New Diet list, All Facts, and Misconceptions

Do we know all the facts and misconceptions about the diet and all its benefits and bad moments? Whether juicing is really healthy, whether carbohydrates fatten and increase weight, does gluten really need to be ejected from the diet?

Nowadays, modern technology and the Internet every day we get constantly new and new information at high speed,

we no longer know what is true and what is not true, here is what experts say about diets.

1. Are dried fruits and vegetables excellent for our diet?

Doctor Beng of Singapore says fruit juice, whether sugar or sugar is added to it, is water with fruit-free fruit sugar.

When we prepare fruit juice in a home with a blender, we will not completely save the fiber that we need to be It

welcomes foods faster and produces more sugar in the blood of fruits.

For better control of body weight, it is best to consume foods that are rich in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables.

Do we need to avoid carbohydrates?

These Peacekeepers are really a true source of energy. The difference between them is unique in the choice of what kind of products we enter into our body.

For example, some carbohydrates are rich in fiber, which helps us not to feel hunger for a long time.

For example, if we eat whole grain pasta, we will feel for a long time, unlike those with white flour.

The detox diet will cleanse our bodies.

The facts suggest that this type of diet concentrates on eating only fruits and vegetables,

and to eat other types of groceries, but in limited quantities, or rather,

the inclusion of as few calories as possible.

It is also possible to avoid certain types of foods, such as dairy products.

Detox diets are based on the concept that poisonous substances are deposited in our organism

and can only be removed by introducing or avoiding, on the other hand, certain types of nutrients.

This thesis does not agree with the British Association of nutritionists.

The nutritionists from this association led that our organism constantly and every day decomposes,

filters and emits both harmful and poisonous substances, which include medicines, alcohol, various substances from digestion, etc.

And not only that the body removes dead cells and various chemical substances which are caused by the bacteria and pollutants say the nutritionists from this association.

As a matter of fact, the detoxification of our organism is done constantly, not only when we are in a special diet.

Certainly when we feel that we do need only fruits and vegetables can eat, just do not need to exaggerate this kind of consumption.

Gluten is a protein found in grains of wheat, barley and in some cereals.

From the American National Institute for the Fight against Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney diseases say the following:

if we do not have health problems with gluten, it should not be avoided.

By avoiding it, it may happen that we do not get enough fiber,

vitamins and minerals that we need so that we can have the proper functioning of In general,

gluten-free food is not a diet for weight loss and its goal is not to help lose weight.

Whether fast diets help reduce weight gain.

It’s true that fast diets give rapid and instantaneous weight loss.

Such diets are based less caloric intake in the body and therefore the results are visible for a short period.

However, these diets are not as good when it comes to a longer period of time.

According to research done in the UK, they show the next result.

According to these studies, it has been proven that fast diets have one problem,

which is that it is very difficult to withstand a longer period of time.

Another problem is that in such a diet, we may come to the point that we do not have enough essential nutrients,

which is not at all good for our organism.

Since these fast diets are done with a strictly limited diet.

Our organism will get very little energy. At the moment when we finish the diet

we may have an overwhelming desire for sugar and high-fat foods.

can do eating to overeat and returning the weight we had before we started the diet for a short period of time.

In today’s text we have shown you the latest information about fast diets, how successful they are and how they affect our body, it remains to evaluate whether or not. for what kind of diet we will decide.