6 Things you can Discover about a Woman just by her Makeup

discover woman by makeup

Makeup is an integral part of beautifying women. Women start with make-up at an early age, even as girls it is an integral part of their childhood play.

Of course, when they grow up, they start putting on make-up in order to look more beautiful and modern.

In addition to making girls look much more beautiful, makeup can also reveal some things about her and her personality!

Strange as it may sound, make-up girls leave a different impression than non-make-up girls.

Often, others see them as more than just make-up.

If you want to find out what impression you leave or what the make-up reveals about the woman’s character, read below.

6 Things to discover about women according to their makeup

1. With make-up you manifest better intellectual abilities

According to some Harvard research, it has been proven that women who wear make-up show more intellectual abilities than others.

Scientists have explained this by the fact that women who wear make-up usually have the following characteristics:

  • They feel much more confident
  • They rely more on their own abilities
  • Make decisions faster and more efficiently

2. Impression of others

It is very interesting that women with make-up leave a much better impression than when they are without make-up.

Women with make-up are considered more competent than those without make-up.

According to recent research, it is believed that the more skillfully a woman applies makeup and the more attractive her face is, the faster the environment will see something special in her.

3. Women who wear make-up also have a role to play in the team

Women with makeup do not always have advantages.

For example, when it comes to leadership skills, women with make-up have a lower chance of successfully leading a team, and here’s why.

The reason is that others do not see her as a potential leader and her demands will not be heard and met.

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4. Youth and make-up

Some girls just never want to grow up.

These girls show their “protest” through make-up.

The presence of pink blush and strong make-up on the eyes indicates a girl who still wants to be a child.

Such girls are perceived as younger than they are and are prone to youthfulness.

5. Makeup increases the self-confidence of the fairer sex

Women who want to seduce and be the center of attention are those with strong lipstick colors.

Of all the lipsticks, red is the most prominent, because they have special self-confidence and are more communicative.

According to scientists, the strong color of lipstick is more attractive and attracts more attention.

Depending on the color of the lipstick, look at how long women hold men's eyes:
  • Women with red lipstick are in focus for another 7.3 seconds
  • girl with pink lipstick are in the focus of someone else’s gaze for 6.7 seconds
  • Women without lipstick see them for only 2.2 seconds

6. Anxiety is often masked by makeup

It is typical for women who are going through a stressful period to camouflage themselves.

The best way to hide flaws is of course applying makeup.

If a woman is made up just to cover her real face, it indicates increased anxiety.

This is most common especially among women who do not go out without makeup.


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