What Will Happen if You Eat 2 Bananas a Day

What will happen if you eat 2 bananas a day? If eating two bananas a day becomes a routine, your body will be forever grateful.

Bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals and offer numerous benefits to our health. Nutritionists claim that if you eat two bananas a day for only a month, you will do a great service to your body and health.

Believe it or not, bananas have many health benefits that can improve your life. Your daily diet should include some fruits, and if you can already choose, our advice is two bananas a day.

This sweet top fruit tastes great, is not very expensive, and can provide you with a lot in small quantities. One study found that two bananas can provide you with enough energy for up to 90 minutes of strenuous exercise. That is why bananas are a favorite fruit of many athletes.

Tennis players, for example, if you notice during the break during the match often eat bananas, it is not accidental.

Also, research has shown that just two bananas are enough to significantly improve your body and make you feel better and healthier.

Did you know that compared to an apple, a banana contains three times more phosphorus, twice as many carbohydrates, five times more vitamin A and iron?

Bananas have four times as much protein, twice as many other vitamins and minerals.

Nutrition Value on 100 grams bananas is :

Calories 89
Dietary Fiber 2.6g
Total Fat 0.3g
Vitamin C8.7mg
Potassium 358mg

10 Benefits will happen if you eat 2 bananas a day

Blood pressure and a healthy heart with two bananas a day

For all those who have problems with blood pressure, the solution is two bananas a day.

They contain very little sodium but are full of potassium, which is great for regulating blood pressure and heart health.

Bananas are great for lowering blood pressure because one banana contains about 420 mg of potassium. Scientists claim that daily consumption of bananas can reduce the risk of heart attack by as much as 40%.

Banana is good for weight loss

Eating two bananas every day will not cause you problems with your weight. Bananas reduce appetite and reduce body weight.

Therefore, if you use any diet, it is very important to include two bananas in your diet on a daily basis.

In that sense, the “Morning Banana” diet will be very useful for maintaining weight.

Two bananas a day for healthy skin and hair

There is nothing better if you manage to take care of your skin and hair in a natural way.

Bananas, both externally through hair masks or face masks, and internally by consuming, help our beauty.

Start eating two bananas every day, and you will notice that this will be reflected and the gum will grow on your skin, and the woman will get a lot of sweat and sweat.

If you have problems with the skin and some of the skin, bananas will help in the healing of this problem due to the magnesium that it contains.

The risk of anemia is reduced if you eat two bananas a day

Anemia can lead to fatigue and shortness of breath. Bananas contain a high percentage of iron, which increases the level of hemoglobin in your body.

In such a situation, with the help of bananas, oxygen is better distributed throughout the body.

A cure for the acids in our body

Bananas are a good source of antacids, which are credited with treating nasty acids.What will happen if you eat 2 bananas a day

In addition, if your body is deficient in iron, bananas are here to help.

Banana substances stimulate red blood cells and hemoglobin production, so they significantly help anemic individuals.

Better memory and concentration with two bananas a day

Students who eat bananas for breakfast, snacks, and after lunch have significantly higher levels of concentration, scientists claim.

This is because the potassium in bananas stimulates the brain, facilitates learning and memory.

Digestion is improved by consuming bananas

This fruit is an excellent source of fiber, which is why it regulates all intestinal problems.

You have probably heard countless times when someone tells you “eat a banana if your stomach hurts”. This is true because bananas really do improve digestion.

If you have digestive problems, you should regularly consume two bananas a day. If you eat a banana before eating, there will be no bloating after the meal.

Although it is often claimed that bananas cause constipation – this is not true. On the contrary, bananas regulate digestion.

Two bananas a day and you will not have stress

Research has shown that bananas have a positive effect on our mood. The merit of this of course is the fact that they contain tryptophan.

Tryptophan is important for the body because the body uses it to make serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

It is found in large quantities in bananas, which is why you eat them whenever you feel ill or depressed. In addition, serotonin has a calming effect, we are calmer and sleep better.

Your body will have more energy

Two bananas a day for more energy and strength. Magnesium is needed for muscle development, which is very present in this fruit.

The potassium in bananas protects your muscles from cramps and gives them strength, so you will have more strength and energy due to bananas. Every athlete regularly carries at least one banana in their bag.

Bananas are a fantastic food for pregnant women

Pregnant women should be very careful about their diet. Bananas are a great choice for them because they alleviate the discomfort they go through during pregnancy.

They raise blood sugar levels, and successfully reduce morning sickness.What will happen if you eat 2 bananas a day

What bananas to eat?

Lastly, be careful whenever you buy, choose ripe bananas. A fully ripe banana contains an ingredient known as tumor necrosis factor that fights all cells that behave unusually.

As the banana ripens, it develops dark spots on itself. The more points there are, the richer it is with these powerful ingredients that enhance immunity.

At this stage of maturity, bananas are also best for the digestive system because their sugar is then most easily absorbed.

The life of the victims with anti-cancer action responds to their level of fruitfulness. The bigger the banana, the more anti-cancer traits it has.

If you look at apples, watermelons, pineapples, and pears, bananas contain the most anti-cancer methods.

On the other hand, unlike ripe, unripe bananas are difficult to digest because their starch has not yet turned into sugar.


In today’s article, we see what will happen if you eat 2 bananas a day for your health. Two bananas a day is enough to improve our health. Bananas contain large amounts of phosphorus, carbohydrates, vitamin A, iron, protein, and minerals.

If you consume them regularly, you will surely have numerous benefits that will pleasantly surprise you.

By eating two bananas a day you will have less stress, better digestion, more energy, will look better, and more.

Bananas are great for pregnant women, for people with high blood pressure, and even have anti-cancer properties.

Well, what do you think, maybe is the time for everyone to start eating two bananas a day, for maximum uses of their power and benefits for our health.