Food Improve Skin: Vitamins, Proteins, and Much More

Beauty food and healthy skin, beautiful complexion is a dream of all. Food improve skin?Fortunately, eating healthy foods can easily improve skin and the look. Do you have a job with a high level of stress? Do you have acne and redness? We all have these problems more or less, but we are all affected by the thought of how to look nicer and healthier.

Many nutritionists and experts are advised to be careful about what we eat and what types of products we consume in our daily diet.

And this is not only true when it comes to maintaining our slimline, but careful food choices also affect our skin.

Here’s what products you need to incorporate into your daily diet to make it more beautiful, gentle and caring for.

You may not be able to change genetics, but you can definitely add food to your diet that will make your skin very healthy, fresh and supple.

Let’s not get too much debt, let’s start with the topic for today’s article.

Cucumber for beautiful and healthy skin

Cucumber is probably the best vegetable for your skin as it is extremely water-rich and contributes to youthful skin.

It also contains vitamins B and C, iron, zinc, folic acid, magnesium, calcium and potassium and has excellent anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Kale Beauty Vegetables

These green vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and E, all of which have ingredients that prevent aging and stimulate the growth of new skin cells.

The kale is also rich in minerals like magnesium and calcium that make skin healthy and radiant.

You can make a healthy green kale juice or apply a mask on your face.

You will get an excellent face and skincare mask.

 Green tea

One sip of green tea is a sip of healthy living.

Green tea is high on the list of beverages containing polyphenol.

Polyphenol is good for dissolving fatty deposits in the body and speeding up the work of metabolism.

Four cups a day are enough to completely revitalize the inside of your body and skin.

Green tea is the only one with such rich properties and benefits for our health and beauty.

Tomato source of good antioxidants

Eat tomatoes every day, they have low calories and many health benefits.

In addition to being an excellent source of antioxidants, they also contain lycopene, an ingredient that prevents burns and sores.

The nutrients that slow down the process of cell damage in our body and help in the creation of new and healthy cells.

Salmon the best of fish for perfect beauty

Slow down skin aging by regularly consuming salmon.

Salmon is rich in astaxanthin and carotenoids.

These ingredients enhance the skin’s elasticity and slow down its aging process, making it look younger and nicer.

Eggs are great for the skin

The next product that is very useful and healthy are eggs.

If you consume them regularly you will notice a change in your skin and a better look.

Eggs are a complete source of protein and contain biotin, which is an essential vitamin that protects dry skin.

They help rebuild already destroyed cells and speed up the process of creating new healthy cells.

 Pomegranate is a source of antioxidants

Eat pomegranates whenever you can.

This fruit is a natural antioxidant and helps to create more collagen in the skin.

Successfully accelerates its healing process.

Only pay attention to your clothing when eating pomegranates.

 Omega 3 fatty acids

If you want to enrich your diet with Omega-3 fatty acids and are not a fan of fish, there is another solution.

Nuts, specifically walnuts, are here to help solve this problem.

Walnuts are also a rich source of Omega-3, which makes your hair healthier and shinier, and your skin incredibly smooth and nice.

Legumes are foods that improve the skin

Another source of protein is legumes.

Legumes include all kinds of beans.

Not only does it help rebuild and create healthy cells, as well as speeding up metabolism and faster digestion.

Not to mention that beans are also rich in amino acids that help accelerate the regeneration of cells and skin.

In addition to these properties, it helps to create collagen that rejuvenates and makes the skin more elastic.

Avocado and Vitamin E for healthy skin

Avocado is a good source of biotin, an ingredient that helps to prevent dry skin and brittle hair and nails.

This fruit is also good to use as a face mask.

It moisturizes and refreshes dry skin, and its Vitamin E soothes and calms the skin from irritations and mild inflammation.


The great orange color of this fruit is due to beta-carotene.

The presence of beta carotene helps dissolve vitamin A in our body and helps protect the skin.

This papaya enzyme is contained in exfoliating face masks, but when consumed fresh it contributes to radiant skin and eyes.

Pumpkin seeds for beautiful hair

These seeds are rich in vitamin B and biotin, which are one of the most important ingredients for strengthening the skin and bones.

Pumpkin seeds are also rich in minerals, such as zinc, which can easily help against acne.

Add them to your soup or salad, and you can even use it in your cookies.

Whose seed

This seed is one of the healthiest seeds in the diet and an excellent source of essential fatty acids.
By consuming whose seeds we get the fatty acids our skin and hair will look radiant.

It also contains antioxidants that are a great fighter against the damage caused by free radicals.


Not only is this vegetable great food, but it is also great for beauty.

Rich in natural fibers and sulforaphane, which helps prevent aging.

Cabbage also contains vitamin C which is great for the skin.

Lemon is the number one with vitamin C

Lemon is one of the best friends of the skin and its beauty.

Mostly because this vitamin C which renews and refreshes the skin.

Add it to the water you drink during the day, tea, fish and salads.

