20 Best Tips for Hair Care and more…

Best tips for hair care to be healthy, beautiful with a lot of shine. The beauty of the hair affects the beauty of the face and generally, well-groomed hair is something that we all strongly desire.

External influences, dry air, wearing hats, and other factors affect the appearance of your hair.

Haircare is not just about buying a nice shampoo and conditioner and washing it regularly.

To have healthy, strong, and shiny hair, you need to know how to take care of your hair every day.

In today’s article, we will get acquainted with the most important tips on how to have beautiful hair, how to maintain and nurture its beauty?

20 tips about hair care

Should our hair use oil as the skin?

The oil is a great solution for repairing damaged hair. Dry oils are especially useful for the care of your hair.

They are very light, are absorbed extremely quickly, and do not leave a greasy layer. If you have thin hair, it is best to apply the oil to dry hair along its length.

This way, there is no spillage in the direction of the hair root, and there will be no additional damage. If the hair is styled shortly after application, the oil will work even better.

What are the rules of hair care

Always apply conditioner first, then shampoo your hair! It is recommended to apply a little conditioner first because in this way the sensitive hairs along the length and ends are protected when shampooing.

If you have fine and thin hair, you need to leave the conditioner on for a while so that the substances important for care have enough time to penetrate into the hair follicles.

You need to apply shampoo once or twice during the wash: first, rub it well, then rinse it thoroughly. If you have previously put an oil mask on your hair, apply shampoo twice.

You do not need to apply a mask or conditioner during one wash. In case if your hair is greasy, it is recommended to put the conditioner as far away from the hair root as possible.

If you have dry hair, then apply the conditioner to the roots, hold it for a minute or two, and then rinse well.

Nettles, chamomile, and yarrow are very effective after-hair rinses, which give the hair shine, smoothness, and silky texture.

It’s an extra winning combination. By the way, unlike balm, herbal teas do not need to be rinsed with water.

When it comes to masks, it is enough to put them once a week, and it is better to use natural – vegetable oils, eggs, honey, etc.

Take for example supermodels like Kate Moss who often say that she often skips the shampoo and uses only hair conditioner. Each hair wash also removes lipids that protect the hair.

The basic rule is important: It is always very important to just apply a little shampoo to the hair roots!

How often should you visit a hairdresser?

Sounds banal, but cutting the ends, preferably every four weeks (if you have long hair, then every six to eight weeks) is really important.

Because that way we protect the hair from its brittleness. Namely, after cracks appear on the tops, this damage continues only upwards, in the direction of the roots.

In addition, freshly cut hair automatically looks fuller and healthier. Expert advice: cracked ends are easily and especially visible on dry hair.

Place individual locks of hair in front of the contrasting background color so that you can more easily see the damaged ends with the naked eye.

Should hair be especially nourished?

Stress, hormonal changes, but also changes in the seasons can tighten the hair roots, and the consequence is hair loss. In this case, treatment with the addition of dietary supplements will help hair care.

Find some with a carefully designed composition that supplies the body with daily amounts of nutrients needed for optimal functioning, but also a radiant appearance.

An alternative to nourishing the hair is to regularly consume certain foods such as fatty fish, milk, and avocado.

Why should you watch your scalp?

A healthy scalp is the first prerequisite for having beautiful and healthy hair.

Ideally, the sebaceous glands produce as much sebum as needed to optimally supply the hair with lipids without becoming oily.nice hair look

Therefore, the scalp must be protected from drying out, which stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce a lot of sebum – and so the cycle begins.

When washing and drying, do not expose your hair to excessive heat. It is very important to choose a real and quality shampoo, as well as brushes and high-quality combs.

And always massage the head because the massage provides good circulation and better supplies the hair roots with nutrients. Massage and circulation also stimulate hair growth.

It all depends on good blow-drying?

The shine of the hair is visible only if its surface is flat. This is the only way light can be reflected.

Therefore, it should always be dried in a top-down direction, and the hair should be held at a 45-degree angle to the head.

Also, the brush should always be combed into the hair in the direction of its growth and use a hairdryer accessory.

Finally, always press the cold air button briefly to reduce the heat in the locks of the hair and correct the shape of the hairstyle.

Is overnight hair care important?

Beautiful hair is not obtained overnight, but of course, sleep time can still be used. If you have damaged hair, sleep with a light braid, as recommended by many experts.

That way the hair will not be easily tangled and much easier and better when you get up in the morning you will be able to comb.

It is recommended to fasten the braid with an elastic band without a metal part. Apply a hair care product at length, and the active ingredients will have a lot of time to restore the hair overnight.

For even more care and effect you can wrap your hair in a towel and the heat will intensify the care treatment.

Why does hair need spa treatment?

If you dye and iron your hair regularly, you should occasionally give it extra care and attention with more nourishment. For that, the perfect solution is of course a spa treatment at the hairdresser.

Some salons use keratin treatment, during which the hair is supplied with keratin and protein, which turns unruly hair into elastic waves.

However, you need to be careful – if you have thin hair, these treatments could have the opposite effect and make it heavier and greasy.

Can dry hair increase its shine?

