How to Use Computer Technology without Health problems

In today’s modern world and modern lifestyles, Best Tips for Computer Desk Uses is very important, we are more addicted to digital technology, computers, mobile phones.

We spend a day sitting around on the computer desc looking for something or just watching a film, music, cooking recipes and much more. some of us spend 8 hours a day, some more sitting in front of a computer.

Computer Desk whether it is a part of the professional sense, or home use, sitting in front of a computer desc is really worrying, especially the seating position.

Quite often when we are angry or in a hurry to find something on the computer or a file related to work, we chat with friends on Facebook,

watch a YouTube video or play a game Fortnite we have a bad effect on our health.

Tips to be careful when sitting in front of a computer

1. Proper sitting body posture

Sitting in the right sitting position may not be easy in the beginning, but over time it will become a habit.

The benefits of being in the right position are increased productivity, you will look better, and most importantly maintain your health.

2. Sit as far back as you can on the chair

Specifically, the back of your body should, as a rule, be attached to the seat backrest. Many sit in the middle or in front of the chair which is completely wrong.

3. Reliance on the spine to be natural

Specifically, the upper and lower back should be attached to the backrest of the chair.

If you do not have an ergonomic chair, you can do something on your own.

Take a small pillow or roll cloth, place it on the waist behind you, which will provide excellent spine support and proper posture.

4. Head and body in the same line

More precisely, it should be neither forward nor backward, only in a straight line to the head and body.

5. Shoulders should be relaxed

They should be relaxed, with the upper arm extended from the shoulders to the elbows beside the body.

The arms should not be stretched forward, or the elbows should be held back.

7. Knee and hips the same height

It is advisable to use neither a very high nor a very low seating chair. It is a rule that the upper legs should be parallel to the floor,

and the knees should be at a 90-degree angle.

You can also put something under your feet as a support to get the right angle.

8. Feet flat with the floor

Your feet should not be crossed or leaning against heels only the feet flat with the floor.

9. Bodyweight

Lose weight should be evenly distributed on your hips. Be careful not to sit on one hip or the other, this is certainly not a proper seating position.

10. Position of the monitor

When you are in the correct position, stretch your arm forward.

The monitor should be approximately the same distance, just opposite you.

When positioned to the right or left you will start to bend your neck and may start to have neck pain.

the monitor should be at the same height as your eyes.

When using the monitor the view should be 15 to 20 degrees slightly downward.

Keyboard and mouse for writing

Both the mouse and keyboard should be approximately the height of the lactose in the hands-on Computer Desk

. Never place the keyboard and mouse at the same height. The keyboard should be in front of you, and the mouse on the right.

When working with the keyboard the palms and wrists of the hands should have a straight line?

Never lean on your wrists while typing. Your hands should float in the air, not leaning while we are typing.

We can normally lean on them when we are not typing, ie we will pause. It is as mentioned on the right and be closer to hand,

you do not have much to extend the hand forward.

Keep an eye on your eyes

To reduce eye strain except in the correct position, we need to be careful about glare from the monitor itself.

The Computer Desk should be positioned in a place where there will be no bright light, which will cause usability problems.

Other important factors are contrast, font size. and from time to time we have to rest our eyes for 15 seconds to close them and then

reopen them to rest, not to look at the screen for an extended period of time.

Eye relaxation exercises

The eyes should rest so that we focus our eyes on something else, not just the screen.

Do the following by straightening your index finger about 10 centimeters in front of your eyes right in the middle,

slowly moving your finger away and keeping your eyes focused on it.

move it, move focus away from your finger, and look at something in the background.

Then do the opposite process. Focus again on the finger, but now flip your finger back and look at it. This exercise should do 2 to 3 times.
Extra tips

From time to time look at the ceiling

This will allow you to move your neck and back muscles as well as rest your eyes briefly on the monitor.

Take a break by getting up

Take short breaks every 20 to 30 minutes, get up, and wait at least a minute.

During that minute you can stretch your hands and do some stretching exercise or just take a little stroll in the room you are in.

One hour seating 5 minutes break

Take a 5-minute break to get up, take a stroll, or whatever to just relax from the screen and Computer Desk

It is very rare if we do not pay attention to the correct position in front of the computer so that we do not have any health problems.

Almost always problems arise. Therefore it is best to take care not to get into the situation of starting to feel back pain when we already know all the rules about proper seating and working in front of computers.