6 Exercises with Which you will Have the Body of your Dreams

Exercise is the key to the perfect dream body. Exercise speeds up your metabolism and will help you a lot if you are trying to lose weight.

However, some exercises have a better effect and some a worse effect. Not all exercises have the same effect on weight loss.

The most important thing is to first set a goal that you want to achieve and to properly choose exercises that will make you sweat and speed up your heart rate.

6 Exercises for the perfect dream body

Of course, in addition to exercise, other factors such as diet play a big role, but in today’s article, we will focus on the best exercises for a perfect body.

1. Jump rope

Jumping rope is a great workout that will allow you to burn calories and speed up your heart rate at the same time.

In addition, jumping rope also has a positive effect on the muscles of the whole body.

This is a very fun activity that you can do every day and it is extremely useful for the body.

Do this exercise for about 3-5 minutes a day if you are a beginner.

Gradually increase the intensity and time of this exercise over time for even better results.

2. Plank for a great figure

This exercise is often used, and I use it from time to time. Although it looks very easy, it is not easy to do it for more than 30 seconds.

Over time, you extend the duration of the exercise by 5-10 seconds.

It is great for the whole body because that way you will burn a lot of calories.

This static exercise activates all the muscles in the body.

As I noticed, when doing the exercise itself, the most important thing is to perform it correctly, so the results will be guaranteed.

3. Jump and kneel

With this exercise you will burn a lot of calories – in fact, the more you jump, the more calories you burn.

The procedure is quite simple: stand with your legs spread hip-width apart or slightly wider, look straight ahead, bend your hips and knees and kneel at an angle of about 45 degrees.

Then swing your arms and jump as high as possible.

4. Burp

This exercise activates the whole body and is a little more physically challenging.

Because this exercise consists of several consecutive movements without a break.

These movements are: kneeling, pushing, pushing back, and jumping.

5. High knees (high jump)

High jump is a cardio exercise that will strengthen your muscles and joints.

With this exercise you do. Excellent warming of the muscles of the body for further training.

6. Push-ups

Push-ups are probably one of the most popular exercises, but they are extremely effective because they help build muscle mass.

In the beginning, when you start trying to do push-ups at a slow pace, there is no need to rush.

When doing push-ups, the most important thing is to do them correctly.

Every day you will manage to get used to the push-ups more and it will be easier for you to exercise.

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For the end

These 6 exercises will help you get the desired figure of your dreams.

My personal experience is very positive, I have been doing some of these exercises for 20 years (push-ups and planks) and I can say that I have never had weight problems.

Exercise helps me maintain a constant weight and a great figure.

Although sometimes it gets boring you get used to it, and it becomes a habit that you will use and believe you will enjoy the exercise.

I do not have any problems with blood pressure, fat or more precisely I have not seen a doctor since I exercise.

Although I only exercise 2-3 times a week and keep fit.

Most likely, the metabolism does its job and helps maintain the figure.

You can imagine what it means if you do all 6 exercises regularly, you are guaranteed to get the figure of your dreams.