Tips How to Hair Growth Fast and Easy

Each of us dreams of having beautiful healthy and shiny hair. Hair growth fast is not too much difficult. Women have more hair problems because long hair is more difficult to maintain. Hair damage, blossoming peaks, dry hair, all these things prevent hair, there are shine and beauty.

In the following text, we will show you some tips on how to grow your hair quickly, and at the same time not to lose its luster and beauty.

Cut your hair from time to time.

If you shorten its peaks, you will restore it will be healthier. When we cut hair, we help to grow faster. We remove the damaged peaks, which reduce its growth.

Nutrition as a factor for healthy hair.

Nutritional substances are very important for hair growth, they feed it and help it grow. Particularly important is the food rich in minerals and proteins.

Use a hair conditioner.

Always use the balm on wet hair. When hair is damaged by time, ironing hair, hair dryer, etc., it becomes thinner and brittle over time.

Conditioner help protects and restores our hair. It’s cherished hair will grow faster and will certainly be healthier.

Juice of aloe vera.

Aloe vera juice is very good and effective, nutritious for our hair and provides faster hair growth. With massage, the more precise circular movements massage the scalp on the head.

It enables better blood circulation, increases and improves the use of the nutrients, in the end, all this results in faster hair growth. When we finish with the massage of the head, it is left for 2 to 3 hours to act the juice, then wash the hair with shampoo.


D panthenol actually represents synthetic vitamin B5. These vitamins are extremely important for the hair.

He restores the hair follicles. Can be purchased in the form of a spray. When used, it can be put on the shampoo, or directly applied to the root and then to the head.

It uses 1 Up to 2 times a week, the effect will be healthier hair, it will certainly improve its growth.

When you wash your hair, in the end always with cold water.

The cold water gives better circulation of hair and closes the pores, and as we already mentioned enhances the supply of hair with nutrients and faster growth

The hair with apple cider vinegar is in its aid for easier activation of the hair follicles and speeding up the growth of our hair.

It is best to use it, but not too much, several times a month by washing the hair. It can be used instead of a hair regenerator, without rinsing the hair.

Perhaps at first, its fragrance is felt, but in a short time, it disappears.

Protein hair mask.

The eggs are excellent for a hair mask. A very nutritious mask for a hair. It does this in the following way.

Take two egg whites, mix it exclusively with a mixer, apply the mixture of hair. It leaves to work for an hour.

Then it’s nice to rinse the hair.

An excellent mask with cognac and egg.

Perfect combination with alcohol. The egg helps in bringing nutrients, and alcohol gives both circulation of the hair and better absorption of nutrients.

Sprinkle an egg and 2 to 3 tablespoons cognac, it’s not bad to add a spoon olive oil. Apply the mask and leave it to part for 30 to 40 minutes.

Then wash your hair with water, apply shampoo and wash again.

With essential oils to beautiful skin.

Jojoba essential oils argan, rosemary, and others have a great effect on the hair follicle. They contain many vitamins and nutrients that help the growth of the hair.

Apply any of these oils, may and a mixture of several oils. Apply to the hair and gently massage the scalp.

Leave it to work for 3 to 4 hours. Or possibly it can be left the mask overnight, and the other morning to wash the hair.