Which Groceries do Not Have to be Refrigerated?

We often store groceries in the fridge to keep them from spoiling, but some groceries do not have to be refrigerated. Too often, out of habit or some irrational precaution, we put things in the fridge “so they don’t spoil.”

However, some foods will respond equally well if stored at room temperature and refrigerated.

Once you know what those groceries are, you will not have to stockpile this home appliance unnecessarily at any cost.

You probably happen to keep the fridge open longer than you want because it is crowded.

From the many groceries inside, sometimes you can not find what you are looking for in the beginning.

Which groceries do not have to be refrigerated?


The reasonable assumption of all of us is that butter must be stored in the refrigerator because it is a dairy product.

However, despite the fact that butter can melt and spoil if stored too close to a heat source or direct sunlight, this is not the case.

Because if stored in a container and placed in a darker, cooler place, it may take longer than you might expect.

Recent excavations in Ireland have uncovered a vessel about 3,000 years old with incredibly well-preserved butter, writes Family Handyman.


One of the favorite spices in all cuisines, especially the Mediterranean, basil, is often stored in the refrigerator.

If you ask why many of us would say “fresh”.

However, it is not a well-known fact that if you store basil in the refrigerator, it tends to pick up the smells and tastes of the food with which it is stored.

Therefore, a much better solution is if the basil is kept fresh in another way, more precisely as a bouquet of flowers in water.

Besides the better taste, it can be the smell of the chase and the occasional insect that wanders in the kitchen.


Onions have the opposite problem with basil, and here’s why.

Because the onion does not collect foreign odors but spreads its aroma to other foods.

And especially in closed places such as refrigerators.

Whatever you intend with the onion, the best place to store it freely is in a well-ventilated dry place, you need nothing more and nothing less.


Although the berries are berries and other similar fruits are delicate and in fact, can not be kept fresh for a long time.

For this fruit the refrigerator is really overwhelming for them, we should avoid storing them in the refrigerator.

Namely, the refrigerators are very humid and maintain the temperature slightly above the freezing temperature.

In addition to shortening the life of berries, they are also rich in water and therefore fragile.

Low temperatures reduce their taste and at the same time destroy their texture.

After purchase or harvesting, it is best to wash them immediately and store them in a container and eat them as soon as possible.groceries do not have to be refrigerated

The cake

Cakes and pastries do not like refrigerators, but some cakes can not do without them.

If the cake is made of icing, cream, or something similar that contains milk and similar foods, it needs to be refrigerated.

It must then be refrigerated, as otherwise, it may spoil at room temperature.

However, if the cake is dry or butter-based, and you plan to eat it within a few days, it may be waiting for you at the kitchen counter.

Although the refrigerator dries the cake, it is better not to take risks if you are not sure about its composition.

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Although they seem to fall at room temperature beforehand, it is still wrong to store tomatoes in the refrigerator.

The reason is that tomatoes lose their taste in the cold.

Therefore it is best to store them at room temperature, but not in direct sunlight.

Ketchup and mustard

Just like various spicy sauces, ketchup and mustard contain enough acid to survive for months in the pantry without losing quality.

Some products state that they are refrigerated after opening, but do not have to be refrigerated at all times.

If you have a cooler place in the house, they will keep their quality there as well.