That Daily diet could be Hurting your Brain?

What happens to our brain when we have diet? In today’s modern world of dieting is something that cannot be circumvented.

There are various tips, tricks, plans that each promote different ways of slimming, and shaping our bodies. But few of us wonder how diets affect the functioning of our brains, whether there are positive or negative reactions.

In today’s article, we will look at this very important issue in-depth, which may have several possible implications.

Like the brain and the success of the diet, we want to apply it to your body, but it can start in a row.

Happy body weight

But first of all, we should realize that our body has some kind of “happy body weight”, or simply put, an amount of fat for its optimal function.

It is determined by the presence of the two main hormones for that purpose, namely hunger hormones. These hormones are known as ghrelin and leptin.


This hormone is also known as the “hunger hormone” and is secreted whenever the energy in our brain is low.

The function of this hormone is to create a sense of hunger that convinces the body to consume glucose.

Which is a major source of energy for our brain to work.


Leptin is also known as the “satiety hormone”.

Its main function is to send signals to the brain when we have enough food intake.

And to signal that we do not need more food, ie that our energy levels are back to normal, if not normal is going to have a negative effect.

This hormone will constantly consume food without knowing when to stop eating.

All of these signals we listed actually have 3 primary functions:

– first, tell our body when to eat food.

-Second, when to reduce the amount of food consumed to conserve energy.

-Third, when we want to store the input energy, in order to use it in a situation where it needs to survive, that is, in a situation of starvation.

Specifically, your brain is not concerned about whether your body will have a fine line, whether it will be slim and weak, but rather keep it alive.

So when you are on a diet, or when you are eating a small amount of food that is designed to produce energy.

The energy we needed for the brain to work, you get symptoms of weakness, depression, hunger, and possible headaches.

The brain reduces the sending of these signals, and your body adapts to the new weight.

That is, to the new happy weight.

From the moment this happens, our body becomes accustomed to the loss of appetite and the desire to eat.

While our brains adapt to the new situation and lose weight.

Brain changes and adjustments can take a few months at times, and there are times when they last longer.

Which in itself tells how long it takes for our body to adjust to its weight change and how long it can take.

However, this longer process is the best way to get used to the organism.

While any other quick way to get used to it will only have the opposite effect.

Means more precisely returning the pounds in a short time, and fast dieting will be in vain.

Quality of diet when dieting

A very important factor when starting a diet is, of course, the correct choice of foods to eat.

Food quality is an exceptional factor. Doctors recommend eating less processed or refined foods that have fewer calories in their energy nutritional value.

Foods with fewer calories

When choosing foods for consumption with fewer calories you should also take into account the variety of dietary choices when you are on a diet, as the body should be able to get the nutrients.

It needs to function properly and function, food should we be consumed is fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meat, and whole grains.

It should be noted that it is very important to eat a variety of foods.

That is the best choise and not to starve the body.

Thus making our brains happy, which helps us to lose weight.

If we consume too much of the same food, or completely avoid eating certain foods, when we eat something with too much sugar or too much fatty food.

Our brain in such a situation releases chemicals that these experiences make us feel like a reward.

Reward when we eat fast food.

There is the activation of dopamine – or brain stimulation – that we do not get when we eat a diet, such as broccoli and chicken steak.

Cognitive distortion

A cognitive distortion is actually negative thinking that occurs when we have dopamine deficiency due to restrictive strict diets.

Fast and strict diets, the dietary rules we need to apply to eat, which most modern diets contain, are still not the best strategy for our body and brain.

What more physical activity and quality and varied nutrition should be mandatory to have a successful diet.


In today’s article, we have focused on diet and nutrition.

We have provided some tips on how to eat healthy, with the nutrients needed by the body, with fewer calories.

To have lasting and real results, while rapid weight loss is short-lived and often ends in weight gain again.

No matter how happy everyone is with or wishing to start a diet, be sure to keep in mind your health and don’t let them have negative effects.

Everybody of us may try to keep a diet, individually each of us normally will not achieve the same results, good luck to all.