Face health – Wipes or Milk and Lotions?

We all want to have a beautiful and cared-for face. Face Wipes or Milk and Lotions? The face is the first thing that people around us notice, the first impression comes from our face. That’s why many of us pay close attention to its care and maintenance.

Face care is a lifelong process. , the results come gradually but last long if properly cares and nourished.

Our face also has its natural beauty which is enhanced by a healthy and proper diet.

Apart from the use of various types of treatments and facial creams, a very important factor is cleaning.

Cleansing the face is one of the most important factors in maintaining the beauty and youth of our face.

If we do this regularly, our faces will be grateful and return with beauty and youth.

The face should be cleaned twice daily, in the morning and of course before bedtime.

Why is cleaning twice a day important?

Cleansing the face in the morning is due to the fact that toxins are produced on the surface of the skin during night sleep.

On the other hand, with morning cleansing, we prepare the skin for daily moisturizing cream.

the impurities that have accumulated on our faces during the day.

Which cosmetics should we choose to cleanse our face?

First and foremost when choosing the right product that suits our skin. Any product we choose should suit our skin.

Products that dry out or irritate the skin should be avoided.

Which cosmetics are most suitable for us.

Specifically when a cosmetic product suits our skin and face, then we immediately feel refreshed, our skin will become soft and gentle.

The best facial cleanser products are those that cleanse the face without the use of force and rubbing the skin.

In situations where we use strong makeup, we usually have to use milk and lotions.

the other lotion the rest of the facial skin.

Observe the shelf life.

Care should be taken with the expiry date. No exception should be observed and cosmetics with expired shelf life should never be used.

Much attention should be paid to the product labels themselves, especially to their composition.

Do not use the product if it contains ingredients that you are allergic to.

Also if we find that after a few days of using a cosmetic product, we do not notice any change, the skin does not respond then changes it freely.

Most likely this product is not for our skin and therefore there is no need to continue using it, as it may create additional skin irritations.

How is the best and most proper cleansing of the face?

Always the first thing to remove from the face is make-up. For this purpose, it is best to use cotton pads to avoid rubbing the skin.

When cleaning with cotton pads, care should be taken whether cleaning the face with lotion or cleansing milk not to get inside the eyes.

Once we are sure there is no makeup left on our eyelids and eyelashes,

we should proceed with systematic cleansing of the rest of the face, gently and without irritating the skin.

Without pressing gently the cleansing starts from the part around the chin or lower part of the face.

Then continues to the cheeks, and finally, the cleansing ends at the upper part of our face or more precisely the forehead.

the moment when we see that the cleaning pads no longer have make-up or other accessories, that is, when the cotton pad is completely clean.

Our face is important to be clean, but also for the skin itself to breathe freely after the make-up.

Because the skin needs to be refreshed naturally.

Finally, after cleaning with cotton pads, the face should be thoroughly rinsed with water, removing any parts of makeup that may have remained on the face. After all, moisturizing cream can be applied to your face, depending on your type. leather.