Health Benefits of Collagen is Really Great

Collagen is protein for healthy bones, joints, youthful skin, and reduces wrinkles. We can most easily describe it as a glue for our body that holds it whole.

One of the most important proteins that help build the tissues in our body. This protein is found everywhere in our body, from the bones to the skin.

This precious protein as an important element of human health has become more and more important in recent years.

Nowadays, for example, “collagen water” can be found in the markets.

However, do not be fooled too much as it is not the best way, this approach of collagen intake in the body, and it will help to resolve and reduce facial wrinkles or improve bone strength and flexibility of the joints.

You will need much better collagen to succeed

The natural way of producing this protein

The human body produces this protein naturally. As the years go by, the amount of its production in our body slowly decreases.

In the human body, there is an enzyme that reduces the amount of collagen, decreases than it produces collagen. Then our face begins to recognize the first signs of wrinkles.

Depending on the degree of mineralization, the protein itself tissues can be rigid (bones), passive (tendons), and have something between rigid and permeable (cartilage).

This protein is found in blood vessels, intestines, intervertebral discs, and teeth.

Why do we need collagen?

We need collagen for:

–  best for nails, hair, and teeth

– for joints and bones

– great skin health and better elasticity

– for the liver and cardiovascular system

– better functioning and stable metabolism

– for stronger muscles and their better vitality and elasticity

A daily, varied, and rich diet with collagen helps to reduce and slow down the natural loss of this protein.Collagen is

Introducing this protein through the diet successfully reduces cellulite helps to lose weight.

Helps to strengthen and build muscle mass, keeps the skin younger, and let’s not forget that it successfully helps reduce the burden of arthritis.

Although many do not want to consume boiled bone soup, it is a great source for replacing lost collagen.

It should also include foods such as almonds, avocados, carrots, garlic, dark green vegetables, and other products that are rich in collagen.

This protein intake may be added as a food supplement

To answer this we first need to know that our body is made of cells that have a specific function in the proper functioning of the body, as an example, we can take fibroblasts.

They are cells whose function is to produce this protein.

To do this successfully, several amino acids are needed, where we need to list glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline.

When you use collagen as a dietary supplement, you actually supply your fibroblasts with amino acids in order to successfully perform their function of producing collagen.

The best way to do this is to use hydrolyzed protein known as collagen peptide.

Scientific research shows that once the protein is taken in a hydrolyzed form, the level of collagen in the blood increases.

Studies have shown that after four weeks of using hydrolyzed protein, the level of hydroxyproline peptide in the bloodstream has changed.Collagen is

If you don’t eat bone broth regularly, it is likely that you do not have enough collagen in your diet. This protein as a dietary supplement is commonly used in powder form.

You just need to add it to your daily meals such as a morning snack and thus you will consume the daily amount of this important protein.

Be careful when buying collagen with peptides, as it is the best collagen for our body and the results are mostly positive for us.

What is the function of collagen on our bodies?

The first thing that comes to mind is that it reduces wrinkles and keeps our skin and face young and beautiful, but this protein also helps other organs of our body, but let’s go straight.


Collagen is the most abundant protein in the skin. Its presence in the skin is 75 to 80 percent, so it is very important to have sufficient amounts of this protein in our skin.

Collagen is found in the middle part of the skin.

Using hydrolyzed collagen helps significantly maintain health and certainly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and the effects of aging.

Apart from reducing wrinkles, collagen improves skin hydration and elasticity, and smoothness.

Taking collagen as a supplement stimulates the production of new collagen.


As already mentioned, this protein improves bone and joint health but also reduces joint pain.

This protein increases the flexibility of joints and successfully helps to create new bone tissue.


In today’s article, we have dedicated ourselves to this protein.

We know how it affects human health. Prior to its success in preserving youthful skin, healthier bones, and joints.

In addition to the food we consume daily, it can also be added as a dietary supplement.

Most often in the form of powder is added to daily meals. This protein is extremely important and therefore we need to keep an eye on its presence in our body.

Feel free to use this protein and you will be younger and healthier for a longer period of time, a goal that everyone has strongly pursued and strived for it.