Eating Nuts Fruit for a Healthy Heart

Heart disease is more commonly mentioned for men, although they are the main cause of death in women over the age of 40. Therefore, a healthy heart, the recommendations should be followed by experts to reduce the chances of getting heart disease.

Nuts fruits are the best choice for a healthy heart. They lower the bad cholesterol in the blood.

Eating nuts in everyday nutrition are good for your heart. Nuts fruits are not very expensive, easy to store, great for snacks.

Easy to carry, you can carry them to work, at school, in the composition containing unsaturated fatty acids. How are nuts to help your heart?

A number of scientific research has been done to include people who have been fed or a nourishing healthy nutrition diet.

The results show that they have reduced the level of fat bad cholesterol in the blood. A large amount of LDL is a basic factor for the occurrence of heart disease.

That is why nuts help in the health of our hearts. Eating these fruits helps fight blood clotting, which is good for eating,

Eating these fruits helps fight blood clotting, which is good for eating, reducing the possibility of a heart attack.

All these studies are not supported by evidence, as the results indicate this but do not fully confirm it.

Composition of nuts

The composition depends on the type, but most often contains the following substances.

Unsaturated fats.

Experts think that these fats are the main ingredient against the appearance of bad cholesterol in our bodies.

A quantity of 3 fatty acids.

Nuts fruits are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which are most commonly found in fish, and from vegetable foods in nuts. This substance helps maintain the health of the arteries helps to preserve flexibility and thus reduces the possibilities for blood clotting.


All nuts contain in their composition fiber, which can very successfully reduce their cholesterol in the blood.

They are very useful for those who are on the diet because they satiate the body, and for a long time do not feel hunger. They are thought to help protect against the onset of diabetes.

Vitamin E.

Research shows, although not yet certain that vitamin E helps prevent the occurrence of sludge in the arteries of our body. It means that the possibility of heart attack and coronary arterial disease is reduced.

Any amount of nuts should be consumed? The nuts fruits in their composition contain a lot of fat.

They believed or not these fruits contain as much as 80 percent fat. Because of fat, nuts are a high-calorie food. No matter what their fats are in the group of healthy fats, you should be careful not to eat too much.

Using nuts fruit in the sports activity.

Athletes use because they do not have too much space, can be worn in bags, in clothes, do not spoil whatever weather conditions, they are ideal for replacing a meal.

For example, climbers who avoid they carry more weight because they will consider them in mountaineering.

Moderate nibbling.

In order to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, it is recommended that the daily amount be 42.5 grams of these fruits. The group of nuts includes nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, Indian walnut.


It is ok to eat nuts fruit for better health of our heart, but this is all in vain if the daily diet to reduce the intake of foods containing saturated fats.