What is Fermented Food Good And Bad Benefits

It is common knowledge that fermented food benefits products have positive health effects on humans, but there are also some products that are not recommended for human consumption.

Fermentation is a process that extends the shelf life of the food we consume. It also improves its nutritional properties.

You may or may not know that food fermentation has been done since ancient times, meaning a long time ago.

Fermented ingredients are a great source of probiotics, or as they are called “good bacteria”.

Benefits of fermented foods

Fruits, vegetables, and other foods are susceptible to the fermentation process, which prolongs the food life.

Most fermentation is done on foods such as cabbage, pickles, wine, teas, yogurt, sour milk, and apple cider vinegar, with a number of health benefits.

This food is especially important in the diet of those people who live by the principles of paleo-nutrition.

This means highlighting the scientific and medical benefits of this type of food treatment.

Paleo-nutrition shows that we consumed honey, fruits, vegetables, and juices that were subjected to natural fermentation.

By consuming fermented foods can improve the mental state of our body, analgesic and sedative properties, and many other positive functions.

For comparison, the use of the classical diet adversely affects health.

When some men truing a bad diet especially when combined with a sedentary lifestyle and lack of sleep, develop depression, diabetes, and other health disorders.Fermented Food benefits

Such foods have a positive effect on reducing stress and anxiety and help improve overall human health.

As is well known, nutrition is one of the most important factors for health, both physically and mentally.

Fermented foods have low sugar content, which improves cognitive function.

Also and reduces the chances of diabetes in the long run, which is very important for our health.

It also affects the state of the intestines and their microflora, which is crucial for the maturation of the immune system.

Scientists say that fermented foods have positive effects on slowing the onset of neurological disorders.

Fermented food properties and benefits for people

  1. Fermented foods are rich in essential enzymes that help in the process of food decomposition
  2. Provides strong immunity and good digestion
  3. Helps detoxify our body
  4. establishes proper regulation of digestive tract work, with healthy and proper digestion
  5. helps in proper utilization of nutrients from food
  6. Successfully helps fight allergies, intolerance to certain foods
  7. prevents the emergence of harmful fungi in the body, helps fight fungal diseases such as candidiasis, fungal skin diseases, and the like
  8. These foods help to regulate weight and reduce various harmful fats in the blood, which means helping when we are on a diet.
  9. Help keep the skin of the body healthy and clean

such food reduces the need to ingest larger quantities of sweets and foods that have a high carbohydrate content

Negative consequences of consuming fermented foods

For example, yogurt is a great product, but as we have said, it does not mean that it is ideal for all of us.

Generally speaking, healthy people can fully benefit from health benefits, while others may experience discomfort such as:

Headaches and migraines

This is because fermented foods, in addition to probiotics, vitamins, and minerals, can also contain histamine and tyramine.

Which cause various sensitive situations, such as migraines and headaches.Fermented Food benefits


They do occur less frequently, but excessive intake of probiotics can cause infection in the body, especially in those with completely impaired immunity.

Histamine intolerance

There are many people who do not have enough enzymes in the digestive system to break down histamine.

Which can cause itching, redness, rash, chronic fatigue, migraines, and the like.


The probiotic fermented products have the function to regulate digestion. This process also affects the production of gases. These can cause discomfort.

Antibiotic resistance

The probiotic bacteria themselves can carry genes that affect resistance to antibiotics.

Most of this resistance occurs in groups of antibiotics erythromycin and tetracyclines, which are commonly used when treating respiratory infections and possibly some infections.


In today’s article, we have covered many interesting facts about fermented foods.

We have come to know its positive and negative properties. It can greatly help improve digestion and maintain good health in our bodies.

Although in some situations as mentioned above it may have some negative properties.

In general, fermented foods are good and should be used in our daily diet to have a healthier body and better immunity to our body.