and high in fiber.

Add a little sour milk or yogurt and a few tablespoons of raspberries and hazelnuts to make your breakfast even tastier.

Cereals are good for maintaining satiety, they will saturate you until lunch.

Egg omelet

Eggs are considered the most effective and one of the best options for weight loss foods, so omelets are no exception.

It is considered a wonderful fat-free breakfast and has a high energy value because eggs are rich in protein.

Protein is very important when dieting, so eggs play an important role here.

Simply mix 2-3 eggs, then add a little onion to make the omelet even tastier and cook it.

Low-calorie mayonnaise or possibly ketchup also goes well with the good taste.

Baked toast-buns a choice of many

The very thought of baked toast for breakfast, although it may sound strange, what if you turn them into something really tasty and healthy?

When making toast buns, spread a little honey or peanut butter on the bread.

It will be a great breakfast, and if you add chopped fruit like an apple or a banana you will enjoy every bite.

Smoothie a healthy breakfast solution

Ah! How can you forget to drink cold smoothies while having breakfast?

There is no need to waste money on expensive juices full of calories.

 Strawberry Smoothie

You can make your own healthy and fresh smoothies in your kitchen.

Freeze your favorite fruit and add sour milk or yogurt, mix well and drink it to the last drop.

Simple recipes for a healthy and complete breakfast

Easy breakfast

Yogurt with a few fruits and seeds is an ideal breakfast for everyone, but you’ll probably need some time to get used to it.

With this light, refreshing combination, you will not feel like you are eating a lot, and at the same time, you will be armed with various nutrients that will saturate you enough in the early morning.

With this breakfast you will not feel hungry while you are at work or at home, so you will not have a strong desire to nibble on everything that comes your way.

There are no fruits that do not fit into this combination, but why not use fruit that is a great source of vitamin C directly from nature, then we need it the most – such as kiwi?

This fruit is ideal and goes well with other flavors, so you should definitely try this recipe.

Ingredients needed:

  • -2 dl yogurt
  • -1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • -2 small kiwis
  • -spoon flaxseed

Method of preparation:

The preparation is simple, mix one teaspoon of vanilla extract in the yogurt, add the chopped fruit and sprinkle with a teaspoon of flaxseed. Good appetite!

Nutritious and healthy breakfast with strawberry and cheese spread

If you are one of those who love strawberry jam, we believe that you will like the idea of ​​trying to imitate it this way and so, in addition to the great taste, you can also get the required dose of protein.

As a base, you can use anything – bread, toast, and pancakes.

If you have a little of this delicious spread left, you can consume it as a dessert.

Ingredients needed:

  • -100 g of fresh cheese
  • -50 g of strawberries
  • – Stevia
  • -‘Rye bread

Method of preparation:

Use fresh or maybe frozen strawberries and mix them together with the fresh cheese.

Add stevia if desired and spread the spread on the bread or some other surface.

Fruit milk breakfast

You have a blender but you are not a big fan of liquid meals, so you rarely use it?

Then this is the perfect recipe for you.

If you want the porridge thicker, then add less liquid and let it stand for a while, harden and combine the ingredients better.

The variants of preparation are always – countless and endless.

Ingredients needed:

  • -150 g of fresh cheese
  • -50 g of frozen raspberries
  • -semi-banana
  • -50 g of oatmeal
  • -spoon flaxseed
  • -spoon cinnamon
  • -1-2 dl of water

Method of preparation:

Put all the above ingredients in a blender, put the resulting mixture in a suitable container, leave it to stand for a while, and enjoy the healthy and beautiful start of the day.

Good morning with semolina

This breakfast is a perfect choice for cold winter days that come at the end of the year.


There are probably a few who don’t like semolina, but many of his fans don’t include it in their menu because it doesn’t sound like the best.

But why not choose a whole grain breakfast cereal that is rich in fiber and gives you complete satisfaction?

Ingredients needed:

  • -60 g of integrated semolina
  • -2.5 dl of soy milk
  • -10 almonds
  • -a handful of frozen raspberries

Method of preparation:

Heat the milk, pour in the semolina and stir for 2-3 minutes until the mixture is homogeneous and thick.

Add almonds and raspberries and enjoy a perfect and tasty meal.

A second variant of the same recipe

You can prepare this recipe in another version – in the already made semolina add a teaspoon of chocolate whey protein and a teaspoon of almond butter instead of almonds.

The taste is amazing again, it is up to you to choose which variant you like best.

Suggestions for a quick and healthy breakfast

– Make a mixture of oatmeal and dried fruit and pack them in small bags.

Keep them in a special place in the kitchen, always keep them within reach and prepare them when you are in the biggest crowd.

Mix them with yogurt or milk and enjoy a quick healthy breakfast.

– Prepare a quick sandwich with bread, sour cream, ham, and vegetables or in a sweet version – bread with a little butter and marmalade.

If you don’t want to have breakfast as soon as you get up, these sandwiches are easy to pack and bring to work.

– When you already have breakfast, be sure to bring some fruit.

Three hours after breakfast is a great time for a vitamin snack.

Pack apples, oranges or bananas properly and carry them in your purse.

– Always have energy cereals available.

In the car, in the purse, in the office … Enjoy the energy in any part of the day with this dessert.

Breakfast for 1-5 minutes

-Sandwich with butter and marmalade, a cup of yogurt or fruit juice (1-minute preparation)

– Cornflakes or muesli with dried fruit in 200 g of low-fat yogurt or fruit juice (1-minute preparation)

– Boiled egg, a piece of ham, bread, tea (5 minutes of preparation)

– Sandwich with low-fat sour cream, ham and lettuce or tomato, tea or yogurt (2 minutes of preparation)

Prepare a healthy meal for work

– Wholemeal sandwich with tuna or finely chopped chicken, with lots of salads in it and use light spreads instead of mayonnaise

– Sandwich stuffed with home-made chicken or salad of your choice

– If you order food, always choose high energy products.

Lots of vegetables combined with a little meat or fish are a great combination.

Foods you must always have in the kitchen to eat healthily

  • – Yogurt
  • – Fruit juice
  • – Cut bread
  • – Ham
  • – Low-fat sour cream
  • – Marmalade
  • – Cornflex / muesli
  • – Energy tiles from oat flakes
  • – Seasonal fruit
  • – Fresh vegetables


Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day.

Many of us skip breakfast because we don’t have enough time, diets, and other situations.

It is wrong to deliberately avoid breakfast because it gives us the necessary energy, strength, and will not have a bad effect on our health.

Of course, you need to be careful about what you eat for breakfast, fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods.

Preparing breakfast does not take much time, so try to always practice breakfast in the morning, believe me, you will have many benefits for your health.