Headache types and causes, and How to Protect

Headache Types and causes and How to Protect? We all sometimes have a headache for a variety of causes, certainly sometimes a lot. We get nervous because we wait a while for a pill to go through and similar things happen, many of us want to know why we have headaches and what causes it?

The causes of Headache Types are not always easy to detect, especially if they are the result of dehydration or insomnia, which can be the main culprit for a headache.

Because of the headache, they can sometimes be high blood pressure, head bleeding, or tumor.

Also, Headache Types may vary from the site of pain, and thus predict the cause of pain in a particular part of the head.

In today’s article, we will focus on two issues that are the causes of headaches and the types of headaches.

Causes of headaches

1 Warm weather

As temperatures rise and warm weather contributes to increasing the likelihood of developing a migraine and other severe headaches.

Studies show that with every 12.7-degree increase, the risk of headaches increases by 7.5 percent.

2 Strong odor

A strong odor can cause migraines in many people, whether the smell is pleasant or not.

This can be because the odor stimulates the nervous system.

The most common sources of strong odor are nail polish, color, certain flowers, or perfumes.

3 Red wine

Red wine, like many types of cheeses, alcoholic liqueurs, contains tyramine, which causes headaches.

To find out exactly which drink hurts your head or what foods, it is best to keep a diary and know which day you are a painful head that you eat exactly.

4 Hair Accessories

It may look a little ridiculous, but the way you wear hair can cause a headache.

If the hair is caught in the tail and tight, it can easily be a headache.

Sometimes hair follicles can hit the scalp and cause an unpleasant headache.

If you find that when your hair is released you have no headache then you will know where your headache is.

5 Smoking causes a headache

We are all familiar with the fact that smoking causes headaches. However, it also applies to those who smoke, and those who do not, but are in their surroundings.

That is to say, not smoking cigarettes should avoid the environment where there is cigarette smoke.

the way you can reduce the likelihood that your head hurts.

6 Irregular diet

Headaches can also be caused by an irregular diet. Sometimes when you skip a meal you may feel a headache.

The biggest reason is lowered sugar levels. with an even greater drop in sugar.

7 The position of our body

The headache can be caused by sitting on a chair without support, from a computer monitor if it is too low or high, all of these situations can contribute to a headache.

When you have a headache problem, be careful about your body posture.

Several types of headaches

1 Headache on the half of the head

This type of headache is strenuous and can last up to 72 hours, but is not dangerous.

Pain is moderate to severe. It can cause nausea and very high sensitivity to light and noise.

When you feel the first symptoms you should take a painkiller, and lie in a dark, quiet room to calm the headache.

2 Headache around the forehead and entire head

When you have this headache you feel like someone is shaking your head with a hoop.

The intensity is mostly moderate, and it is most likely to be in a state of stress.

It is recommended to close your eyes and rest and may sleep for about half an hour to soothe and reduce pain.

3 Pain on one side of the head followed by a swollen eyelid

This type of headache is quite severe and can continue with pain for up to a month.

It appears at some time of the year and has symptoms such as redness of the eye, swollen eyelid, clogged nose. recommended movement, not stand still.

4 Headache along the forehead

This headache is most likely from sinuses. The best solution is to take a shower with warm water and inhale.

5 Pain in the back of the neck and back

This pain occurs either from sitting too long or from problems with the spine and neck. It is best to get up and move your neck.

6 Symptoms of abdominal pain

Symptoms include ear pain, as well as pain in the opening and closing of the mouth.

The first thing to do is to take a headache pill, if and when the pain does not stop it is best to see a doctor.