do You want the Smell of your Perfume last longer?

How long will the smell last from perfume? perfume last longer is our wish. It’s not easy to decide which one will be your perfume, after which everyone will recognize you.

When you finally decide which perfume suits you the most, the question arises why the perfume does not last you long.

Like many other things in life we want our perfume last longer and the use of them.

There are rules for use and if you stick to them, the smell of the perfume will last much longer.

Use the lotion with the same smell as the perfume.

In general, the skin does not retain a long time perfume. Therefore, we should put on a good foundation. It is recommended to use a lotion with the same smell as the perfume.

It is easy to find perfume and lotion with the same smell.

First, apply the lotion and then the smell. If you try to put a lotion with another smell, you will not catch it the expected result.

In a situation, however, if you do not have a lotion, the best replacement for it is Vaseline.

Just as the lotion put a little Vaseline, then put the perfume on, the result will delight you, you will increase the duration of the smell.

Share on the pulse points.

Coco Chanel used to put perfume on the body, in those places where you want to be kissed.

Although this sentence is interesting, however, beware of where you put it from the fragrance, because it has an unpleasant taste.

Apply it to the pulse points, the wrists immediately above the palms, on the inside of the elbows, in the base of the throat.

When placed on the legs then behind the knees, and the inside of the ankles are the best spots for applying the fragrance.

At all impulse points, blood vessels are closest to the surface of the skin. They transmit heat that helps the smell of fragrance lighter but pass from your skin into the air.

The perfume applied to the pulse point because the heat evaporates faster.

Do not rub the wrists.

Most of us when they apply the fragrance to the wrists, rub it with their hands.

This is very wrong with friction creates heat on the skin and then the fragrance evaporates faster.

Friction quickly releases the upper surface notes of the fragrance, and thus changes its original odor

Apply to the small hairs on the back of the neck.

Place a perfume on the neck, later on, the small hairs, they will retain the smell, and the fragrance will last much longer, and as you move, gradually you will free the smell.

Make a perfume on the brush for hair.

The fragrance is harmful to the hair because it dries the hair, but many women ignore it, sprinkling the perfume straight into the hair.

It’s not that bad idea, because it will last you longer than usual. If it’s best to do it indirectly, sprinkling the hairbrush.

Do not use fragrance on dirty hair.

Often there are cases keep in a situation when you are in a hurry, do not have time to wash your hair, apply fragrance so that it will cover the scent of dirty hair.

The smell of natural oils from the hair scalp mix with the perfume is mistaken at this point, and it gets an unpleasant smell.

fragrance clouds.

Men and women spray several times creating a cloud of perfume in the air, and pass through it in order to apply it evenly on them is a very effective way of evenly applying the entire body, but and very expensive. The plan that in this way you will spend the perfume in a very short time.

Put perfume before you get dressed.

Do not wait to get dressed and then put fragrance in, as it can easily happen. It happened that he left a stain on your favorite clothes and to spoil your evening before going out.

You can also do this with jewelry. Chemicals from the perfume can damage, scratch and change the color of the jewelry

.How to keep the fragrance.

fragrance should be properly maintained in order not to lose its quality and avoid storing sunlight or heat.

Never store it close to a window, it is best to keep it in a dry, dark and cool place. Keep it in the original box, close the cap nicely, not to accidentally evaporate.

Women make a collection of fragrance, just to keep in mind their durability is 3 to 5 years. If you do not use the best time, you can change the smell or color.

Do not overdo the application of fragrance in excessive amounts. The perfume lasts 4 to 8 hours, depending on the concentration of fragrant essential oils.