Detoxing Diet plan and Loss of 10 to 14 pounds per Week

Detoxing Diet plan and losing 10 to 14 pounds a week for a perfect body and look. In today’s modern lifestyle, on the Internet can find hundreds of ways, diets to lose weight, and stay in top shape.

Certainly, diets don’t work for everyone, some lose weight more, some less but whatever the result is in weight loss.

Today you will find out a very interesting detoxing diet plan, the diet that guarantees a weight reduction of 5 to 7 kg on average.

Otherwise, this diet dates back to 1985 when a US company devised this diet in order to help their employees lose weight and certainly be healthier.

The concept of the diet we are going to present to you today is very simple,

the one who uses the diet will need to burn fewer calories than the daily calorie intake in order to burn fat. deposits in the body and getting a better body shape.

The first day of the diet

On the first day of this diet, you should simply consume only fruit and nothing else.

You can eat any fruit, except bananas it should not be eaten. No restriction on eating fruits, eat as much you more.

The second day of the super diet

Unlike the first day when you eat only fruit, now you eat only vegetables. Just like fruits, there is no limit on quantity. You can eat fresh and cooked results will be the same.

For breakfast, you can eat baked potatoes, which will help the body to absorb the necessary carbohydrates

which will have enough energy to function, may add a little butter with potatoes.

Vegetables work great for the body providing sufficient nutrients and fiber, and in turn, almost no calories, or they are missing largely in small quantities.

Third day

On the third day, we are already starting with combinations. Apart from bananas and potatoes, we can start with combinations of fruits and vegetables too in unlimited quantities.

As for the potatoes, they should not. By the time you are on the third day of your diet, your body is ready to start burning the extra pounds, with four more days remaining.Detoxing Diet plan

The fourth day of this great diet

This day is already bananas and milk time. You can eat up to 8 bananas and drink 3 glasses of milk and soup.

The soup can actually be eaten indefinitely on all days of dieting. Bananas this day are very important because they contribute to restoring

the lost sodium and calcium that you previously lost in the first three days of your diet.

Fifth day

A day to eat beef and of course tomatoes. You can eat 6 tomatoes and two servings of beef a day, but they should be 300 grams and no more.

When you eat that day, tomatoes are all you need. They eat, and beef as much as you can, so you do not have to eat it completely.

During this day, it is very important to drink 2 glasses of water more than usual, because of beef.

Eating meat is important because it provides the body with enough protein and iron.

tomatoes are very important because have their effect, particularly their fiber would facilitate digestion in the body.

The sixth penultimate day of the diet

This day is also consumed beef, only vegetables instead of tomatoes are eaten in different combinations of their choice.

Vegetables can be consumed freely in unlimited quantities.

While beef again as the previous day to be limited to two servings of 300 grams

Also two glasses of water more than the normal amount due to the meat. This day you can.

Stand in front of a mirror and you will see that you are already weakened and that the diet shows its expected results.

The seventh last day

This day you should eat brown rice, fruit juices and vegetables without limit, as much as you can eat.


Keep in mind that water must be drunk. 6 to 8 glasses of water a day should be consumed, and of course, soup can be eaten and eaten daily in unlimited quantities.

The soup should have vegetables and be of course fluid, with no other ingredients.

We hope you all will be happy with this diet and will have great results in reducing kilograms.