Natural eat Healthy for Good Health

Salt and sugar are the two most common products we eat in the daily diet. These are the basic products we use in various types of savory and mild dishes. Without them, the food will not have the taste we desire, but it must not be exaggerated.

When we exaggerate they become harmful to our organism, so we have to be careful how much we eat in daily diets.

We need to know the harmful consequences of their excessive consumption in our health and which of these two products is more harmful to us.

So that our brain can properly function and for energy needs sugar.

The muscles still need salt for contractions, which means we need salt and sugar.

Doctors warn that excessive intake can cause consequences for our health.

The problem is that it is more dangerous than sugar or salt?


The sugar that is in the fruit is natural sugar, and it is not hazardous to health, the biggest problem is refined sugar.

Natural fruit juices and milk have natural sugars and calories, but they also contain minerals, vitamins, proteins, and polyphenols.

The carbonated juices in the composition have calories and sugar but do not have nutritional properties.

It is also true for more snacks that do not have vitamins, minerals, and proteins; therefore, when eating excessively, fat and nutritional deficiency can occur.

All types of sugar, regardless of whether it is brown sugar, fructose syrups cause the same effects on our body.

They increase the blood sugar level and increase insulin production itself in the body. The insulin extracts blood from sugar and cells to use it as energy For our body.

When we add more sugar to our body, the production of insulin leads to insulin resistance, forcing the body to produce insulin, which is then deposited as fat.

Over time, excess weight is created because of excess sugar, it can lead to type 2 diabetes.

All this can cause glaucoma, which in turn causes the failure of kidney and heart attack.

Consuming large amounts of sugars can cause a change in the metabolism itself, causing inflammation and various other diseases.


With the salt, we regulate the fluids in the body and transmit electrical impulses between the cells themselves.

When we ingest salt in normal moderate amounts, our organism, easily it will irritate the salt, but when these quantities begin to enter more than the permissible problems are created, which can result in long-term health problems for our health.

The optimal predicted quantity of salt per day is 5 grams.

While in practice it is introduced much more salt. It is assumed that salt intake affects the maintenance of fluid in the body and increases in blood pressure.

High blood pressure can further cause infarction, eye or kidney problems. When it comes to a healthy person, salt intake is fine.

Most problems occur in people over the age of 50 or in those with high blood pressure. Another problem with salt is that we enter it through processed foods.

They also contain calories and fats, and fewer nutrients. Unlike home-made foods, the result will eventually be overweight and high blood pressure.

What is worse salt or sugar?

If they are administered moderately, there are no consequences from either, but if used too much, then sugar is more dangerous to human health.

One bit and the work is that salt is important for the functioning of the body more than the sugar.

To avoid consuming salt and sugar, we need to put as much as possible sources of carbohydrates such as cereals,

dairy products, and fruits, and we can fewer products with refined sugar.

Finally, we will show you the good side of these products. Positive moments are relief from insomnia and headaches, better immunity, higher levels of energy in the body.

The sugar represents the power supply for the cells because glucose feeds the cells. While sodium salt helps to produce energy and the proper function of the cells.

Together these two spices are excellent stress relief. The combined combination helps if you stay up late at night, and you can not fall asleep.

Make the following combination. Mix 5 tablespoons sugar with one tablespoon of salt, and place them in one jar.

Before going to bed, take a little with a finger of this mixture and put under the tongue, let it melt itself.

The best effect is to use brown sugar and sea salt.

In today’s text familiar me with some characteristics of salt and sugar, very important spices that we all use in our diet, as well as for all other things in life, the most important thing is to eat moderate and versatile food, in that way we will have the best use of nutrients ingredients that it offers us, without consequences for our health.