7 tips for food around me, is it natural?

The food around me before it reaches our supermarkets and its processing before it is found on our table is the subject of many debates. You have probably heard that the apple is waxed, or that the dried fruits have sulfur.

Nowadays, through the media, the Internet can many of these facts are read. Of course, you do not want the apple to be a product of the chemical industry, but maybe all this information will stop you from consuming your favorite food.

In the following, we will show you what are the most common food warnings, too thinking of scientists about this topic.

So read, maybe you do not have to worry too much about the food you eat.

1. The wax used for fruits.

We are all normally conceived of the wax used for fruits and vegetables. It is done with the goal, how much more can keep the freshness of the products in the course of their transportation.

The food and medicines institution responsibly confirms that such waxing is not harmful to the products themselves.

Each fruit or vegetable has a natural layer of wax to make it protect the product softening and drying, to have more time before start drying. Fruit by the time you pick, wash to reduce residues of chemicals used in its ripening.

That washing removes part of the natural layer of wax. For this reason, a new layer of wax is applied, which is not harmful, meaning that food can be consumed, it is applied only after a few drops.

It does not have a bad effect on the body and human health. However, before eating the food needs a nice to wash it.

2. Forming bananas in an artificial way.

When you learn that gas is used for the maturation of bananas, many of us will begin to avoid this delicious fruit, they will not want to eat it.

In the real world, it does not is so harmful to eat. Fruits such as bananas, they are gathering while they are still insufficiently mature they are then transported to various locations around the world.

Once they arrive at the required location, they are placed in separate gas chambers, where they spend one day. The gas used contains 95 percent nitrogen and 5 percent ethylene. The nitrogen is a gas that is in the air, which breath every day, and ethylene is freed from the apple.

This way of ripening can be applied to our own homes. Buy green bananas, put them together with mature apples in a dark bag and close the bag. For a few days when you will open the bag, you will be surprised, the bananas will be mature with a beautiful yellow color.

3. Do you need freezing of fruits and vegetables?

Many of us think that when we freeze food, the fruits lose vitamins and minerals. Experts from the University of California have proven that this is not true.

Studies have shown that levels of vitamins C, B2, E, and A in frozen fruits are higher compared to fresh fruit. Of all types of vegetables and fruits, only tomatoes should not be frozen. should not be stored in the refrigerator, which can worsen their taste.

4. Pasteurization of milk.

People avoid buying ultra-pasteurized milk because of various opinions that this milk loses all the vitamins.

It is important to know that the milk in its composition except for vitamins, contains both proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

The composition of pasteurized and ultra-pasteurized milk is equal, except for vitamins.

5. Buckwheat.

Green buckwheat is very popular in the diet, of course, it’s for a reason. Unlike green, the brown buckwheat is heated at the processing itself, thereby losing its nutrients. However, this difference is minimal.

Since many of the vitamins and microelements cannot be destroyed during heating. Most of these ingredients remain in the product even after cooking.

6. Sulfur.

Many types of fruits and most of the dried fruits use sulfur dioxide. This substance helps a lot of fruits to successfully maintain their original color.

Although people are quite concerned about these products, there is no room for care. When the processing itself is done right.

There are no bad moments in the industry. Sulfur in the industry has been present for a long time. There is almost no risk of consumption of this kind of product, which means there is no need for us to care for our health.

7. Deep-fried foods.

We all know that deep-fried foods have negative consequences for our health. However, there is an exception to this rule.

Some studies have shown that a particular type of food is better prepared with this kind of food preparation. Foods such as potatoes, with deep-frying we have more benefits, bigger the number of antioxidants in them. Take care only for the best preparation with extra olive oil.