11 products to detox With fruit and Water naturally your body

Fresh fruit is the best choice of nutrients for detox naturally and weakening of our body. For purifying the body, the best are lemon, grapefruit, and pineapple, as they encourage the removal of all the toxins that we have in the body.

Additionally, detox naturally with fresh fruit and vegetables are filled with a very large amount of fiber, minerals, and vitamins that enable excellent detoxification of our body.

When you eat as much fresh food as you eat, you will allow natural detoxification and body purification. the text will introduce you to the best detox foods that you would like to include in your daily diet.

1. Lemon

The lemon is rich in vitamin C, increases the secretion of enzymes that accelerate the destruction of toxins and waste products from the body.

Best is to drink a glass of fresh lemon juice every morning to make alkalization of the body because the lemon helps to increase the pH value in our body.

In terms of caloric value, the lemon in 100 grams contains 26 calories, one lemon per day meets 100% of the daily requirement of vitamin C.


The onions in its composition have a large amount of quercetin, a powerful antioxidant, and also contains many anthocyanins, which have antioxidant properties.

Of the other ingredients, there are also fiber, folate, manganese, vitamin B6 and not to forget the high concentration of vitamin C.

3.Hot Peppers

Contains lots of vitamin C, vitamins from group B, and beta carotene.

This food is known for being used for weight loss because it has a substance in the composition capsaicin, which makes the regulation of appetite and as faster calorie consumption in the body.


It is a great source of vitamin C, it also has vitamin A. These vitamins improve the overall immunity, they provide antioxidant protection.

The composition also has vitamin B3 which is very important for the regeneration of cells.

This fruit, except that it has many vitamins and minerals, does not have many calories, in fact, only 40 calories per 100 grams of weight.

5 Pineapple

The pineapple is a natural diuretic, its main feature is the removal of excess fluid from the body, way detoxification, and weakening of the body. The composition contains one substance bromelain.

Bromelain is a natural enzyme that helps for easier digestion of macronutrients. Because it contains plant fibers, pineapple helps for normal bowel function.


Apple is known for one saying, one apple a day and you will forget to go to the doctor.

Research has been done on apple, it has been established that this fruit helps remove the toxic substances from our body.

The same effect also has the apple juice on a natural base, which we buy at supermarkets.


It is a vegetable that makes detoxification in many ways. It purifies the blood, removes fluids and acids. Stimulates better function of the thyroid gland.

8.Sugar beet

It is in some way has a connection to the liver. The liver in a natural way helps to cleanse the body from some harmful and poisonous substances, while sugar beet is a means of cleansing the liver.

When we consume sugar beet, we make a service to the liver, which returns by cleansing our body.

9. Garlic detox naturally

You can freely put garlic in the first place among all other vegetables. The composition has chemicals that successfully help remove the toxic substances from the body.

Its consumption increases the number of white blood cells. It purifies the colon, blood, respiratory system. Help to smokers to quit smoking removes nicotine from the blood and body.

10 Water.

Many people do not see the water as a substance that would help detoxify our bodies. However, the truth is different, water is a key element for cleaning poisoning products from the organism.

Water with its effect lets the natural way the body function successfully.


Successfully acts for the removal of harmful substances, we get a healthy organism.

Another positive feature is the protection of the body from colds, cough, and lighter viruses.