Fast Food Near me vs Natural Healthy Products

Whether eating fast food is harmful to our health, what happens if we eat only fast food. What happens to our organism if we consume fast food for 3 days.

Carbohydrate intake remains the same except that it will alter our muscles’ ability to oxidize glucose.

It is a very important condition because the muscles are those who need to lower glucose after a meal.

Usually, they either break it down or store it to use it later. Our muscles are 30 percent of our weight, with incorrect function and glucose treatment can easily occur and diabetes.

When the diet is normal and healthy, then the muscles use glucose as a source of energy by oxidizing it.

Even just one bad meal can affect our health. When we eat a bad one a meal rich in bad fat and sugar, sugars cause an increase in its amount in the blood called hyperglycemia.

If this happens, it can often have consequences such as a heart attack risk. Short-term negatives such as narrowing your blood vessels,

harmful free radicals are created, blood pressure can increase and other consequences.

An important and very important thing is eating a healthy meal immediately regulates this poor state of the body.

Research is done when we consume processed pasta, which shows that it takes hours for this type of food to begin to break down in the body.

The more the food is kept in our digestive system, the more time it needs to be processed to get the nutrients from it.

When we eat foods that are with made from refined carbohydrates of  waffles, spices or foods that are then decomposed into sugar in our body,

increases insulin and leptin, which contribute to the emergence of chronic diseases and weight gain.

When we eat fast food, we feed the microflora, ie, we are changing its condition in good or bad.

It is best to eat unprocessed and naturally fermented foods, which will contribute to the health of the whole organism.

What is worse fast food or cigarette smoking?

According to some research, fast food is dependent like we are on cigarettes.

The chips are the most dependent fast food, due to the fact that it contains the three ingredients

that give a good feeling to our brain and force us to consume chips again, such as salt, bad fats and sugar from potatoes.

is the main ingredient that causes addiction.

Food rich in sugar causes signals of reward in our brain that overcome the normal mechanism of self-control and we become addicted.

When we change the fast food with natural and unrefined home-grown food is the ideal solution.

By doing so we will reduce the intake of refined sugar, artificial colors, and other harmful chemicals, we will manage to reduce our dependence on fast foods.

All of this will help our body less depend on sugars, and more fat, of course, we should eat healthy fats.

Then we will not need sugar to have energy. There are several important moments if we want to lose the need for fast food.

We need to avoid refined sugar and processed foods, to eat more healthy foods, to eat healthy high-quality fats.

When we put 50 to 80 percent healthy fats in the body, we will have a healthy meal in the daily diet.

To eject fast food, we need to plan meals.

It’s best to plan the menu one week in advance. In this way, we will have all the products we need, we have to plan on which day what a healthy meal we will consume.

The last thing to watch out for fat is because they contain a lot of calories.

For example, a spoon of coconut oil contains believed or not 130 calories of healthy fats.

In the daily diet, we should have large amounts of quality organic vegetables best produced at home.

Small quantities of high-quality proteins.

We hope with this text we learned more about fast food and its impact on our health