great facial mask for acne

Acne is a challenge not only for teenagers, but adults have problems with them. In the course of our lives, we all had that problem, and we all know that there is no remedy that in a magical way will cleanse the skin of the face forever.

We have a great facial mask for acne, the best possible effect should combine different treatments.

The facial mask should certainly be part of the skincare that has acne. The biggest problem with them is that success is individual, with everyone having different results.

 For these reasons, it should be experimenting with facial care masks the following text will show you a few home facial masks for skin that is prone to acne.

The mask that we write you is completely natural, cleanses the skin, maintains the firmness of the skin, and acts positively on the redness of the skin. should be tried, it is best to use it twice a week for a better effect.

Honey and apple.

Some of us may want to cut the apple, coat it with honey, and eat it. Try to resist this temptation and do a facial mask, so that your skin can use the beauty of honey and the apple.

Take 1 grated apple and 2 small tablespoons of honey. Mix them together until they fit nicely. Put on the face and leave the mask for 20 minutes to act. This type of mask does not dry, do not wait for it, after 20minutes wash the face with warm water for a few minutes.

 The great facial mask for acne with the oatmeal with basil.

The oat together with the basil is well known in the fight against acne, helps to soothe the skin, and its beautiful and thorough cleaning.

Although it can be used separately, oat flakes mixed with water like a face mask, and the basil as a lotion, still together are the most useful for cleansing the skin from acne.

 Ingredients: 2 to 3 small tablespoons basil, oat flakes, and water.

 Place 2 to 3 teaspoons of dry basil in a glass of boiling water, and wait for the mixture to cool to room temperature. a few teaspoons of oat flakes and brush them with a blender.

When the basil with water is cooled, gradually put it in the mixture with oat flakes, and stir until you get the required density.

When the mixture does not flow, then it is sufficient density. face mask and wait 20 minutes. Then wash your face with circular movements.

 Lemon and egg whites.

The egg whites from the egg help to reduce the facial flushing, and reduce the irritation, which will ultimately result in tighter and smoother skin.

 Condition for this type of mask 1 egg and a few drops of lemon.

 First, you need to separate the egg whites and egg yolk. The egg whites are blended with a mixer until the foam is created.

For those who have oily skin, you should put a few drops of lemon, and for those with dry skin you can and without lemon. Apply the mixture of the facial mask, it should take 15 minutes to pass then wash the face with warm water.

 Yogurt and honey.

By combining these two products, a mixture of moisturizing the skin, reducing the redness, cleansing the fats from the skin is obtained.

Another very good reason to use this mask is that it does not dry the skin, and can be used for all skin types.

 ingredients 1 small spoon of honey and 1 small spoon yogurt.

 Place the honey in a bowl and warm it a little to melt, then place the yogurt and mix it well.

Put on face mixture, place more on those places where you have more acne Wait for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash the face with warm water.


Salt has the ability to clean the skin in a natural way. Besides this, it dries the acne on the face.

Also, swimming in salt seawater is great for cleaning the skin from acne, because we are not at sea all year round, we need to use the salt at home.

For this mask, we need 5 small teaspoons of salt and of course water. In the salt gradually add water too with a spoon. Mix gradually and slowly until you get a homogeneous mixture,  wait 10 minutes, then apply it on the face.

After 20 minutes, wash your face with warm water. We presented 5 types of face masks, you will find out which ones are best suited to your skin, we hope you will have success in removing acne.