Fitness for Women over 40 to stay Healthy

Fitness for women over 40 is very important for maintaining their figure as well as for their health. At that time of life, with age, you certainly have more life experience, which is certainly invaluable.

Many popular show business celebrities practice every day to keep their bodies in top shape. Every woman wants to keep her body in an ideal weight and a slimline.

In the middle years, the first signs of wrinkles begin to appear, the skin loses its elasticity and slowly slows down metabolism.

You start to exercise less and spend more time watching television.

In such a situation, expect pounds to accumulate quickly.
How to keep our bodies in perfect shape?


Fitness is the right formula to get more energy and stay in good shape. Women in middle age need to exercise, but the moderate and lighter type of exercise.

You can also exercise in the gym, but of course under the guidance of an instructor who will guide you. What exercises and with what intensity and weight to use in the beginning.

When exercising fitness, both individual and group training are equally effective. The most important is proper exercise and intensity to get good results.


A very interesting exercise technique, which gives preference to exercises for better elasticity.

The main purpose of this type of training is to develop flexibility of the joints and ligaments, as well as strengthening the spine.

To feel the tension and movement of each muscle from a particular exercise.

Regular Pilates training allows better posture, strengthens muscular composition, and increases tone.


Stretching and flexibility have a positive effect on the body, we can freely say that they are crucial to the health of the body.Fitness for women over 40

All those who want to preserve the body’s youth should engage in stretching exercises. This allows stretching. all the muscles of the body, that is, all the muscle groups.

The training itself helps improve metabolism, better supply all cells in the body with oxygen.

It improves blood circulation and improves the work of all organs in our body. Exercise once or twice a week for 30 to 40 minutes, reduce muscle mass, and form a great figure.

Stretching the body can be done in the morning or during the day with aerobic exercise.


A very popular way of exercising. With yoga, the body gains elasticity gives the joints better mobility, and prevents weight gain, ie, the kilos.Fitness for women over 40

The secret of practicing yoga is precisely in making slow body movements and in the right way.


Cycling is not just a sport, it helps to lose weight and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Not to mention that it also improves your emotional state.

While riding a bike you can also talk and admire the beautiful nature.

At the outset, it is best to start cycling on smaller routes, and as you get more fitness, increase the ride and driving time.

Dance aerobics

This type of exercise is very fun because it is performed by dancing.

The emphasis in this kind of exercise is that the dancing choruses are performed without pause. The results will be visible in a very short time.

You gonna get better blood vessels, better blood circulation throughout the body, and fat burning.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking is a modern and recent sport that has gained popularity around the world in a short time.

Scientific research has been done on the impact of this sport on human health.

The cardiovascular system gets better and overall health. Special walking sticks are used to walk, believe or not even 90 percent of the muscles are activated in our body.

This type of exercise is great because it does not require too much strength and the results are great.


This exercise is mainly in static exercises, more precisely 29 exercises. It enables the development of all muscle groups in the body.

If you exercise regularly you will lose fat and improve body shape and appearance.

It is a good warm-up of the body before the workout, as all muscle groups are included during the workout.


In today’s article, we focus on women’s exercise after 40 years of age. Exercise is a key factor in maintaining and rejuvenating the body for a longer period of time.

With training, we get much better health and healthier organs. There are many types of training yoga, pilates, fitness, and many more.

The more you practice you will have benefits for yourself and your health. The more you exercise, the healthier you will be, so do not wait to start right away.