Regular use of hair masks can improve the shine of even the driest hair, but you must choose well.

For example, avocado-based masks are often one of the best because avocado oil contains large amounts of vitamins and proteins that strengthen and give your hair shine.

You can also try the home-made version, which you can easily make.

Preparation: mix avocado, 2-3 teaspoons of olive oil, banana, and egg.

Mix until the hair mask gets a completely creamy texture. Apply to hair and wait for about 10 minutes, then use shampoo and conditioner as with any hair wash as usual.

Faster hair growth – is it possible?

Significantly faster hair growth is not so possible, but what is possible is to take vitamins, pay attention to diet.

You should also trim your hair regularly to visually make it look longer and fuller, without thin cracked ends.

Does the diet contribute to the health and beauty of hair?

Proper nutrition for hair beauty should include poultry, soy, legumes, nuts, and vegetable oils, rich in unsaturated fatty acids (flaxseed, hemp, olive, sunflower, corn), wholemeal bread, leafy vegetables.

Beans, broccoli, egg yolks, liver, kidneys, fish eggs, and yeast are also very good for the hair.

If you have dry skin, it is necessary to include in the menu products that contain sulfur and copper: squid, cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, egg yolks, garlic, and onions.

Sulfur is also used externally – in the form of ointments, as well as in the composition of anti-dandruff tinctures.

For the beauty of the hair, it is important to take vitamins A, E, D, C, and B-group.

It makes sense to take vitamin complexes occasionally, especially in winter and early spring, when our food is poor in terms of vitamin intake.

What are the specifics of colored hair care?

When it comes to colored hair, special shampoos and conditioners are recommended. Dyed hair is almost always dry and therefore needs to be cared for regularly.colored hair

To nourish dyed hair, it is advisable to apply the nourishing mask along the entire length of the hair, but also at the root, in order to renew its structure.

It is very good to wash your hair only with yolk for a while, which improves its structure.

It is also helpful to leave rye bread to stand in cold water, rub it into your scalp, and then wash it off.

Not only does it massage the scalp, but the fat that secretes the skin evenly distributed throughout the hair.

This fat is good food, which is lacking in colored hair, and which is consumed more and moreover the years.

Should we use hair care products from the same line?

The shampoo, conditioner, mask, and hair dye do not always have to be from the same manufacturer.

It is much more important that each product you use suits your hair type.

Use a hair conditioner

Using a conditioner makes the hair softer and easier to comb. If you suffer from dry hair problems, do not avoid using a conditioner.

While the hair is with the conditioner, gently run your fingers through it. Then it will be easier to unfold it.

Pay attention to how much and how you comb your hair

It is a mistake to think that regular combing several times a day will help you to have shiny and healthy hair.

Excessive combing can only damage the hair. Use a number of small short movements with the comb, instead of passing the entire strand in one motion.

Start by combing the ends and gradually moving upwards. If you have curly or wavy hair, use a comb with few teeth, because the brushes with small teeth will break the shaped curls.

Never comb your hair while it is wet. Comb your hair before taking a shower.

This will remove the dirt on it and disassemble it. When hair is wet it is more prone to breakage.

Combing with a comb easily tear the hair. Never go to bed with wet hair, because in sleep the hair rubs and it will cause damage.

Pay attention to protection in summer

Avoid exposing your hair directly to the sun for a long time. Wear a hat to prevent damage to your hair.

Swimming in the pool can also negatively affect the appearance of your hair, due to a large amount of chlorine.

Wear a swimming cap or avoid the water to your hair while in the pool.

Avoid extreme weight loss, it is harmful to the hair

Extreme weight loss in the short term creates a lot of stress on your body. As you lose weight, so does your hair have bad effects.

Diets that do not include enough protein and iron, or recommend a lot of protein, and a few vegetables and fruits (such as the Atkins diet), can lead to significant hair loss and thinning.

So see how balanced your diet can be, is important to have healthy hair.

Less stress healthier hair

Stress affects both your mental and physical health. Hair is no exception, and it can have negative effects when we are under stress.

The firmness and density of the hair largely depend on the stress.

Minimize the coloring

Use hair color as rarely as you can. Dyed hair dries more easily and needs extra care.

Always use a shampoo designed for colored hair or gentle baby shampoo. Put on a hair mask. Hair masks restore the natural moisture of the hair.

Nourish the scalp

In addition to massage, you can nourish the scalp twice a week. Choose almond, coconut or extra virgin olive oil.

Apply it on a cotton swab and apply it to the scalp. Leave on for 30-45 minutes.

Then rinse with warm water. The result will be softer and gentler hair.


Hair is an important factor in the beauty of the face and overall appearance. In order to have beautiful, healthy, and well-groomed hair, we need to take proper care of it.

Hair should be cared for and maintained regularly, and in return, it will always adorn your face.

There are many ways to care for hair: natural and with various products, hair masks, conditioners, shampoos, and more.

In addition, important factors are a healthy diet, less stress, less rigorous diets, and of course a healthy lifestyle.

Our hair deserves to be cared for and maintained, and the more we care about it, the better it will look.