Benefits of Dark Chocolate, Eat Freely

We all want to eat chocolate. Regardless of age, whether it’s kids or adults, chocolate is our favorite food, which hardly anyone can resist.

Many people think about whether it’s healthy or not to consume chocolate. In this text, we will show you why dark chocolate can be eaten freely, the way of its consumption is the most important.

Finally, scientific research has given the green light for its consumption. Their opinion is that chocolate can be eaten freely, only to be careful when eating from it.

Research shows that it is best to eat in the morning for the next reason.

Eating in the morning with the sugar we bring through chocolate will get a greater concentration in order to better fulfill our obligations and plans, and the brain itself will work better because of the sufficient amount of sugar in the body.

Black chocolate is better for our organism. Small amounts of it, with daily consumption, can help reduce high blood pressure.

Research at the University of Syracuse has come to the conclusion that in about some situations black chocolate is a great solution, before the test at school, or to eat before going to bed.

Chocolate affects our mood and does make us happier.

It is because of the fact that it stimulates the creation of a very important hormone for mood, more precisely endorphins.

Black chocolate helps prevent or reduce the risk of stroke. It is important that black chocolate is eaten in normal quantities, why it positively reflects on our health.

Many people see with distrust, but the fact is that chocolate is good for our health. Its composition contains many nutrients. It is rich in antioxidants, iron, zinc, not to forget the presence of vitamin C.

The role of antioxidants is slowing down the aging process, zinc has the capacity to maintain our eyes and kind, and strengthens the muscles, bones, nails, and hair.

Black chocolate is a source of minerals, such as magnesium.

This sweet pleasure makes our heart stronger, positively affecting the brain, bones, and muscles of the body.

Great profit from it reduces the risk of blood clotting. In certain situations, it also helps to reduce weight.

The reason for this is the fact that dark chocolate reduces appetite due to bitter taste, while in the milk situation it is reversed.

With a few cubes of dark chocolate will satisfy the daily amount of sweet products, and in this way, we can control the intake of calories while holding a diet.

Black chocolate is rich in cocoa, which contains a flavonoid that helps prevent cholesterol and protects it, is most likely to help in preventing diabetes.

Unlike black chocolate, milk has very little flavonoids, while white does not contain at all. Black chocolate contains the most flavonoid,

the more it is so much more bitter. As we said it is great for the health of our heart.

Research in Boston was conducted for 5,000 participants aged 25 to 93 years. Studies have shown that regular consumption of chocolate reduces the risk of coronary heart disease.

Black chocolate has an anti-inflammatory

Research shows that regular eating of black chocolate is associated with low serum concentrations of the C reactive protein.

This protein produces the liver when under stress. It is a research of 1000 people. Some eat milk, other black chocolate and a third group who did not even eat chocolate.

Studies have shown that those who eat black chocolate had at least a C reactive protein, which means that dark chocolate does protect us against stress.

Helps in reducing bad cholesterol without causing a bad reaction to goodness cholesterol.

Chocolate is great for our skin.

Dark chocolate has a large amount of cocoa, so it helps the skin to the following parameters:

it reduces redness from ultraviolet radiation by 25 percent.

reduces the appearance of dandruff by 42 percent.

Reduces skin roughness for 30 percent.

Increasing the strength of the skin by 16 percent.

Increasing the thickness of our skin by 11 percent.

It increases skin moisture by 13 percent.

We hope that with all of these things we learned about black chocolate, it will all contribute to them we know it is good sides and the bad sides of his consumption.