These are the most important vitamins for healthy and radiant skin

We should all strive to maintain our skin and get rid of the ingredients that negatively affect it.

Ingredients that only harm and in turn do not benefit the skin.

There are vitamins we need to include in our diet that is guaranteed to improve the health and structure of our skin but also to slow down aging.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that we can find in citrus fruits, kiwi, broccoli, carrots, strawberries, and tomatoes.

Many studies show that it helps to protect our skin from UV rays.

It also helps us build collagen.

As we age, our bodies lose the ability to produce collagen on their own. Vitamin C is very important and is really recommended in the daily diet.

It also helps to reduce the lines and appearance of wrinkles on the skin.

It is also great for boosting immunity.

Also, It is important to use creams that contain vitamin C, but also to consume fruits and vegetables that contain this excellent vitamin.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is very important for beautiful skin.

Many creams and lotions contain this vitamin that protects the skin from the effects of free radicals.

His help in restoring the skin is significant.

It is also excellent when combined with vitamin C.

Our bodies cannot produce vitamin E, so it is important to include it in the diet.

It can be found in seeds and nuts, beets, leeks, broccoli, spinach, and avocado.

Vitamin A

Retinoids that are part of many creams are derived from vitamin A.

Vitamin A has an important role in maintaining beauty.

Retinoids are great for reducing acne and removing wrinkles from our faces.

Our bodies carry beta-carotene from orange fruits and vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, lettuce, and spinach.

Vitamin B

There are 8 vitamins in group B (B1, C2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12).

Together they are known as the B complex.

B vitamins are great for skin, hair, and nails.

Lack of them can cause dry hair and skin, as well as nail problems.

Therefore, these vitamins need to be part of our diet.

Consume chicken, spinach, eggs, kale, peas, avocados, and oranges.

Vitamin K improve the skin

This vitamin prevents blood clots and is great for our skin.

It prevents stains on the skin, stretch marks and enlarged veins.

Taking this vitamin improves the elasticity of the skin and prevents wrinkles.

The best sources of vitamin K are kale, spinach, and other green vegetables.

7 nice face food suggestions

Caring for a person comes with taking care of your health.

If our diet is correct and healthy it will affect our face.

If your face doesn’t get enough vitamins from the food you eat, then it won’t look good.

It is up to you to choose foods for beautiful and healthy facial skin, while we suggest a few examples that will serve, among other things, to maintain a slim body line.

1. Seafood for gentle and clean skin, besides the benefits to your health.

Increased level of omega 3 reduces dehydration and dryness of the skin, and cleanses the arteries around the heart, among other things.

As a result of your intake, your skin will be soft and radiant.

2. Coffee and tea, just one cup a day can reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Caffeine mainly destroys destroyed skin cells.

3. Citron for tight skin, due to the active vitamin C it contains.

As a regular ingredient in face creams, it produces collagen – the protein that forms the basic structure of the skin.

Citron, orange, cherries, lemon and grapes have the same effect.

4. Soy milk for nice skin

Soy milk is very important because it preserves collagen and reduces wrinkles, which among other things keeps the skin healthy and youthful-looking.

5. Red vegetables for soft and clean face skin.

Tomatoes and carrots are the recommended intake of beta-carotene, which the body later converts to vitamin A, for anti-oxidant action.

It prevents and helps against acne.

6. Green Vegetables for Vitamin A.

This vitamin creates new cells and gets rid of the old ones so that the peeling effect that results in youthful and radiant skin occurs from the inside.

7. Nutty fruit that keeps the skin youthful, especially almonds.

Vitamin E slows aging and protects against harmful sun rays.

You can add it to fruit salads or add it as an aperitif.

The diet is related to the appearance of the skin.

 Eat less inflammatory foods

The biggest culprits for the bad appearance of your skin are inflammatory foods.

This group contains products that we need to keep in mind when consuming.

Excessive consumption of dairy products (without yogurt) gluten and sugar is harmful.

If you have skin problems, reduce or completely remove these things from your diet.

Eat only high-quality dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has many benefits for our health.

Studies show that dark chocolate is great for cystic acne.

It depends on the face of each individual, but high-quality dark chocolate is a friend to the skin.

 Use for face food

If yogurt is not your favorite or you are sensitive to dairy products – start using it as a mask.

It has enough acids, tightens and nourishes the skin, plus strengthens the skin’s flora.

 Experiment with charcoal and sandalwood

Coal has always been great for the skin, especially if you need the detox.

For example, if you are gluten intolerant and still have gluten intake in you, take a charcoal capsule and solve a problem – it will rebalance your gut.


In today’s article, we have shared interesting facts about food and beauty.

By eating healthy foods, vitamins, and protein we take care of our health.

A healthy diet successfully nourishes our body and cells.

With a healthy and versatile diet, we will preserve our beauty.

Beauty of the face, skin and better general health.

Cosmetics largely contain vitamins that we can also get through food.

Feel free to share these tips with your friends so that we can all be beautiful, young and with great health.